Season 1, Episode 34: "The Eighth Child Revealed"
English Version Written by: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz
Original Air Date: February 5, 2000
Transcribed by: lime_lizard []


[OPENING SCENE: pan up TAI and KARI's apartment]

Tai: Mom, I'm home!

Mrs. Kamiya: Tai, you're late!

[the PHONE rings]

Tai: I'll get it! Hello? Kamiya residence. Yeah, Joe? So, did you find the eighth DigiDestined kid yet?

Joe [on the phone]: No. I didn't have any luck. There weren't any other students that moved from Highton View Terrace!

Tai: But that can't be right! There must be someone!

Joe: Well, whoever it is, they aren't in my address book! Check your own book before you go yelling at me!

Tai: Oh, that's right! What did I do with my book, anyway? Uh...

Joe: You still haven't found it? It's only the future of the world depending on you!

Tai: I'll find it!

[TAI hangs up and goes into his room. He starts cluttering through his stuff]

Agumon: What are you doing?

Tai: I'm trying to find my address book!

Kari: Meko, Tai's room is messier than your litter box!

Meko: Meow!

[GATOMON watches KARI from across the street]

Gatomon: If Kari really is the eighth child, then I have to destroy her. But every time I see her, I get this strange sensation. I wonder why I wasn't able to attack her when I had the chance. 

[FLASHBACK to the apartment]

Kari: Hi! Come here!

Gatomon: Huh?

Kari: Are you going already?


Gatomon: What happened? I could have destroyed the DigiDestined once and for all, but
something was pulling me away. Look at that cat. She's got it so easy. She gets fed gourmet food out of a can, and gets to chase a sock all day. Talk about a purr-fect life. No one was nice to me like that when I was growing up. Nobody was nice period! Back when I was Salamon, I was a slave to the evil Myotismon.

[FLASHBACK to the castle]

Myotismon: Every time you look at me with those eyes, I'll have to hurt you.


Gatomon: I couldn't understand it. I guess he just didn't like my eyes. 

[GATOMON pulls her glove back to reveal a red scar]

Gatomon: This is one of the scars Myotismon gave me, just because I have these eyes. It's not my fault. I wish I could remember when I was born. I have no idea what I did before I met

[WIZARDMON flies behind GATOMON]

Wizardmon: Thinking about the good old days?

Gatomon: I'm not going to tell you again, Wizardmon. Don't read my thoughts without my

Wizardmon: I'm sorry, Gatomon. Please forgive me.

Gatomon: Shouldn't you be out looking for the eighth DigiDestined human?

Wizardmon: Yes, I'll get right on it!

[WIZARDMON flies away]

[GATOMON runs and jumps onto a ledge, looking at KARI through the window]

Gatomon: *laugh*

[WIZARDMON is flying above some woods]

Wizardmon: Still no reaction from the crest.

[the CREST glows]

Wizardmon: It's reacting! I wonder what's causing it.

Crow: caw! caw!

[WIZARDMON sees the DIGIVICE in the CROW's nest]

Wizardmon: The Digivice! Thunder Ball!

[the attack shoos the bird away]

Crow: caw!

DemiDevimon: Hey, Wizardmon! Whatcha doin' over there?

Wizardmon: Uh, nothing!

DemiDevimon: It's hard to believe you came all the way out here to do nothing. Come on, what did you find?

Wizardmon: Alright. If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone else!

DemiDevimon: Come on, show me!

Wizardmon:'s this bottle of green chili sauce. It's great on tacos!

DemiDevimon: What are you doing eating on the job when there's work to be done? You should be looking for the eighth DigiDestined child like the others!

Wizardmon: Please don't tell Lord Myotismon. Why don't you get rid of this for me?

[DEMIDEVIMON grabs it and flies away]

DemiDevimon: Boy, you know what I hope? I hope the all-night drive through is still open!

Wizardmon: There's no way I'm handing this over to DemiDevimon. He'll take all the credit for himself! But, if the Digivice is here, where is the eighth child?

[TAI and KARI are watching TV]

Reporter: Both horses were reported to be in stable condition. And now back to our top story. More strange monsters have been sighted in and around the Tokyo area. In the same community, more and more cases of young girls being struck down by what doctors call 'Sudden Anaemia.' Investigators say these incidents may be related. And now, on to the weather!

Tai: 'Sudden Anaemia?'

[the phone rings]

Tai: I'll get it! Y'hello?

Matt: Tai?

