Season 1, Episode 39: "The Battle for Earth"

Original Air Date: February 19, 2000

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(Tai narrates a flashback of the previous episode.)

Tai: Gennai came up with this weird prophecy that sounded like total mumbo-jumbo, but then it all started coming true! Bats appeared in the sky, my mom and dad and everybody started acting like zombies and chanting Myotismon's name, and then Myotismon himself came back, bigger and better than ever. Finally, we figured out that Matt and I had to let ourselves get zapped with arrows of light, in order to allow Agumon and Gabumon to digivolve to their Mega-level! I told you it was weird!

(Cue opening titles.)


(From the previous episode:)

(Cue a new digivolution sequence: Warp Digivolve!)

Agumon: Woah! Agumon, warp digivolve to...

(A burst of light from Tai's digivice takes him to Greymon, then Metalgreymon, and then to a new form. Armor materialises on him, and a shield/wing arrangement appears on his back. This digimon is...)

WarGreymon: WarGreymon!

Gabumon: Gabumon, warp digivolve to...

(Exactly the same thing happens for Gabumon, although his new form looks like Garurumon with more armor. Bladed wings appear on his back. This digimon is...)

MetalGarurumon: MetalGarurumon!

(Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Izzy: It's WarGreymon! It says here his attack is Terra Force - gathering the energy around him and focusing it in the palm of his hand! And MetalGarurumon has his Metal Wolfclaw attack. He shoots a poweful cold blast at his enemies, then blows them to pieces! Mega digimon! They digivolved to their Mega digimon forms!

Tentomon: That's great, 'cause we'll need them to beat VenomMyotismon!

Matt: Yeah, that's for sure!

Tentomon: Good luck! I'll wait here.

(WarGreymon gathers energy around his body, and slams into VenomMyotismon, knocking him back.)

Izzy: Way to go WarGreymon! You creamed him...I think....

Tai: Look, there they go! Get after him, WarGreymon!

Kari: Put his lights out!

(The three Mega digimon fight, moving further away from the area. The group follow in Matt's Dad's van.)

MetalGarurumon: Ice Wolfclaw!

(Icy missiles blast from MetalGarurumon, freezing VenomMyotismon.)

TK: Frozen!

Matt: Solid!

(VenomMyotismon's icy fašade breaks apart.)

MetalGarurumon: It didn't work!

VenomMyotismon: Your miserable attemps to destroy me have failed! Now you will pay!

(He fires powerful beams from his eyes. The van tips over from the force of a blast.)

Matt's Dad: Everybody out! Get clear of the van!

(They run away from the van. Matt's Dad is helping Izzy's Dad walk.)


(And at the convention center...)

Joe: Jim, how's Dad? Is there any improvement yet?

Jim: No. Still exactly the same.

All: Uhh...

Gomamon: All right, I'm tired of fooling around! We have to defeat Myotismon once and for all!

Mimi: Our parents always protected us. Now it's time we came through for them!

Palmon Mimi, if we do it together, we can beat him!

Mimi: Think so?

Palmon Mmm-hmm.

Biyomon: I'll try.

Sora: You will?

Biyomon: Mmm-hmm.

Sora: Ok.

Joe: We already tried.

Gomamon: So we'll keep on trying, Joe! Because digimon never give up.

(He jumps onto Joe's head.)

Gomamon: Like they always say, all for mon and mon for all!

Joe: You're right! We can do it! Let's get'm, guys! Aaaaaahhhhh!

(He runs off towards the battlefield.)

Sora: You'll have to excuse Joe. He's a little hyperactive. Aaaaahhhh!

(She runs off, following Joe.)

Mimi: Please take care of my parents, Jim. Oooooohhhh!

(She runs after both of them, with a slightly different battle cry.)

Jim: Good luck, you guys.


(VenomMyotismon is now firing power beams from his groin. Go figure...)

Tai: Kari!

(WarGreymon is swatted away by one of VenomMyotismon's huge arms.)

Kari: Where are you, Tai?

(Angewomon is hit by falling rubble.)

TK: Get'm, Angemon!

(Angemon gets hit by a massive hand and smashed into a wall. He slides down, as Izzy's parents look on in horror.)

Izzy: Mom! Dad! I'm coming!

Tentomon: Look, Izzy, all the others have digivolved too! There's Ikakkumon and Togemon and Birdramon! I'm going in!

(Cue digivolving animation.)

Tentomon: Tentomon, digivolve to...

