Season 1, Episode 31: "The Eighth Digivice"

Original Air Date: December 19, 1999

English Version Written by: Rebecca Olkowski & John Ludin

Transcribed by: Vande (


Joe: We had to get across town to find the eighth child, so we took the subway. Yokomon got mad at a baby and nearly gave us all away. Next, the other kid's bought food with our travelling money, so we had to find a ride. Luckily, Sora's cousin came by and picked us up. He turned out to be a real jerk, though. He accidentally knocked Izzy off a bridge and Tentomon had to save him. Then Gesomon appeared and Ikkakumon had to take him out. What a nightmare, and to think, there are people who do this commute everyday.

[Inside Myotismon's Lair and outside Demidevimon is talking with Myotismon]

Myotismon: Defeated? You say those little punks defeated Mammothmon and Gesomon?

Demidevimon: Right! Gatomon really bungled it when she hooked up with those nincompoops. I guess she's no better than the rest of us. (Laughs)

Myotismon: Think that's funny?

Demidevimon: Of course not, boss!

Myotismon: Then knock off the chatter and find the eighth child before I lose my patience.

Demidevimon: Ay-ay. Myotismon rules. You'll see. (Laughs)

Outside Tai and Kari's Home

Koromon: Gee, Tai. I sure hope that your sister Kari's over her nasty cold.

Tai: Me too, you know it's really weird. The last time we were here, she remembered what had happened four years ago. Oh, wow. Do you think it's possible that Kari's the eighth child?

[Inside Tai and Kari's Home]

Kari: Here, Miko.

Miko: (Meows)

Mrs. Kamiya: Hello. Kari, we're back.

Mr. Kamiya: Is everything all right, sweetie?

Kari: Hi! Everything's just fine.

Mika: Oh?

Kari: What was wrong with Grandma?

Mr. Kamiya: She took a bit of a fall that's all.

Miko: (Sniffs)

Mr. Kamiya: She sprained her ankle when she was out for a walk. But it's not serious. She has to stay in the hospital for a day, and she's hopping mad 'cause it cuts into her dancing lessons. Kari: Hmm, that's grandma. Here.

Mr. Kamiya: Thanks, sweet pea.

Miko: Oh?

Mrs. Kamiya: Grandma was worried about your cold and said daddy should remember your sweater next time.

Mr. Kamiya: (Grumbles)

Kari: I feel back to normal now.

Mr. Kamiya: Oh? You look much better, but let's just check to make sure.

Miko: (Meows)

Mr. Kamiya: You feel about as cool as a cucumber.

Kari: (Giggles)

Miko: Meow! Oh...

Tai: I'm back! Hi.

Mrs. Kamiya: Tai? Why are you here?

Miko: Meow.

Tai: Camp was cancelled because it snowed.

Mrs. Kamiya: Snow? Who would've thought at this time of year? The weather's getting so unpredictable these days. Oh, what's that?

Tai: Huh? I brought Kari home a present.

Mrs. Kamiya: Great. Give me your dirty clothes so I can wash them.

Tai: Mom. (Cries)

Mrs. Kamiya: Tai did something happen?

Tai: I'm glad you're here.

Mrs. Kamiya: Of course I am. What's this all about, son?

Miko: Meow.

Mr. Kamiya: Oh? Something wrong?

Tai: Dad. (Cries)

Mr. Kamiya: Oh.

Mrs. Kamiya: Huh?

[Outside Tai and Kari's Home]

Miko: Oh?

Other Cat: Meow-wow!

Miko: Meow, meow!

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Mrs. Izumi: Really? I'm sure your kids aren't that bad.

Woman: I'm telling you. You are so lucky to have a boy like Izzy. He's the perfect example of a gentleman, and so smart!

Mrs. Izumi: (Laughs)

Woman: You know, my little rascals are always fighting all the time and never listen to a word I say.

First Boy: Mom, tell Billy to give me back my truck!

Mrs. Izumi: Oh?

Second Boy: Nnn!

First Boy: (Cries)

Woman: Don't stick your tongue out at your brother.

First Boy: (Cries)

Izzy: I'm home.

Mrs. Izumi: Izzy?

Izzy: Hi, mom. I came home ahead of schedule.

