Season 1, Episode 38: "Prophecy"
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Transcribed By: Vande <>

Kari: I thought if I gave myself up to Myotismon, he
would stop his attacks. What I didn't know was that
his plan was to destroy both me and Gatomon. The
others tried to rescue me, but all of the digimon
powers together still weren't enough to defeat
Myotismon. He released a big blast at me and my
little Gatomon.
Wizardmon wanted to save us, so he jumped in and took
the full force of the blow. Gatomon digivolved to
Angewomon, and struck Myotismon with her Celestial
Arrow, and he was finally beaten. Except, for some
reason, his mysterious fog hasn't lifted yet.

Digimon title theme

Tai: Ahhh, gimmie a break!

[Tai kicks Myotismon's red mask across the ground in
Matt: That lousy fog barrier is still up.

Mimi: So, beating Myotismon didn't solve anything.

Izzy: Hang on! We've got mail from Gennai!

[Izzy's computer beeps, and the kids and digimon crowd
around the screen to watch.]

Gennai: Wonderful news, my friends! I may have found
the way to defeat him once and for all!

[The image of an old carved tablet appears on the

Gennai: Although this looks like a graham cracker,
it's actually an ancient text which I've translated:
" The sky will be darkened by the wings of many bats.
The fallen people will invoke the name of the
undead digimon king and when the clock strikes the
hour of the beast, the undead king will reveal himself
in his true form as the beast. Then angels will shoot
arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of those
they've been sent to protect, and a miracle will
happen. Please always recycle." That last part seems
weird, but good luck!

[Gennai's image fades from the screen, leaving the kids
looking at the computer in confusion.]

Sora: Well, that was about as clear as mud. Can you
make heads or tails of it?

Izzy: Uhh, well....

Kari: Listen, Tai. Maybe we should try and find Mom
and Dad.

Tai: You're right.

Joe: I wouldn't mind checking out my place, either.

Mimi: And I'd like to change my pyjamas. Or at least
get a matching robe.

Tai: Yeah, let's go. No reason to stay here.

[The kids walk away together, and the discarded red
mask of Myotismon seems to watch them leave.]

[Izzy's parents walk out of Odaiba Mansion with Izzy,
to see most of the kids and their digimon, as well as
Matt's dad, waiting outside.]

Izzy's dad: Alright. Can someone explain what's going

Matt's dad: It's a pretty long story, but I'll try.

Mimi: Hey everybody, wait for me!

[Mimi and Tanemon run up to the others, Mimi again
dressed in her pink dress and hat.]

Mimi: Sorry I'm late. Huh? Aren't we missing somebody?

Sora: We're waiting for Joe. He's still upstairs.

[Joe and Bukamon are walking through the rooms of Joe's
house. Books and papers are strewn
everywhere across the floor.]

Joe: Mom? Dad? There's no sign of anyone.

Bukamon: Do you think they've been captured with all
the rest? That would be sad.

[From behind the two, a door slides silently open. A
hand sneaks out and grabs Joe's shoulder.]

Joe: Ahhh!

Bukamon: Don't do that!

Jim: Relax, it's only your brother. Who's totally

Joe: Jim! What are you doing hiding in there?

Jim: Well, I'm not playing hide and seek. Those creepy
things tore the place apart.

Bukamon: They are creepy, aren't they?

Jim: Frankly, I wouldn't talk if I were you.

[Bukamon smiles,]

Joe: Hey, don't worry about this little guy, Jim. He's
a friend of mine. And I've got more good news.
Myotismon's been destroyed!

Jim: Just who is Myotismon? For once in your life,
Joe, you actually sound like you know what you'e
talking about.

Joe: Mmm hmmm.

Jim: There's a first time for everything.

[Later, the group waiting downstairs is joined by Joe
and his brother.]

Matt's dad: Find out what's happening at the
convention center. And we'll try to find a way through
the fog barrier, right, T.K.?.

T.K.: Mmm hmm!

[Joe and his brother ride on a motorcycle, and stop at
the convention center. Jim takes off his helmet.]