Tai: Oh, hey Matt! Did you see that report on TV?

Matt: I didn't have to, 'cause I was there! We just got back from downtown.

Tai: So that thing about the monsters was...

Matt: Right, it was Myotismon! And was he on the warpath! He even got rid of two of his own
flunkies! Tai, I don't know how much time we've got left. I'm telling you, we've got to hurry up
and find that eighth child!

Tai: Myotismon 'll mangle him! I mean, if he finds him before we do!

[back on the rooftop...]

Gatomon: Wizardmon, what is it now? Go away, before I use you as my scratching post!

Wizardmon: Sorry to disturb you again, Gatomon, but...

Gatomon: But what?

[WIZARDMON shows her the DIGIVICE]

Gatomon: The Digivice! Where did you get it?

Wizardmon: I found it in a crow's nest near the Iraki woods.

Gatomon: Then the eighth DigiDestined must be somewhere nearby!

Wizardmon: No, the eighth child is...

Gatomon: Tell me, right now!

Wizardmon: Well, you see, Gatomon...I wonder if the location of the child isn't somewhere
inside your own heart.

Gatomon: What are you saying?

Wizardmon: I believe that long ago, you buried away an important part of yourself. I think that somewhere in your heart lies the key to the identity of the eighth DigiDestined child. Try to remember!

Gatomon: Hm...

Wizardmon: What's holding you back? Could it be that you're afraid of what you might find?
You can get your lost memories back, Gatomon! You can remember your past without fear. End your long nightmare and try to remember!

Gatomon: Leave me alone! Who sent you? Myotismon?

Wizardmon: Myotismon has nothing to do with this. I fight by your side, not his. I tell you this now, because you are my friend.

[FLASHBACK to WIZARDMON walking in the desert]

Wizardmon: Before I met you, I was alone. Constantly travelling, never stopping to make any friends. Then one day, I fell from the sky and crashed, and no one stopped to help me. I thought I was a goner, until you came.

Gatomon: Here, drink this. Looks like you passed out.

[WIZARDMON and GATOMON sit by a fire]

Gatomon: Ah, you're awake.

Wizardmon: Did you save me?

Gatomon: I didn't do that much. I couldn't leave you lying there.

Wizardmon: Well, thanks. I guess I'll be going now.

Gatomon: Don't be silly. You're not strong enough to go.

Wizardmon: I'm sorry, I don't have anything for you.

Gatomon: I don't want anything. You must be very lonely to say that.

Wizardmon: What do you mean?

Gatomon: When you're alone a long time, your heart becomes very hard. It happens to everyone, even me...


Gatomon: I don't remember any of that.

WIZARDMON: Well, that's how it happened. I thought you saved me because you wanted
something in return. I couldn't understand the concept of compassion, because loneliness had hardened my heart. But you taught me that all creatures have good inside of them. That's when you told me your secret.

[FLASHBACK to the fire]

Gatomon: My whole life, I just keep waiting and searching, but I never find her.

Wizardmon: Who? Who are you searching for?

Gatomon: I can't remember, it was too long ago. All I know is I'm waiting for someone. 


Gatomon: Me?

Wizardmon: That's what you told me.

Gatomon: Why can't I remember who I was waiting for? Who could it possibly be?

Meko: Meow!

Kari: Meko! Where do you think you're going? You can't Come out here at this hour! Go back inside. Good kitty.

WIZARDMON: I think our search is finally over!

[WIZARDMON and GATOMON fly over to KARI]

Kari: *gasp* Who are you?

Wizardmon: Wizardmon.

Kari: How are you able to fly like that?

Wizardmon: Oh, well...

Gatomon: Hm!

Kari: Oh, hello. It's you again! You're Agumon's friend, aren't you? How Come you ran away last time I saw you?


Kari: What's that? Can I see it?

[KARI touches the DIGIVICE, and it glows]

Gatomon: Tell me, is this girl the eighth DigiDestined?

Wizardmon: Yes.

Gatomon: Then who is her Digimon?

Wizardmon: I think you know. You were searching for someone. Try to remember.

Gatomon: Hold on, I think my memory is coming back. Yes! I was waiting for someone. Ever since I was Nyaromon, I was so lonely. Every day I just kept waiting and waiting. The seasons changed, and the years went by, but still I kept waiting. But no one ever came. Then when I became Salamon, I finally started searching. I went on a journey, but when I finally found wasn't the something I had been searching for. Instead, I found evil. Myotismon. Then, my days of torture and despair began, and I started to forget. Forget that I was searching for someone. Waiting for someone.