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon!

WarGreymon: Everyone, attack at the same time!

Togemon: Ok, how 'bout a little Needle Spray!

Ikakkumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Angemon: Hand of Fate!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

MetalGarurumon: Metal Wolfclaw!

(All of the attacks hit VenomMyotismon's groin - MetalGarurumon's attack is a large missile that launches from his chest.)

WarGreymon: And now, to wind things up!

(He spins himself into a tornado.)

WarGreymon: Mega Claw!

(VenomMyotismon sinks to his knees in pain. WarGreymon has busted a hole straight through his groin. That's gotta hurt.)

Matt's Dad: That did it...

Sora: Ohh...

VenomMyotismon: You think you can defeat me? You've only awakened the beast within!

(Out of VenomMyotismon's groin pops an ugly black thing.)

Mimi: Aaah!

Tai: What is that thing?

(The creature shoots out dark rings of power, flooring everyone.)

Tai: WarGreymon!

VenomMyotismon: Now, to devour all you so-called digi-destined! You've stood in my way for the last time!

Mimi: It can't end like this...

Matt: I've let everyone down again...

Sora: I wish I could've done more...

Izzy: It's impossible he survived that!

Joe: Maybe we should surrender.

TK: This is scarier than the movies!

Tai: I will never give up!

(Tai's Crest glows.)

Tai: Huh? My Crest! Everybody, look at your Crests! They're all starting to glow!

(Everyone's Crests glow. Light shoots from them and ties VenomMyotismon up.)

Beast Within: Curse you digi-destined! Curse you and your lousy Crests! Let go! Let go!

Tai: Look at that! Mega-freaky! I wonder if that monster represents Myotismon's actual form...WarGreymon!

WarGreymon: Pass me the ball!

(MetalGarurumon throws the ball of the TV station towards WarGreymon.)

Sora: Nice pass.

All: Shoot!

(WarGreymon throws the ball at the beast. It hits.)

WarGreymon: Terra Force!

MetalGarurumon: Metal Wolfclaw!

(Both the attacks hit. VenomMyotismon dissolves into digi-dust.)

Tai: Yeah!

Sora: We did it!


(At the convention center, everyone is waking up.)

Joe's Dad: Hey, what happened Jim?

Jim: It must be Joe and the others! They did it! They won!


(Koromon hops towards Tai.)

Koromon: We did it, Tai! We did it! Yay!

Tsunomon: Wasn't that cool, Matt?

Matt: Great job, Tsunomon.

(A small digimon who looks like a puppy is standing next to Kari.)

Mimi: Hey, look! A stray digimon!

Digimon: Don't you recognise me? I was Gatomon, what do I have to do, cough up a furball?

(Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Kari: That's Salamon, the Rookie form of Gatomon. Isn't she cute? Much more cuddly than her Ultimate form of Angewomon. But I guess she's back to being a Rookie because she used up all her energy during the fight. What are we going to do? They don't allow pets in our apartment!

Joe: Drag...

(For a girl who's only just been introduced to being a digi-destined, she sure knows a lot of technical terms. And if they don't allow pets, then why do the Kamiyas have a cat?)

Sora: Hey, look! The sky's clearing up! What?

Mimi: Aah!

TK: Hey! No way!

Joe: That's...not possible! There's a giant island floating in the sky...upside down!

(Couldn't have said it better myself. The sky is broken apart into strips - half normal sky-at-night, half weird floating island. There are many mountain peaks on this island.)

Tai: Things just keep getting weirder!


Tai's Dad: Hey, what's going on?

Jim: Whatever it is, it doesn't look too good for our side.

Tai's Mom: Oh Jim, have you seen my children? Do you know where Tai and Kari are?

Jim: No, but I have an educated guess. I'm going to search where the monsters were fighting! I'll come back when I find them, ok?

(The people from the convention center are now on a boat, looking up at the sky. TK's Mom is among them.)


Izzy: This isn't making any sense! It looks like an entire upside-down continent in the sky. But it doesn't show up on any radar, or on any satellite pictures. In fact, no instruments of any kind can confirm that whatever it is is really even there!

TK's Mom: TK! TK! Where are you?

TK: Mama!

(TK's Mom runs up to her son and hugs him.)

TK's Mom: Oh, TK...I was so afraid I'd never see you again. You must have been terrified, TK.

TK: Nuh-uh! Matt was with me the whole time!

TK's Mom: Matt...

Matt: Hey, Mom.

