Episode 29: "Return to Highton View Terrace"
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Transcribed By: Vande (vampirelucemon@yahoo.com)

Tai: Determined to find the eighth chosen one, Gatomon went through the gate to the real world just as it slammed shut. Gennai appeared and led us to his house in side the lake where he gave us these awesome

Digimon key cards. Only he didn't tell us how to use the things. Back at the castle, just as the whole place was totally blowing up around us, Izzy figured out how to open the gate. We got through right before

Dokugumon would've made us into lunchmeat. Now we're back home again, only this time we've got a serious mission; find the eighth child and save him from Gatomon, or else!

[Opening ]


TK: We're back at camp where we started.

Tai: We've got to get to Highton View Terrace and stop Myotismon before he finds the eighth Digidestined.

Sora: I wonder how much of a head start he has on us.

Izzy: Not even a minute has passed between the time Myotismon left for Japan and when we arrived. Time flows at a different pace in the Digiworld.

Matt: I'll say, we've been gone for months in the Digiworld and yet here in the real world, it's the same day we left.

Joe: But that's impossible. You mean all those adventures took less time than it does to say, "Get a hair cut"?

Mimi: Please, Joe, don't exaggerate. Imagine getting your hair done in such a short amount of time.

All: Huh?

Tai: I'm going to go take a look at the camp. I want to see for myself how much time has really passed. One of you come with me, the rest of you stay there. Who volunteers? Hmm?

Koromon: Oh! Whoa!

Tai: One volunteer, not thirteen.

Mimi: I thought I'd keep you company.

Joe: And we're going to keep Mimi company.

Izzy: I guess we're all pretty curious to find out what happened while we were gone.

Tai: But how will we explain if somebody sees our Digimon?

Mr. Fujiyama: Oh, kids!

All: Huh?

Tai: Huh? It's our teacher.

Sora: We are back in the real world.

Tai: Mr. Fujiyama!

Mr. Fujiyama: Watch out! What are all you kids doing playing around here when you haven't even packed up your gear yet?

Tai: Well, sir, I can explain!

Koromon: Well, I'm Tai's Digimon.

Tai: Ah!

Koromon: Mmm!

Mr. Fujiyama: Didn't you kids hear that we're closing up camp early because

of the snow? Everyone else is all ready to go home.

Tai: Sure, of course we heard. (Laughs)

Mr. Fujiyama: Look at those dirty little toys you're carrying. Where did you get them?

Tai: Uh, toys?

Motimon: Who's he calling a dirty little toy? That's not mm...

Izzy: You can't let anyone know you can talk.

Matt: Pretend to be stuffed animals.

Tai: Oh, these toys. Well, you see, they're stuffed.

Mr. Fujiyama: Yes, Tai, I can see that.

Sora: Oh, we found them here.

Joe: Yeah, that's right. You see, we were hiking up an uncharted trail when we came across these stuffed toys that someone had thrown away. It makes perfect sense if you asked me.

Mr. Fujiyama: Who in their right mind would hike up an uncharted trail just to throw away seven stuffed animals?

Tai: Exactly our point and that's why we think that littering is crazy. Right, gang?

All (Digidestined): Right!

Tai: But being the good citizens that we are, we cleaned up the mess and now I'm giving the toys to my little sister Kari as a present. (Laughs) She wasn't able to come to camp, remember?

Mr. Fujiyama: Oh yeah, she caught a cold, didn't she?

Tai: Yes, but she's feeling much better now because I went home and made her an omelet.

Mr. Fujiyama: When did you do that?

Koromon: When I...

Tai: Uh, when? Uh, that's a good question. Uh, right before I left for camp. (Laughs)

Mr. Fujiyama: It's nice that you're thinking of your sister, Tai, but don't overdo it. Those toys are filthy and belong in the garbage. Right, kids?

All (Digidestined): Right!

Mr. Fujiyama: Meet you at the bus.

All (Digidestined): Yeah!

TK: Okay!

Koromon: I'd like to get his gear together and throw him in the garbage can.

Tai: Well, you won't be littering at least.


Gatomon: The human world is so cluttered. All these creatures crammed on top of each other.

Demidevimon: The eighth Digidestined lives nearby. What's next, Myotismon?

Gatomon: Hmm...

Myotismon: (Gasp) Unfortunately, until the sun goes down, I must remain hidden in the shadows. Begin the search without me. Here.

Gatomon: I won't let you down, Lord Myotismon.

Myotismon: I need to be alone.

Demidevimon: I'll come with you. Oh! Ah!


Joe: Remember, don't talk in front of anyone else, okay?