Mrs. Izumi: Didn't you like camp?

Izzy: Huh? (Chuckles) The food was inferior.

Mrs. Izumi: That's all?

Izzy: And then it snowed, so they cancelled everything.

Mrs. Izumi: Oh?

Both Boys: (Cries)

Woman: Stop that! They never think about how I feel. I just wish they were as considerate as your Izzy.

Mrs. Izumi: Sometimes he's too considerate.

Tentomon: So why can't I use the door?

Mrs. Izumi: Izzy? Is something wrong?

Izzy: Oh, hide!

Tentomon: What am I, a Molemon?

Mrs. Izumi: Honey? Are you all right?

Izzy: I'm fine, mom!

Mrs. Izumi: Oh. Huh.

Izzy: See you, mom. I'm going to Tai's house for a while.

Mrs. Izumi: Huh? Right now?

Izzy: Uh, yeah. I'm borrowing one of his reference books. I'll be back in a nanosecond.

News Reporter: A suspicious life form has been spotted in the bay. There's speculation that it is some kind of monster. It's possg you know.

Kari: I remember that Koromon got really huge and fought with a big bird monster.

Tai: And he beat him.

Kari: That's Something I'll never forget.

Tai: Huh.

Koromon: This may sound strange, but do you have something called a digivice, Kari?

Kari: Mmm, no. What's that?

Tai: Like this.

Kari: Don't think so.

Tai: Ah. Well, forget about it.

Koromon: (Yawns) I'm so sleepy.

Tai: Yeah, I am, too. Good night, sleep tight, sleepy head.

Koromon: Sweet dreams.

Kari: You're party poopers.

Tai and Koromon: (Snores)

Kari: Oh. Miko! Where are you?


Miko: Meow-oh?

Woman: There's something below the surface. Oh? Aah!

Demidevimon: Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. Sheesh! What's that? He's nearby! The eighth child had better watch out, 'cause he's a sitting duck!

Miko: Meow!

Inside Izzy's Home

Tentomon: (Snores)

Izzy: Gennai made some modifications to my computer that are truly awesome. Oh. Now this looks intriguing. I wonder what it does. Ugh. Too bizarre. How about another. That's very demented. Here's something. It's a map of Tokyo. Oh. What's that indicator?

Gennai: There's an unidentified Digimon lurking in the bay. You're the only one that's still awake.

Izzy: Oh! Tentomon!


Raremon: (Growls)

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Izzy: Hello, Mrs. Kamiya, this is Izzy. I was wondering if Tai might be available to come to the phone.

Mrs. Kamiya: He's sleeping.

Tai and Koromon: (Snores)

Mrs. Kamiya: So would you like me to wake him up?

Izzy: No. I'm sorry to bother you. I know it's late, but is Sora awake? Is Matt home? I'll call back tomorrow. Gee, I guess everyone's asleep.

Tentomon: You should go to bed, too, Izzy.

Izzy: No way. Gennai just told me that there's an unidentified Digimon in the bay. With everyone sound asleep, we may have to tackle this Digimon by ourselves.

Tentomon: And I was having such a nice dream.

Izzy: So, are you up for a challenge?

Tentomon: I'm with you, Izzy, but may I suggest I wear a disguise, so I don't attract any unwanted attention?

Izzy: Mm-hmm.


Raremon: (Growls)

Miko: Meow!

Raremon: (Growls)

Miko: (Screeches)

Raremon: (Growls)

Tentomon: Whoa! He's about as repulsive as they come.

Izzy: That Digimon is Raremon.

Tentomon: Raremon smells like rotting fish, looks like the inside of a trash can, and is someone you never want to meet in a very dark alley.

Izzy: Huh?

Tentomon: What's wrong?

Izzy: It's the eighth child, he's very close.

Tentomon: Whoa! Talk about bad timing! If we lose that signal, we'll be doomed! You search for the missing child, while I take care of ol' sewer breath. I just hope his stink isn't contagious.

Izzy: You can do it.

Tentomon: Do I have any other choice? Izzy: Are you ready to digivolve?

Tentomon: Yep. Tentomon digivolve to...

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon!

Izzy: Good luck. It's my turn now.

Demidevimon: (Laughs)

[Inside Tai and Kari's Home]

Mrs. Kamiya: Tai? Sweetheart, wake up.