TK: Come on! Come and see Matt, and Daddy too!

(He leads her by the hand to where Matt is standing.)

TK's Mom: Oh Matt, I'm so proud of you. Thank you, son.

Matt: Yeah, whatever.

TK's Mom: Don't be like that.

Matt's Dad: Nancy? It's been a long time, hasn't it?

TK's Mom: Yes it has.

TK: It's been a really long time since all four of us were together, huh Matt?

Matt: Yeah, I guess so.

Izzy: Check thjis out guys. I've been monitoring the news reports. The air force is sending in everything they've got to figure out what this continent in the sky really is. They don't know anytihng so far, but they're assuming it's dangerous.

(Up in the sky, a fighter jet (Hawkeye 1) hits the continent and crashes to the ground.)

Hawkeye 1: This is Hawkeye 1, mayday, mayday, mayday!

Mimi: I have to admit that I'm a little jealous that Matt and TK found their parents, and Izzy too! I just hope my mom and dad are all right.

Sora: I know how you feel, me too. Hhuh? Someone's coming!

Joe: All right, my brother! Hey, I didn't tell him he could ride my scooter!

(Jim rides up on Joe's scooter. Isn't he a little young to have one of those?)

Jim: All the other families that were at the convention center are fine! They're all back to normal!

Mimi: Sora, they're safe!

(At this news, everyone celebrates.)

Jim: Let's check the news!

(Jim produces a pocket TV and switches it on.)

Newscaster: The latest reports we have from the air force chief of staff confirms that the mysterious landmass in the sky is not an illusion of any kind. It is very real, and after several confrontations, apparently very dangerous.

Joe: It's covering the whole sky!

Matt: It has to be Myotismon's work again.

Tsunomon: But that's impossible, isn't it? We defeated Myotismon for good this time.

Koromon: Yeah, we kicked booty!

Joe: Well, you heard the news reports. It's definitely dangerous. Who else could be doing it?

Tai: What does it matter who's doing it? W e just have to stop it!

Izzy: There's something familiar about that looks like Infinity Mountain!

(For the memory-impaired among us, Infinity Mountain was a very tall mountain on File Island, where Devimon hung out.)

Izzy: Hey Tai, grab your telescope and get us a clear peek at that peak right there!

Tai: Huh? Which one?

(Izzy raises a gloved finger.)

Izzy: There! The big one I'm pointing to!

Tai: Oh, like that helps me. All right, I'm looking. Man, there are dozens of mountains up there! Which one?

Izzy: The big one!

Tai: The big- waah!

Izzy: Did you find it?

Tai: What I found is a jet liner!

(An airplane is flying perilously close to the continent in the sky. This is dialogue between the plane's pilot and co-pilot.)

Pilot: Ground control, this is flight 224. We have lost our vector, over. Strange, why don' they answer? This is 224 to ground control, do you copy? Repeat, we have lost our landing vector. Come in, ground control!

Co-Pilot: We can't land here now and we can't turn back with the fuel we have left on board.

(The plane's wing touches the continent and turns to stone.)

Pilot: What? The alarm! All systems failure! We've got about two seconds to figure out what's wrong here!

Co-Pilot: No use, nothing's responding! We're going down!

Tai: Oh no! The plane reached the edge of that thing in the sky and just headed straight down!

Sora: Biyomon!

Pilot: Got to pull out! We'll break up at this speed! Help me pull!

(Birdramon flies up towards the plane.)

Birdramon: If I can just get there in time...

(Kuwagamon flies out of the continent.)

Birdramon: It's Kuwagamon! Where did he come from?

(Birdramon collides with the plane to slow it down, resting it on her back. However, the plane proves too heavy for her, and she cries out in pain.)

Joe: Do it, Birdramon!

Sora: Birdramon! Digivolve!

(Cue Ultimate digivolving animation.)

Birdramon: Birdramon, digivolve to...

Garudamon: Garudamon!

(Kabuterimon flies up to Garudamon.)

Kabuterimon: I'll help too!

(Kabuterimon flies past him.)

Kabuterimon: Huh? Kuwagamon? Electro Shocker!

(The Electro Shocker passes through Kuwagamon, as if he wasn't there.)

Kabuterimon: It went right through!

Garudamon: Kabuterimon, get away! Don't touch him!

Kabuterimon: Woah!

(He begins his descent. Garudamon has succeded in bringing the plane down into the river.)

Tai: Nice going, Birdramon! You brought the plane down safely!