Palmon: Don't worry. We can just pretend to be adorable stuffed animals.

Tai: Ah!

Koromon: Wow! Look at all the kids!

Tai: Didn't we just say not to talk out loud?

Koromon: Yeah, but look at all the human children.

Biyomon: We never knew there were more human children than you.

Sora: This is nothing. Why, just in the city alone, there must be tens of thousands of kids just like us. And when you add the rest of the kids in the world, there must be millions.

All (Digimon): Huh?

Biyomon: You mean there are millions of Soras?

Sora: There's only one of me!

TK: She just means there are more kids our age, but there are tons of different people in the world.

Tsunomon and Patamon: Wow!

Mimi: Hey! It's Michelle!

Palmon: Oh!

Mimi: I've missed you so much! (Laughs)

Michelle: You missed me? You just saw me ten minutes ago.

Terry: What's going on?

Michelle: Mimi's weird.

Mimi: Terry! (Laughs)

Terry: Hey!

Michelle: She's wigging out.

Terry: Too much caffeine.

Palmon: Oh, Mimi.

Tai: She'll give us away. I told her no time has passed since we went to the Digiworld.

Izzy: Forget Mimi. We have to find some form of transportation to Highton View Terrace.

Tai: I got an idea. Mr. Fujiyama.

Mr. Fujiyama: Hmm?

Tai: Can you have the bus drop us off somewhere?

Mr. Fujiyama: Have the bus drop you off? No can do. The rules say I have to take you straight to your homes.

Tai: Please, Mr. Fujiyama. I'm begging you, sir. Could you just let us off somewhere near Highton View Terrace?

Mr. Fujiyama: Highton View Terrace? Why do you want to go there?

Tai: Well, we used to live there and we were feeling nostalgic, so we thought we'd visit our old hangout.

Mr. Fujiyama: Hmm?

TK: Come on, please.

Izzy: We'd appreciate it, sir.

Mr. Fujiyama: But it's against the rules.

Bus Driver: You know, I think we drive pretty close to Highton View Terrace. Let's see, first we take the freeway to the parkway to the thruway and oh, that's the wrong way. Oh yeah. Here at the roadway. Highton View Terrace is within walking distance.

Izzy: Mm-hmm.

Sora: Mmm.

Tai: Great, then that's where you can let us off, mister.

Mr. Fujiyama: Oh, hold on. I didn't give the bus driver permission yet.

Matt: Please, Mr. Fujiyama.

Mr. Fujiyama: Hmm?

Matt: You'll break TK's heart if you don't let us go. It was the last place we all lived together as a family before my parents got divorced.

TK: Mm...Oh!

Matt: TK

TK: Oh, brother.

Joe: Mr. Fujiyama. Please let us off at Highton View Terrace. As an upper classman, I'll take responsibility for getting them home.

Mr. Fujiyama: Well, I guess if a reliable kid like you is going, Joe, then it's okay. However, call your parents and tell them where you are.

Tai and Joe: Deal.

Joe: Thanks, Mr. Fujiyama.

Tai: You're the greatest teacher ever.

Mr. Fujiyama: Yeah, yeah.

Tai: Yahoo! Hey, how long are you going to keep that act up?

Matt and TK: (Giggles)

TK: (Laughs)

Matt: Hey, if we didn't come up with something sappy like that, he never would have let us go.

Joe: You mean that sad story was just an act? I was crying my eyes out so much for you guys, that my glasses started to fog up.

Tai: Joe, calm down before you have an asthma attack.

Mimi: (Laughs) I missed all of you so much.

Palmon: I hope she's not going to act this way with every kid that she meets. Hey! Oh...

Sora: Shh!

[Inside the Bus]

Izzy: Excellent. My laptop is in perfect working condition here in the real world.

Tai: Great.

Sora: Looks like the digivice is working, too.

Tai: Cool.

Mr. Fujiyama: What's that? Is that the latest toy all you kids are into?

Joe: No, it's just one of the old ones that we all hate.

Mr. Fujiyama: Let me take a look at it.

Tai: Uh, it's broken.

Mr. Fujiyama: Maybe I can fix it. Here, give it to me. I'm pretty good with electronics.

Sora: Yes, sir.

Mr. Fujiyama: Thank you, Sora. Unlike other children, you really listen to your teachers.

Sora: Oh...

Izzy: There's no harm in just letting him take a look at it, Tai.

Tai: For about a second there, I thought Mr. Fujiyama was an evil Digimon.

Izzy: I think you've spent way too much time in the Digiworld.

