Season 1, Episode 41: "Seasick and Tired"
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Transcribed By: Vande <>


Tentomon: After being transported back to the Digital World, things were obviously different and most disturbing. Chuumon told us of how he and Sukamon were separated, and how the Dark Masters now rule the entire world from the newly created Spiral Mountain. These Mega Digimon were most evil and proved that fact on little Chuumon. It seems eight Champion Digimon canít even beat one Mega, so we made a break for it with the help of Piximon. He created a diversion so we could get away. What a brave little guy.

[Outside Arena]

Piximon: Youíre as ready as youíll ever be, go get Ďem!

Izzy: I think that was meant to be encouraging.

Kari: He has an awful lot of confidence in us.


Piximon: Rrr!

Piedmon: You may have fooled those silly children with this brave act, but we know better, donít we?

Piximon: What makes you think itís just an act?

[Outside Arena]

Kari: Oh, it doesnít seem right just leaving him there.

[A white light comes from the arena signalling Piximonís end.]

Kari: Oh? Oh!

Tai: Remember, he wanted it this way.

On the Beach

Tai: Look, the fogís finally clearing.

Joe: Great, now we can clearly see that weíre lost.

Izzy: Itís more productive to think of ourselves as on our way, Joe.

Matt: Yeah, I feel better already.

TK: All I know is, Iím getting pretty hungry.

Kari: And Iím getting cold.

Tai: But everybodyís okay, right? Besides being hungry and cold and lost.

Sora: Donít forget frightened, tired, and upset about Piximon.

Matt: Otherwise, weíre fine.

Izzy: I have a feeling weíve been here before. Wait a minute, look!

Tai: What?

Sora: Weird, huh?

Izzy: Those smashed up phone booths.

Tai and Matt: Oh!

Sora: You donít think that they can be the same ones, do you?

Tai: Of course. I canít believe it. This whole time we thought we were making all this progress, but now it looks like weíve just been travelling in one big circle.

[Dark Mastersí Lair]

Piedmon: How small they look from here, like ants. Strange that such little creatures could cause so much trouble!

Metalseadramon: They wonít for long. Theyíre standing on the edge of my territory now, the sea. Iíll be the one to finish these Digidestined once and for all.

Piedmon: Hmm. bold words, but youíre not the first to make such a boast, Metalseadramon.

Metalseadramon: But I will be the last. Theyíll be shark bait before the day is through. (Laughs)


Matt: So weíve just gone around in one big circle, huh? Makes the whole thing seem kind of pointless, doesnít it?

Sora: Hold on, maybe thatís it. Maybe the pointlessness of it is the whole point.

Agumon: Say what?

Tai: Thanks for the philosophy, thatís a big help.

Shellmon: Help! (His voice sounds like a high pitched Mimi)

Tai: Huh?

Shellmon: Help me!

Mimi: Look, out there, someoneís drowning.

Kari: Somebodyís gotta do something.

TK: Theyíre too tired, theyíll be drowned themselves.

Kari: Okay, then in that case, weíll have to go.

Tai: Kari.

Matt: No, wait up, Tk

Tai: Maybe someone bigger should go.

Matt: We can use that outrigger.

TK: Iím coming, too.

Kari: Me, too.

Matt: Okay, okay.

Joe: Letís go.

Sora: Hey, wait up, Iím coming, too.

Mimi: I can help.

Voice: Help me, help!

[On the ocean in the boat]

Tai and Matt: Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke.

Shellmon: (Laughs)

Mimi: Did his voice get lower or what?

Shellmon: (Roars)

Tai and Matt: Ah!

Kari: Tai, a sea monster!

Tai: You could say that again. Thatís Shellmon, and heís not here to play water polo. Paddle like crazy.

Shellmon: Thereís no escaping, youíre in my element now.


Agumon: Come on, guys, move it.

[On the ocean in the boat]

Tai: Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke.