Jim: So tell me, Joe. Are you still planning on being
a doctor?

Bukamon: Joe is smart. He could be a doctor!

Jim: There's a lot more to it than that.

Bukamon: Joe could be whatever he wants!

Joe: It's what my dad wants me to be.

Jim: Poor Dad. He doesn't know.

Joe: No...

[Bukamon flies out of Joe's bag and into Jim's face.]

Bukamon: Are you implying Joe's not smart enough for
something? Listen, I don't care if you are his
brother, you've got no right-
Jim: No, calm down, I'm not saying he's not smart
enough. I'm just saying it'll be kind of hard for him
Be a doctor, when he passes out at the sight of blood!

Bukamon: Yep. That's my pal, Joe!

Jim: Look! I think your friends are coming.

Bukamon: Huh?

Jim: We'll talk about this later, Joe.

[The three turn to see the others running toward the

Agumon: There's one of 'em now! Let's go!

[The Bakemon looks panicked to have six digimon running
toward it at once.]

Tanemon: Tanemon digivolve to...

Motimon: Motimon digivolve to...

Yokomon: Yokomon digivolve to...

Bukamon: Bukamon digivolve to...

Biyomon: Biyomon!

Tentomon: Tentomon!

Gomamon: Gomamon!

Palmon: Palmon!

[The digimon run down an escalator at a group of
Bakemon still loitering around the center.]

Gatomon: Lightning Claw!

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Gomamon: Marching Fishes!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

Biyomon: Spiral Twister!

[The Bakemon are destroyed with no trouble. The kids
come running up.]

Tai: Excellent! Good work, you guys!

[In a large room of the center, hundreds of people are
laying on their backs in neat rows, unconscious.
The kids and digimon wander among them.]

Tai: Mom, wake up!

Mimi: Daddy? What's happened to them?

Joe: They're all so totally still. Are they-

Jim: No, their pulses are normal.

Joe: That's good.

Jim: Joe, listen to me. It's your life, you've got to
live it your way, not Dad's way.

Joe: I guess...

Jim: After I become a doctor, I'm going to South
America, Africa, someplace I can really be of help.
Dad's already told me he doesn't approve.

Joe: I could imagine.

Jim: Anyway, right now we've got to see to all these

Joe: What can we do?

Jim: If only we could get help from the outside....

[Matt's dad, Matt, T.K., Patamon and Gabumon are
drifting in a small boat, not really going anywhere.]

Matt's dad: It's hopeless. There's no way to get
through this fog.

Patamon: Hello, anybody! Come out, come out, wherever
you are!

Gabumon: No, like this: If you save us we'll give you
anything you want, including candy!

[Despite the tempting offer, nobody answers their
calls. T.K. looks down, sadly.]

T.K.: Nice try. This just isn't working. Maybe we
should go back to shore.

[Back at the convention center, Kari and Gatomon are
looking sadly at the unconscious people.]

Kari: This is all our fault, Gatomon.

Gatomon: Mmm hmm.

Sora: Don't worry. This spell, or whatever it is, will
wear off. And then everyone will just wake up again.

[Kari and Gatomon nod, gratefully. Sora smiles at them,
then looks back at the person in front of her.]

Sora: Yeah. Isn't that right, Mom?

[Back on the shore again, Gabumon and Patamon are
facing a pack of Gizamon while the three humans
get away.]

Gabumon: Blue Blaster!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Matt's dad: We were better off lost in the fog!

T.K.: Let's go!

Gabumon: If you insist!

The group runs into a minivan, and the Gizamon chase
them and jump on top of the vehicle, causing it to
topple over to one side. The group inside screams,
which alerts a group of bat-type digimon. They wake
up and fly from the tree they were resting in. They
descend on the vehicle, and destroy the Gizamon. The
group opens the van doors and looks outside.]

Matt's dad: Come on, guys.

Matt: Hey, what happened to them?

T.K.: Over there!

[They look up to see the swarm of bats flying over the
water on the way to the city.]

Matt's dad: "The sky will be darkened by the wings of
many bats."