(As the plane's occupants are ferried to shore in life rafts, Yokomon and Motimon rejoin the group.)

Tai: Guys, how'd Kuwagamon get there?

Yokomon: He came out of that land in the sky!

Izzy: I was right all along! That giant continent is actually the Digital World!


Matt: That's why you recognised that mountain.

Mimi: Yeah, y'know, it does look sorta familiar!

Sora: What's it doing here?

Jim: Guys, you'd better have a look at this!

(Once again, we turn to Jim's pocket TV.)

Newscaster: We bring you now new footage of some truly bizzare scenes.

(A gorilla-like digimon is on the rampage in a place filled with skyscrapers. It's Toei's little homage to King Kong.)

Newscaster: No official explanation has been given for what we are seeing here.

(Tyrannomon, Kuwagamon and another digimon are seen around some major world landmarks.)

Yokomon: Kuwagamon again! And if we touch those digimon, we'll freeze just like the airplane's wings!

Motimon: And when I fired my Electro Shocker, it passed right through!

Tai: Man, what is going on here?

Kari: Salamon, is that your world up there?

Salamon: I think so, but the last time I was there it was definitely right side up.

Izzy: Just a minute - we've been back in the real world for only a few days, but up there time is much faster - years and years have passed!

Koromon: And since we left the digiworld when it was such a mess, it had years and years to just get worse! I can only imagine what the place looks like now!

Sora: And all the problems in the Digital World have become our problem here in the real world!

Tai: That's that. We all have to go back.

Mimi: But how? How are we supposed to get there?

Joe: The first time we went to the Digital World, our digivices led us. You guys try it again.

Izzy: You're coming too, Joe - we're all in this together.

Tai: All right everybody, hold out your digivices. We're going back! Next stop, the Digital World! Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times! Here we go, everybody!

(Rainbow light shines down from the Digital World. The digi-destined are standing in a circle around it's edge.)

Izzy: I think it's working, Tai. This light must be here to guide us.

Joe: Now all we have to do is follow it.

TK: Back to the Digital World!

TK's Mom: TK!

TK: Mom! Oh, I'm sorry we have to leave now that we're finally bac together again.

TK's Mom: You can't!

Matt's Dad: Let him go. We've made some selfish decisions of our own, remember?

(A still-image flashback of Matt's Dad leaving with Matt, and TK's Mom leaving with TK, pulling the family apart.)

Matt's Dad: We have to let them do this. This could be more improtant than you realise.

Matt: The whole world is doomed if we don't do sometihng, Mom! You know we have to go back! We're doing this to protect you!

TK's Mom: Matt...

Joe: You guys better get cranking. Although it's hard to believe the fate of the world's in the hands of a bunch of kids like you. I guess if the sun doesn't come up tomorrow, we know you meesed up!

(Izzy's Mom turns on Jim, looking shocked.)

Izzy's Mom: Stop it. You've got to have faith in your brother and his friends. What they're doing is incredibly brave.

Jim: Woah, sorry lady, I didn't mean anything!

Joe: It's ok, he was only kidding. And besides, I'm going to make darn sure the sun does come up!

(Joe actually looks serious about what he's saying!)

Sora: Joe, I didn't know you had it in you!

Mimi: What a man!

(Joe's seriousness dissipates. Thanks girls, that really boosts Joe's self-confidence! Joe takes a step back into the light, and begins to float up into the air!)

Sora + Mimi: What's happening?

Tai: All right, here we go!

(Everyone steps into the light and floats.)

TK's Mom: Matt! TK! Take care of eachother!

Sora's Mom: Sora! I love you Sora! Please come home soon! I'll be waiting here for you!

Sora: Bye mama...

(Realising that she may never see her mother again, Sora tries again, with more feeling.)

Sora: Bye mama!

Mimi: Mama! Papa!

Tai: Bye, Dad!

Kari: Bye, mama!

Tai's Mom: Oh Tai, be careful!

Tai's Dad: And take care of your sister, son!

Kari: I'll be all right! Don't worry, we'll all be back!

Tai: I never thought we'd volunteer to leave our families behind. It's weird. I'm not sure if we'll ever see them again, but I'm not afraid. It's like just knowing that they love us gives up the power that we need.

(Everyone shouts out their goodbyes to their parents.)

Narrator: What powerful new enemy waits for the digi-destined in the Digital World? Find out on the next Digimon - Digital Monsters!

---To Be Continued---