Tai: Think about it. If he were an evil Digimon, every time you failed a test, he'd scream out his attack, "Homework Blaster!" Huh?

Mr. Fujiyama: Actually, it's more like "Tickle Blaster!"

Tai: (Laughs)

All (Digidestined): (Laughs)


Boy 1: It's this way, guys.

Boy 2: Ah! Oof!

Gatomon: You can't turn over a rock without finding a kid under it in this world, and yet I still haven't found the eighth Digidestined.

Dog: (Growls)

[Gatomon hits him with her tail.]

Dog: (Whimpers)

Gatomon: (Laughs) Oh.

[Myotismon's Lair]

Myotismon: What do you mean you couldn't find the eighth Digidestined? You have failed me.

Gatomon: Please don't hurt me, your evilship. I swear he's not here.

Myotismon: Silence, Gatomon. I have made several copies of the eighth digidestineds tag and crest. The one that you have is a copy, too.

Gatomon: So, I'm a copycat?

Myotismon: The original's with me. Even though they're only copies, they will still become activated when the eighth child is nearby. This time, make no mistakes. You must find that child.

Gatomon and Demidevimon: Gotcha.

Myotismon: And when you do find him, then he must die.

[Highton View Terrace]

Koromon: They were nice to drop us off here.

Tai: Yeah!

Mimi: There's the Highton View Terrace tower.

Izzy: The tallest apartment building in Japan.

Joe: terrific, I'm afraid of heights.

Tai: That place isn't so hot. Sora: That's true, the heat never worked. I used to live there.

Biyomon: Wow, Sora. You lived in that big castle?

Sora: Yep.

Tai: I lived near here, too. A block away in another building. Sora and I went to Westside Elementary together.

Matt: Hey, I went to Westside Elementary.

Joe: You're kidding. You mean that you guys were telling the truth when you said that you used to live at Highton View Terrace?

Matt: Yeah, we really did live here before my parents broke up.

TK: That was a long time ago, when I was a little kid.

Joe: Strange coincidence, because I used to live here, too.

Mimi: I lived here too, before we moved.

Joe: Huh?

Izzy: Me too.

Mimi and Joe: Huh?

Izzy: Just for a little while. It's a long story.

Tai: So at some point we all lived at Highton View Terrace at the same exact time.

Izzy: This can't just be a coincidence, there's got to be some meaning here.

All: Huh? Myotismon's army! Run for it!

Gatomon: They can run, but they can't hide from Mammothmon. (Laughs)

Guy: My new motorcycle! Hey! Respect other people's property, you big walking shag carpet!

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Guy: Uh! Aah! (Cries) Hey! Whoever owns that elephant should know there's a leash law around here!

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Guy: (Cries)

Woman: Oh, look, honey, how cute. A wild elephant on the rampage.

Man 1: They must be filming a movie or something.

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Gatomon: What's that big-eared freak trying to do? Destroy the Digidestined with everything else, too? We never should have brought that type of Digimon along for this.

Mammothmon: (Growls)

People: (Screams)

Man 2: If that's a car, it's got an awful lot of trunk space. Eyah!

Mammothmon: (Growls)

People: (Screams)

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Man 3: I'm gonna call the cops. Oh! My phone's dead!

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Tai: Say, do any of you remember this place? I bought candy here.

Mimi: It was my favourite store.

Joe: Oh, sure. Mine, too.

Matt: You probably don't remember this place, TK, because you were too little, but mom and dad used to take us here all the time.

TK: Maybe some candy will help me to remember.

Sora: You're awfully quiet, Izzy. Didn't you like living in Highton View Terrace?

Izzy: I don't remember.

Sora: How long did you live there?

Izzy: Just for a little while. About six months.

Tai: Wow, why did your parents move away?

Izzy: I don't know.

Joe: You're kidding. Well, if you don't know, then maybe I should tell you why.

Sora: What do you mean, Joe?

Tai: Yeah, Joe. How could you know why Izzy's parents moved away from here? Did you know them or something?

Joe: No. I didn't know Izzy back then, but I did see what happened. His whole family packed up and left Highton View Terrace because of a terrorist bombing.

Sora: Bombing?

Izzy: Did you say terrorist?

Joe: Maybe you don't remember it, but about four years ago, this story was in all the papers. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks of all time. They never found the group responsible for the bombings, so a lot of families got scared thinking it could happen again and moved out. My parents figured it had just become too dangerous to live here anymore, so we moved out to Odaiba.

Sora: Now that you mention it, I do remember. A lot of my friends moved away after that.

Tai: Now I remember. My parents acted scared that whole time.

Mimi: What's going on?