[The group of bats lands by the mask of Myotismon,
crowding around it as DemiDevimon looks on,

DemiDevimon: Now things start to get interesting!

[Izzy's parents are alone with Izzy in an otherwise
empty room of the convention center.]

Izzy: You wanted to talk to me?

Izzy's dad: Yes, son. When you went off an left us
there in hiding, your mother and I thought we might
never see you again. So we talked, and decided the
time had come to tell you that we're not your real
parents, Izzy.

Izzy: I already know. I heard you talking once. I
pretended to myself I hadn't heard anything. Then I
believe I'd misunderstood. Then I tried to wipe it
from my mind and just act like everything was the same
as before.

[Tentomon watches, concerned, from behind a
corner of the wall. Izzy's parents look pained as
their son speaks.]

Izzy: But it wasn't. And I didn't mean to, but I just
started drifting away from you, a little more each

Izzy's dad: That's why you buried yourself in that

Izzy: That's right.

Izzy's dad: It's not surprising. It's who you are. You
see, in so many ways, you're the living image of your
real father.

Izzy: What was my real father like?

Izzy's dad: He was a fine man, and a brilliant
mathematician. In fact, he was a lecturer at the
university. He
and I were distant cousins. I was his only living
relative. And your mother had no family of her own,
so, when it happened.... Late one night there was a
terrible car accident. Neither of them survived.

Izzy's mom: We had lost a little boy of our own, you
see, just before. So, when we were asked if we might
want to take care of you, well, it seemed like... I
don't know, some kind of sign. We said yes.

Izzy: So you made me your son.

[Izzy’s parents look sad and depressed.]

Izzy's dad: We always planned to tell you the truth.
We were just waiting for you to grow up a little bit
more but now you seem to have found out on your own we
waited too long I’m sorry son.

Izzy: No no dad there’s no need to be sorry it
couldn’t have been easy for you to tell me this and
I’m umh well glad you did.

[Izzy’s Mum and dad look happier.]

Izzy Dad: We just want you to know we love you Izzy.

Izzy Mum: You see as far as we’re concerned you are
our real son and nothing can change that.

Izzy: Mom....

[Izzy's dad embraces his family as Tentomon looks on
with tears in his eyes.]

Tentomon: Gee, it's times like this I wish I had a

[Back in the convention center's main room, Sora's
mother sits up.]

Biyomon: Sora, your mom's awake!

[Sora's mom sits up and holds her arms out in front of
her like a zombie. Then she speaks in a dull and
monotone voice.]

Sora's mom: Lord Myotismon. Lord and master.

Sora: Mom, what is it? Are you alright? Mom?

[Sora's mother gives no indication that she even hears
her daughter's voice. Elsewhere in the city,
DemiDevimon watches as a huge shadow takes shape and
grows, wearing Myotismon's mask.]

DemiDevimon: Hey there, Master. Good to see you back
on your feet.

Myotismon shadow: More.... More energy, I need more.

DemiDevimon: You got it.

[The swarm of bats devours Tuskmon and Snimon, as other
bats scavenge as well. The bats fly
into the shadow creature, feeding it.]

DemiDevimon: It won't be long now. The boss is gonna
be bigger and better than ever! Ha ha ha ha!

[In the convention center, all of the people lying on
their backs in rows have their eyes open and are
chanting together.]

People: Myotismon. Lord and master.

Tai: Stop it, Dad. Snap out of it!

Mimi: Mom, it's me!

Matt's dad: What's going on?

Jim: Very odd. Physically, they're still asleep. It's
like they're all having the same dream.

Izzy: Hey, wait a minute! Do you guys remember that

Matt: Yeah, it fits. It says the fallen people will
invoke the name of the undead king.

Gabumon: Well, the first part about the bats came

Joe: Huh?

Tai: When was that?

Sora: What did the third part of the prophecy say?

Izzy: Before the recycle part it was: "When the clock
strikes the hour of the beast, the undead king will
reveal himself in his true form."

Tai: Terrific. But, what's the hour of the beast?

Matt's dad: Six, six, six. Six seconds and six minutes
past six o'clock.