Kari: W...What are you guys talking about? What does any of this have to do with me?

Agumon: Hm? Someone's out there talking to Kari!

Tai: Huh? Kari, get away!

Kari: What's the matter, Tai?

Tai: What do you Digimon want?

Wizardmon: Wait, listen to what I have to say!

Tai: Kari, you get over here! Those two are evil Digimon!

Kari: No, they're not! Gatomon has been searching for me! For me, and the eighth DigiDestined child!

Agumon: Pah!


[the attack goes to KARI]

Gatomon: Watch out!

[GATOMON pushes KARI out of the way and gets hit by AGUMON's attack]

Gatomon: Ah!

Tai: Kari, are you okay?

Kari: Oh no, Gatomon! You okay?

Gatomon: I'm fine. This is nothing compared to What I've been through.

Tai: Did you see that? Gatomon saved Kari!

Wizardmon: Now that you remember, do you understand?

Gatomon: Yes! I was waiting for the DigiDestined human I belonged with! That's you, Kari!
You're the eighth DigiDestined!

Kari: You were waiting just for me?

Gatomon: I've been searching forever and ever for you!


Kari: You could have just called! Guess What, Tai? Gatomon's my Digimon! Now I've got one, too!

Tai: Don't be silly, Kari. That makes no sense!

Wizardmon: It makes perfect sense, considering she's the eighth DigiDestined.

Gatomon: That's right, and I'm her Digimon! No matter What happens, I'll always protect her.

Tai: Well, then why are you a part of Myotismon's army? And just who is this guy?

Gatomon: He's called WIZARDMON. He put himself in great danger to bring me this Digivice.

Tai: But how do I know if I can trust him or not?

Wizardmon: Frankly, I don't care whether you trust me or not. But I'm going to follow Gatomon as long as she needs me. Here, you take the device.

[TAI takes the DIGIVICE]

Agumon: But why give it to Tai? It belongs to Kari!

Wizardmon: She can't be seen with it. If Myotismon finds out she is the eighth child and
Gatomon is her Digimon, then he'll destroy Gatomon, and won't stop until he finds Kari. If you have the Digivice, then their secret will be safe.

Tai: Okay, I'll take it. But you better not be double-crossing us! Alright, What's next?

Wizardmon: Your sister needs her crest. The real one.

Tai: The real one?

Gatomon: This crest is just a copy that was created to find the Digivice. Myotismon is the only one with access to the real crest. We've got to get it back!

Wizardmon: Leave everything to us!

Tai: Wait! Where's Myotismon's hideout? We'll Come with you, and we can help you!

Wizardmon: No, it's too dangerous.

[WIZARDMON takes GATOMON, and they fly away]

Kari: Goodbye, Gatomon!

Agumon: Can we trust them?

Tai: We have to. We have no choice.

[at the HIDEOUT]

Wizardmon: Myotismon must be keeping Kari's crest in a hideout. We have to search his room.

Bakemon: Stop. Myotismon is feeding upon the night. No one may enter until he returns at

Wizardmon: Forget about him. As a matter of face... Thunder Ball.

Bakemon: Oh...I can't remember a thing. What were we talking about?

Wizardmon: We're relieving you of guard duty. Go home and get some sleep.

Bake: Oh yeah, that's right. Seeya.

Wizardmon: Hold on. Don't forget to leave us the key!

Bakemon: Huh? Oh, the key. Here.

[the BAKEMON drops the key to the other DIGIMON]

WIZARDMON: Thank you.

Bakemon: What a nice guy.

[the BAKEMON flies away]

Wizardmon: Let's go.

[inside the room...]

Gatomon: Come on, Wizardmon. Let's find the crest and cruise on out of here. This place gives me the creeps.

Wizardmon: Don't worry. We've got plenty of time before the sun comes up. Myotismon won't be back for hours. Maybe he keeps it in the coffin.

[WIZARDMON looks under the pillow]

Wizardmon: Got it.

Gatomon: Great. Now let's just get out of here.

[Bats fly in]

Myotismon: What are you doing here?

Wizardmon: Nothing.

Myotismon: If you're looking for something, maybe I can assist you.

[MYOTISMON pulls out the real CREST]

Wizardmon: Another copy. 

[WIZARDMON puts his copy away]

Myotismon: Do you think I'd just leave the original lying around for thieves like you?