Tai: Where there's trouble, there's Myotismon!

All: Oh!

Mammothmon: (Roars)

Matt: A monster Digimon!

Izzy: He's called Mammothmon. He's a fully digivolved Digimon, with the strength of a woolly mammoth. He shoots missiles he called Tusk Crusher and has a chilling attack called Freezing Breath.

Policeman: Get out of here, kids! This is a danger zone. Come in, headquarters, can anyone there hear me? Come in! Emergency! The radio's dead.

Tai: Wait a minute, I think he sees us.

Policeman: Get out of here, now.

Mammothmon: (Growls)

Tai: And he's heading this way!

Matt: Huh? That's monster's fully digivolved, you can't fight him!

Biyomon: Just leave everything to me.

Sora: Biyomon!

Biyomon: Biyomon digivolve to...

Birdramon: Birdramon!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Sora: Oh!

Izzy: Aah!

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher!

Birdramon: (Screams)

Sora: Birdramon!

TK: There were two!

Izzy: What?

TK: There were two monsters!

Tai: What are you talking about, TK?

Matt: Oh, man, now I remember. A long time ago, TK was insisting that he saw two monsters and my mom was upset at him for it.


TK: But I really did see monsters, mommy.

Ms. Takaishi: TK, there's no such thing as monsters You were just imagining it or maybe it was a dream.

TK: But mommy, I saw them.

Ms. Takaishi: Now that's enough. I don't want to hear anymore of these crazy stories.


Matt: I just assumed he had imagined the entire thing.

Izzy: So when did all this take place?

Matt: It was right after the terrorist bombing.

Sora: This is where it happened.

Joe: Right on this footbridge.

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher!

Joe: This is really strange. Does anyone besides me feel like they can remember the night of the bombing?

Mimi: Yeah.

Sora: I do.

Tai: I feel like I was there, but I somehow forgot.

Izzy: Gee, that sounds like repressed memory.

Tai: We gotta get off this bridge.

Mimi: Ah! Déjà vu all over again!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Joe: This is just how it happened! Back then, a giant ball of fire destroyed

the bridge.

Matt: Something is definitely different. I remember the fire-breathing monster didn't fly. There had to be another one.

Tai: You're right. There were two monsters fighting, but they were different than these two.

Mammothmon: Snow Breath!

Birdramon: (Screams) Oh!

Sora: Birdramon!

Birdramon: Sora?

Sora: Oh...

Birdramon: Birdramon digivolve to...

Garudamon: Garudamon!

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher!

Sora: Garudamon.

Garudamon: Mmm.

Tai (Thinking): The fire-breathing monster I saw. Greymon. It was Greymon and another Digimon.

Tai (Out Loud): Sora, it was Greymon.

Sora and Joe: Right.

Matt: Greymon.

Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher! (Growls)

Tai: It was the day Koromon came to my house and digivolved into Greymon. He was fighting with a bird-like Digimon.


Greymon: Nova Blast!


Mammothmon: (Screams)

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

Mimi: Oh!

Yokomon: Oh!

Sora and Yokomon: (Laughs)

Tai: After the fight that day, Greymon and the other Digimon disappeared.

Joe: And the police called the fight a terrorist bombing.

Izzy: Exactly. Somehow the Digimon were involved all along.

Tai: That's why my little sister already knew Koromon. Kari met him back on that day.

Patamon: You met her?

Koromon: It must've been a different Koromon. But I did have a strange feeling when I first met Tai that we had met somewhere before.

Joe: Listen, it's the cops. They'll ask a ton of questions, they'll blame us for all this, I'm too young to go to the big house.

All: Huh?

Matt: Start running.

Izzy: You know, I always thought it was kind of strange that out of all the kids at camp, we were the only ones chosen to go to the Digiworld, and I know it couldn't just be coincidence. Somehow we were all connected by some common event. Today, I discovered what that event was.

Mimi: We all took French in school?

Izzy: No. Four years ago, we were all living at Highton View Terrace at the same time and all of us saw the two Digimon fight.

Matt: Then the eighth Digidestined saw the Digimon, too.

Izzy: Right. So the person who's the eighth Digi-Destined had to have been there as well.

Joe: What if Myotismon has found the kid already? I mean, he's been searching the city all day, and if the child lived here four years ago, maybe he's still here.

Motimon: I don't think do. Mammothmon wouldn't be making all this commotion if they'd already found the eighth Digidestined child. Myotismon is still searching. I say the child is still out there, or maybe he moved, like you guys.

Tai: We'll find him, before Myotismon. The eighth Digidestined, he might be someone we know!