Tai: Sounds like triple six is our unlucky number.

[Tai looks at his digivice, which turns to six o'clock
before his eyes.]

Tai: It's almost time!

Matt's dad: Quick, get in the van!

[The group rushes away in the van. Tai looks at his
digivice again. It now reads six o'clock.]

Tai: We're never gonna make it!

[All the bats fly to one building, and disappear
inside. Tai's digivice clicks to 6:06:06.]

Tai: Showtime!

[Beams of light shoot from the building, and a creature
begins to emerge. The van screeches to a halt in
time for the group inside to see the building being
torn apart by an enormous digimon with black and
red wings, and long blonde hair. They run toward it.]

Tai: Is that Myotismon?

Matt: He's been taking steroids!

Matt's dad: It's his true form. The beast.

Agumon: Hey, come on!

Gabumon: Right!

Agumon: Agumon digivolve to... Greymon!

Gabumon: Gabumon digivolve to... Garurumon!

[The red giant turns to them and opens his arms. A gale
of wind stops the other two digimon in their
tracks. DemiDevimon flies in front of his master to
address the attackers.]

DemiDevimon: Where are my manners? Allow me to
introduce you to the new and improved

Tai: VenomMyotismon?

DemiDevimon: That's right, the king of the undead.
He's the un and you're the dead!

VenomMyotismon: More energy! I'm hungry!

DemiDevimon: No problem, boss. There's all those
people just laying there waiting for you. Remember to
start the day with a good breakfast!

VenomMyotismon: I'll begin with a little snack!

[VenomMyotismon takes in a deep breath of air, pulling
DemiDevimon toward him.]

DemiDevimon: Hey, hang on! What are you doing? Wahhhh!

[DemiDevimon disappears into VenomMyotismon's mouth.
The giant digimon takes a step toward the
convention center.]

Matt's dad: He's going after everyone at the
convention center!

Tai: Pump it up, you guys!

Matt: Digivolve!

Garurumon: You heard them, let's do it!

Greymon: Yo!

Greymon: Greymon digivolve to...

Garurumon: Garurumon digivolve to...

MetalGreymon: MetalGreymon!

WereGarurumon: WereGarurumon!

[The ultimates land fearlessly at the feet of

WereGarurumon: So, we flip a coin to see who goes

MetalGreymon: Allow me. Giga Blaster!

[WereGarurumon runs and leaps onto one of
MetalGreymon's missiles, jumping off as it finds its
mark on VenomMyotismon's body.]

WereGarurumon: Wolf Claw!

Matt: It didn't even faze him!

[WereGarurumon growls, and races up the huge digimon's
chest to his smirking face.]

WereGarurumon: Garuru Kick!

[The attack opens a gash in VenomMyotismon's forehead.
From the gash, veins reach out and wrap
themselves around WereGarurumon.]

MetalGreymon: Mega Claw! Giga Blaster!

[The metal claw severs the veins, releasing
WereGarurumon, and the missile attack sends
VenomMyotismon crashing into the skyscraper behind
him, demolishing it.]

Tai: Did it work?

VenomMyotismon: More energy! I must feed!

Matt: That answer your question?

[MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon return to the others.]

WereGarurumon: Matt, Tai. Go to the convention center
and warn the others. Don't worry about us, we'll
take care of this clown!

Matt: Alright, but just watch yourself.

Matt's dad: Let's go!

[The humans race away in the van. WereGarurumon turns
to MetalGreymon, who nods.]

MetalGreymon: Piece of cake!

VenomMyotismon: I am hungry. Argh! Hungry!

[Tai rushes into the convention center, where he sees
Mimi, Joe and Jim.]

Tai: Clear everyone out, now!

Mimi and Joe: Huh?

[They go outside, and the people and digimon watch
VenomMyotismon from a relatively safe distance.]

Tai: I don't know how long they can hold him off!

Jim: Even if we had time, we couldn't move all these

Gatomon: You don't understand, you can never outrun
him. We have to destroy him.

Patamon: You can count on me.

Biyomon and Palmon: Yeah, and us too!