[MYOTISMON smashes the CREST apart]

Wizardmon: Hey! Ugh!


Gatomon: Wizardmon!

Wizardmon: I'm alright.

Myotismon: Those eyes. From the first time you looked at me with those eyes, I knew you'd turn against me, and that is why I had to teach you by punishing you. I would have hurt you even more, but you became a good servant. But I promise you, I will not be so easy on you this time.

Wizardmon: Ugh...

Myotismon: And you think your betrayal will go unpunished, Wizardmon?

Wizardmon: How could I betray you when I was never on your side to begin with?

Myotismon: You little fool. Grizzly Wing!

[the bats come, and fly GATOMON and WIZARDMON outside]

Gatomon & Wizardmon: Ah! Oh! Ah!

Gatomon: We really have to stay together!

Myotismon: *laugh* Those who play together, lose together.

Gatomon: I'm not afraid.

Myotismon: You soon will be, you pathetic little traitor!

[More bats attack]

[WIZARDMON shoots at them]

[At the apartment...]

Tai: Look! Up there, in the sky!

Agumon: Wizardmon and Gatomon are in a fight!

Kari: Oh, no! I hope they're not being hurt!

Tai: Woah! Let's go!

Kari: Wait up, Tai! I want to go, too!

Tai: I can't risk you getting hurt. Stay here!

Kari: Oh...

[at the hideout...]

Myotismon: Well, I hope you realize there's no safe place to hide during this lightning storm!

Gatomon: Hm!

[more lightning strikes]

Myotismon: Crimson Lightning! I'll do away with you first, Wizardmon!

[MYOTISMON picks WIZARDMON up with his attack]

Gatomon: Hey! Why don't you pick on someone one tenth your size?

Myotismon: There are those eyes again. But this time, not only are they filled with rebellion, But I can also see a glimmer of hope. The hope that someday, your dreams will Come true.

Gatomon: Right! I believe in my dreams. And that's how I've made it this far!

Myotismon: And just What exactly have you achieved? You believe in your worthless friends. And you believe that your dreams can Come true. Dreams do not exist for the stupid!

Gatomon: If you believe in your dreams, then they can Come true! And to make my dreams
Come true, I only have to do one thing: Defeat you!

Myotismon: What? 

Gatomon: My dream is to return to my true identity. The one I had before I met you!

Myotismon: What do you mean, true identity? Could it be that...are you the eighth Digimon?
This changes everything! Before I crush you, I'll give you the pleasure of watching me destroy your wizard friend, first. Grizzly Wing!

Wizardmon: Ah!

Gatomon: Hang on!

[the bats pick WIZARDMON up and drop him in the water]

Gatomon: No, not that!

Myotismon: *laugh*

Gatomon: Oh, no! My friend...

Tai: We've Come to help you, Gatomon!

Gatomon: Tai!

Tai: Quick, get out of the way!

Greymon: Nova Blast!

Myotismon: When will you DigiDestined ever learn? Crimson Lightning! 

Tai: Greymon, DigiVolve!

Greymon: Greymon, DigiVolve to...MetalGreymon!

Tai: Go get him, MetalGreymon!

Myotismon: Ah!

MetalGreymon: Giga Blaster!

Myotismon: Crimson Lightning!

[METALGREYMON starts to devolve]

Myotismon: You impotent little fool! Did you really think you could beat me with those pathetic little toys of yours? *laugh*

Tai: Agumon!

Kari: Oh...I wonder What's taking them so long? Come back, Gatomon. I couldn't stand it if
anything happened yo you! But I'm sure Tai and Agumon will take good care of you.

Tai: Nice try, buddy.

Myotismon: If the DigiDestined are coming to defend Gatomon, they really must think she is the eighth Digimon.

Gatomon: Hey! What they think is no business of yours! Go blow smoke somewhere else!

Myotismon: You will pay for your impotence!

Tai: Just What do you mean?

[the bats pick up GATOMON]

Myotismon: *laugh* I hope you like fishing, Gatomon. Because you're going to be the perfect bait to lure out the eighth DigiDestined. Now, I don't need the crest to find that cowardly, puny human!

Tai: That's not fair, Myotismon!

Myotismon: I don't play fair. 

[MYOTISMON flies away with GATOMON]

Tai: Stop! Gatomon!

Gatomon: Tai! Help me!

Myotismon: *laugh*

Narrator: Will Tai rescue Gatomon before Myotismon finds Kari? Tune into the next Digimon:
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