Shellmon: (Laughs)

Mimi: Heís right on top of us.

Izzy: Watch out!

Mimi: Aah! Oh, that breath, ever hear of flossing?

Tai: Stroke, stroke. Hey, are you guys paddling or am I just talking to myself?

Izzy: Oh!

Shellmon: (Roars)


Agumon: We may be exhausted, but we canít just sit here, weíve got to help.

Motimon: Oh.

Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and Gatomon: Huh?

Motimon: Leave it to us, you save your Digi-strength.

Bukamon: Bukamon digivolve to.

Gomamon: Gomamon!

Tanemon: Tanemon digivolve to.

Palmon: Palmon!

Motimon: Motimon digivolve to.

Tentomon: Tentomon!

Yokomon: Yokomon digivolve to.

Biyomon: Biyomon! Letís go!

Palmon: Poison Ivy!

[On the ocean in the boat and out over the water.]

Shellmon: Hey! Whatís going on?

Biyomon: Hereís my Spiral Twister!

Tentomon: Super Shocker!

Gomamon: Come on, Marching Fishes!

Tai: Whoa! Thatís more like it. This is the way to travel.

[Shellmonís getting beat.]

Shellmon: Uh-oh, forget this.


Tai: I know theyíre all dead tired, and they may not feel like it at the moment, but I think today proved that our Digimon are getting stronger and stronger.

Kari: Thatíd be great, but what makes you think so?

Tai: I remember the last time we took on Shellmon. Agumon had to digivolve into Greymon before we could finally beat him, and even then it was close.


Greymon: (Roars)

Shellmon: (Roars)

Greymon: Nova Blast!

Shellmon: (Laughs as he gets blown into the sea)

Tai: But this time, they beat him easily, without Greymon.

Agumon: Yeah, but donít forget, Tai, they ganged up on him. It was four of them against one.

Tai: But they didnít have to digivolve as far to do it. I still say it means youíre stronger than you were.

Kari: Or maybe Shellmonís just weaker than he was.

Tai: How come everyoneís being such a downer all of a sudden? Iím trying to be positive here. Besides, I still canít get out of my mind something that Piximon said to me back there.


Tai: But you said it was possible to save the planet if the eight of us were all together. How come itís not happening? Whatís up, Piximon?

Piximon: The truth is, being together is not enough, thereís something else that you need to do to beat Ďem.


Tai: I think he meant that we had to get stronger, and thatís just whatís happening.

Sora: Yeah, maybe Taiís right.

Biyomon: I feel stronger.

Matt: Come to think of it, you are looking kind of buff.

Gabumon: Thanks very much. Thatís a compliment, right?

Tentomon: Do I look stronger to you, Izzy?

Izzy: I donít know, make a muscle.

Tentomon: I was.

Patamon: Do I look different, Tk?

TK: Yeah, you look buffed out to the max.

Gatomon: Kari?

Kari: Well, to be honest, you donít look any different to me, but give it time, Gatomon, youíll catch up with the rest.

Gatomon: If you say so.

Agumon: Come to think of it, your coatís looking glossier.

Gatomon: Really? You think?

Mimi, Joe, TK, Palmon, Gomamon, and Patamon: (Laughs) Huh?

Matt: Did it get brighter all of a sudden? Or is it just Taiís sunny disposition?

[A shack appears.]

Tai: Maybe itís like a mirage.

Matt: Huh? Was that shack there before?

TK: Maybe somebody moved in while we were gone.

Mimi: Mmm. Something smells suspiciously like food.

Izzy: Letís take it easy everyone, remember, weíre in the Digi-World, where not everything is what it appears to be.

Tentomon: Looks may be deceiving, but smells, thatís something else, and I definitely smell grilling hamburgers. See. Itís a snack bar. Burgers, sodas, ice cream, pizza!

All: Huh? Oh!

Tai: Mirage or not, Iíll take my chances. Gangway!