Tentomon: Me three.

Gomamon: Hey, make that four!

Gatomon: Uh, mm mm. Patamon's the only digimon I need
to come with me. The rest of you stay here.

Gomamon: Huh?

Gatomon: Nothing personal, I just want all of you to
save up your strength. If my plan doesn't work, you'll
all be needed.

Biyomon: Let's do what she says. She knows these bad
digimon better than anyone.

Mimi: Excuse me, I don't mean to be a downer or
anything, but how can any of us expect to stand up
against that guy? He's bigger than most buildings!

Gatomon: I got a plan, like I said. Come on, Patamon,
let's fly!

Patamon: Mm mm!

Tai: We're right behind you, Gatomon!

Izzy's dad: Let's go, son! We're in this together,

Izzy: Right!

Patamon: Patamon digivolve to... Angemon!

Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to... Angewomon!

[Angemon and Angewomon fly overhead as the rest of the
gang rides in Matt's dad's van.]

Izzy's mom: Angels? What's going on?

Tentomon: It's kind of complicated.

Izzy: They digivolved, Mom. Angemon is the fully
evolved version of Patamon, and
Angewomon is the same for Gatomon. You see?

[Izzy's mom watches as the information for the two
digimon appears on Izzy's computer screen.]

Izzy's mom: Well-

Izzy: Trust me on this, huh?

Izzy's dad: It's nice to have outside interests, but I
hope your schoolwork hasn't suffered.

Izzy: Dad, this is the fate of the planet we're
dealing with? The survival of the human race? Don't
worry, I can take a make-up test for anything I missed.
VenomMyotismon shoots out rays of energy at

[MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon, who leap out of the
way. The rays strike nearby skyscrapers, causing them
to distintegrate instantly.]

Matt's dad: I sure wish I'd brought the camcorder!
VenomMyotismon punches MetalGreymon out of the air,
and he falls toward WereGarurumon, standing
on the ground.

WereGarurumon: Looks like trouble!

[With a crash, MetalGreymon lands just in front of
WereGarurumon, and skids uncontrolled into him. The
smaller digimon tries to hold him back, but is pushed
along the ground until both digimon are
surrounded in light, and revert back to their rookie

Tai: What happened to them?

Izzy: He must have drained them of their energy!

VenomMyotismon: Goodbye, small fry!

[The evil digimon raises a giant foot, intending to
stomp on Agumon and Gabumon, when Angewomon
and Angemon appear.]

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

Angemon: Hand Of Fate!

[The two attacks hit VenomMyotismon in the chest, and
he is knocked back a few steps, He laughs at Angemon
and Angewomon]

Angemon: This won't be easy.

Angewomon: Nobody ever said it would be, Angemon.

[Tai and Matt rush up to their digimon.]

VenomMyotismon: I shall enjoy devouring you. Angelfood
is one of my favorites!

Gabumon: I'm so sorry, Matt. We tried.

Agumon: He was too much for us.

Izzy's dad: Why is that monster so much bigger than
the other digimon?

Izzy: Search me.

[Izzy opens up his computer and takes a look.]

Izzy: Hmm. I thought he was fully evolved, (DA) but he
found some way of digivolving into an even higher
level. Some kind of Mega Ultimate level.

Matt: Hey, that's not fair. It's like changing the
rules in the middle of a game!

VenomMyotismon: Stop it, you're tickling me! Now it's
my turn!

T.K.: You can do it, Angemon!

Kari: Go, Angewomon!

Matt's dad: Wait a minute, the prophecy, that's it!
Quick, Izzy, what did it say in there about angels?

VenomMyotismon: I begin to grow bored with you!

Izzy's mom: What does the prophecy say?

[Eyes on his computer screen, Izzy reads over the
prophecy again. A picture of Angemon and Angewomon
are defending themselves against Venom’s attack as the
prophecy is read.]

Izzy: "Angels will shoot arrows of hope and light at
the loved ones of those they had been sent to
protect, and a miracle will happen." Okay, if Angemon
and Angewomon are the angels in the prophecy....
Izzy's dad: So then who are the ones they've been sent
to protect?