Tai: Huh? What is it, mom?

Mrs. Kamiya: I didn't want to wake you, but Izzy called on the phone and he seemed to be nervous about something.

Tai: Huh? I wonder what's up.


Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Raremon: Breath of Decay!

Miko: Meow?

Demidevimon: Huh? He's here.

Izzy: Hmm. Ah. Huh? This indicates he's moving over there.

Demidevimon: Huh? Huh? Huh?

Miko: Meow, meow?

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Mrs. Izumi: Hello? Can I help you? Oh, hello, Tai. I hope that you had fun at camp. It's a shame it was cut short, and thank you for loaning Izzy that reference book. (Gasp)

[At the Harbour]

Raremon: (Growls)

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Miko: (Meows)

Izzy: (Panting)

Demidevimon: (Panting)

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Mrs. Izumi: Izzy, we'd like to talk to you. Are you asleep?

Mr. Izumi: I'm sure he's very tired out from camp. You should let him catch a couple of Z's.

Mrs. Izumi: You're right. I'll just tiptoe in and check up on him. The door's locked!

[At the Harbour]

Izzy: He's close.

Demidevimon: I'll get there first.

Dog: (Growls)

Miko: (Sniffs)

Kabuterimon: Aah!

Izzy: We should be connecting soon.

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Mr. Izumi: Oh, don't worry. I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about.

Mrs. Izumi: I know you're right, but he's acting peculiar. Izzy's never locked the door before.

Mr. Izumi: He is getting older now.

Mrs. Izumi: I guess so, but he was only at camp for half a day. I wonder what happened to make him change so much.

[At the Harbour]

Crow: (Cawing)

Izzy: The signal's gone now.

Demidevimon: What are you doing here?

Izzy: Ah!

Kabuterimon: Aah! Yah. Electro Shocker!

Izzy: Aah!

Demidevimon: (Laughs) Oh no! It's bug face! I'm gonna get you next time! Ha!

News Reporter: I'm here at the scene of the monster siting, but the predator in question seems to have disappeared. One wonders if there really was a monster at all. Hmm? Wait a minute, folks. Look up there. It looks like a giant flying cockroach, and I don't think it's friendly.

Kabuterimon: Sorry you weren't able to find the eighth child, but at least we got rid of that stinking mass of blubber.

Izzy: Right! I've been doing some extensive calculations. My theory is that the eighth child is located here in the city. It seems Tai had the right idea in the first place. We have to get back to his house right now and give him an update!

Kabuterimon: Okay!

[Inside Myotismon's Lair]

Myotismon: Unthinkable. Is there no Digimon strong enough to defeat these children? I will have to deal with them myself.

[Inside Izzy's Home]

Izzy: It's very late, maybe we should wait until morning, Tentomon.

Tentomon: All that exercise made me ultra-hungry. I hate to be a pig, but you wouldn't happen to have anything to munch on, would you, Izzy?

Izzy: I guess you do deserve a nutrition break. I'll go look in the fridge.

Tentomon: Gee, thanks.

Mrs. Izumi: Ever since he got back, he seems like he's been hiding something. I just can't put my finger on it. He's keeping something inside and he doesn't want to tell us what's wrong.

Mr. Izumi: Even if it is, you can't blame him. After all, we're hiding something from him. It's probably just a phase he's going though.

Izzy (Thinking): Oh. I didn't mean to make them so worried. I hope they forgive me.

Mr. Izumi: I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine, but I'll try to talk some sense into him.

Mrs. Izumi: No, don't.

Mr. Izumi: What do you mean, hon?

Mrs. Izumi: Everybody thinks that he's always perfect, but that's too much to expect of him. We've got to give him some freedom to become his own man. You know, he's got to make mistakes. That's part of what it is to be a kid, don't you think so?

Mr. Izumi: Hmm.

[Inside Tai and Kari's Home]

Tai: I wonder what Izzy was all hyped up about when he called tonight.

Kari: What happened to Miko? He disappeared.

Tai: Oh. He'll be back.

Kari: Oh...

Tai: It's the eighth child. Gotta go!

Kari: The eighth what? Oh, what a pretty star.

Crow: (Cawing)