T.K.: Go for it, Angemon!

Kari: Yeah, knock him right out!

Izzy: That must mean T.K. and Kari! The angels will
shoot arrows at their loved ones!

[As Tentomon explains funny pics come up.]

Tentomon: It's simple. Allow me to explain. Say I'm
kind of like a guardian angel. Whose guardian angel am
I? Yours. And who do you love the most?

Izzy: I was getting to that! My mom and dad,

Tentomon: Exactly. But T.K. and Kari not only have
moms and dads, they have something else, too.

Izzy's dad: They have brothers!

Tentomon: In a word, bingo!

Izzy: Why would you want them shooting arrows at your
loved ones? Sounds dangerous to me.

Izzy's mom: They're angels, Izzy. Maybe they're like
Cupid. He was sort of an angel. When he shot
arrows, they were arrows of love.

Izzy: Mom, isn't that a little corny?

Tentomon: It may be corny, but I buy it. All we've got
to do is get Angemon and Angewomon to hit you
guys with their arrows of love!

Izzy: Hey, let's not be too hasty here!

Matt: What do you think?

Tai: It's worth a shot! Kari!

Matt: T.K.!

T.K.: You sure you wanna?

Tai: Let's see these arrows of hope and light!

Matt: You two have got to get them to shoot at us.

Tai: They'll only do it if you tell them to!

Kari: You really want them to shoot you?

T.K.: What if you get like, dead or something?

Matt: Never happen. Right?

Tai: Right!

Kari: Okay.

[Kari and T.K. hold their crests up and speak into them
like walkie-talkies.]

Kari: Angewomon!

T.K.: Angemon, listen up!

[Beams of light travel from the crests to the angels
circling VenomMyotismon. A bow and arrow appears in
Angewomon’s hand and a spear type arrow in Angemon’s

T.K.: I know this maybe sounds crazy, but shoot Matt
and Tai with your arrow!

Kari: You too, Angewomon!

Angemon: He's right.

Angewomon: Sounds crazy. But....

[The angels turn around and hover over Matt and Tai's
heads. Agumon and Gabumon look uneasy.]

Gabumon: Wait, you sure about this?

Agumon: What if that prophecy's all wrong?

Tai: You guys want a miracle to happen or not?

Matt: Yeah. Miracles require a little faith. Scared,

Tai: No, not at all. How about you, Matt?

Matt: Course not. Piece of cake. But maybe I'll just
hang on to you to make sure you don't chicken out or

[Matt's holds on to Tai's hand, and they
stand together.]

Tai: Yeah, right. I'll do the same for you, buddy.

Angemon: One miracle...

Angewomon: Coming up!

[The angels throw their arrows. Gabumon and Agumon
watch worriedly, and Kari, T.K., and the others
watch, tense. The arrows find their marks in the boys'
backs, and light explodes from where they stand.
Even VenomMyotismon is startled by the force of the
blast. Agumon back flips as he starts to

Agumon: Whoa! Agumon warp digivolve to...

[The little digimon is surrounded in fire as he jumps
from one digivolution to the next, faster than ever.
From Agumon to Greymon, to MetalGreymon, the digivice
propels him further, into a new form.
Standing straight on two feet, with a body made almost
entirely of metal, the mega slashes the air with the
deadly metal claws at the end of each long metal arm.]

WarGreymon: WarGreymon!

[Gabumon is surrounded in a glowing blue light. The
power flowing through him causes him to do a
backflip as well, before he, too, races through his
more powerful forms.]

Gabumon: Gabumon warp digivolve to...

[From Gabumon to Garurumon to WereGarurumon, he finally
stops at his new mega stage. The metal wolf tears
through the air, extending wings that look like razor
sharp blades, then lands. Compartments open up all
over his body, shooting out beams of blue energy, and
missiles that form pillars of ice out of the rocky

MetalGarurumon: MetalGarurumon!

Matt: Whoa!

Tai: Cool....

Narrator: Will the digidestined win the battle for
earth and defeat VenomMyotismon? Don't miss the next
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