All: (Yelling and Laughing)

[Joe catches Mimiís shoe making her fall.]

Mimi: Oh! Oh!

All: (Yelling and Laughing)

Joe: Sorry, Mimi.

Mimi: Oh, thanks.

Gomamon: Come on, what are you guys waiting for?

Palmon: Yeah, theyíre gonna eat everything without us.

Joe: Huh?

Mimi: Oh!

All: (Yelling and Laughing)

[Inside Shack]

Sora: Whatís that?

[The door gets sanded up]

Sora: Itís a trap!

Scorpiomon: (Laughs) Snack time.

Tai, Tk, Kari, and Patamon: Oh!

Patamon: (DA) Thatís Scorpiomon, one of Metalseadramonís flunkies. Between his pinchers and his tail, itís hard to know which end of him is worse!

Scorpiomon: Sorry, but the only munchies around here are you. Now say good night, itís bedtime.

Matt: Yeah?

Scorpiomon: Yeah! Scorpion Storm!

TK and Kari: Oh!

Sora: Canít breathe, canít oh...

[Outside Shack]

Mimi: Oh!

Joe: Those sounds never mean anything good.

Gomamon: Letís go.

Mimi: Oh, no. Something tells me this means no chilli dogs.

Mimi and Joe: Huh?

Gomamon: Shh.

Palmon: Huh? Hmm!

All: Shh

Mimi: Oh, wow, whatís happened to them? Are they...could they be...?

All: (Gasp) Shh!

Metalseadramon: (Laughs) Well done, Scorpiomon. These Digidestined arenít so difficult to handle after all. Hereís your reward.

Scorpiomon: Oh, clams. Thank you, thank you, boss. I just love clams. (Munches) I just canít get enough of them.

[He throws the empty shells and one hits Gomamon]

Gomamon: Ow.

Palmon: Shh.

Metalseadramon: What was that?

Scorpiomon: What is it, boss? You want some?

Metalseadramon: Quiet. I thought I heard something.

Scorpiomon: (Slurps) I didnít hear anything.

Metalseadramon: Hmm. Well, now to finish them off. (Laughs) Eight little gnats and their Digimon accomplices. Hmm, hmm? Whatís this? Thereís supposed to be eight of them. Two of them are missing. You chuckle-headed cockleshell!

Scorpiomon: (Burps)

Metalseadramon: Stop eating and find the other two now!

Scorpiomon: Oh, you got it, right away, Iím on it.

All: Aah!

Scorpiomon: Come back here! (Pants) I hate it when they do this. Hey! Slow down. (Laughs) I got you now.

All: Oh!

[The kids fall as do their Digimon.]

Scorpiomon: Oh! Too many clams for lunch. (Pants)

All: (Pants) Oh!

[The kids and their digimon get back up and start running again.]

Scorpiomon: Oh, no. Not again! Come on, come on. Iím not built for this.

Gomamon: This way, this way.

Scorpiomon: Oh, forget it.

[He digs into the sand]

All: (Pants)

Joe: I canít run anymore. Weíll just have to stand and fight.

Gomamon: Right. Huh? We may not have to.

Mimi: What happened?

Joe: I donít know, but heís gone.

Gomamon: (Laughs) What a lucky break.

Mimi: Lucky for us he doesnít workout.

Palmon: Oh, Iím getting my exercise right now. My roots are exhausted.

Gomamon: And I am so hungry I could just about eat seaweed. Hey, wait! Look it.

[Gomamon shows them clams and Laughs]

[Palmon shows seaweed and Laughs]

Scorpiomon: Huh.

Gomamon: Not bad.

Scorpiomon: Ow. Get your mitts off my clams.

Joe: Oh.

Palmon: Palmon digivolve to.

Togemon: Togemon!

Gomamon: Gomamon digivolve to.

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon!

Scorpiomon: Scorpion Storm!

Togemon: Oh yeah? How about some Needle Spray?

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Joe: If the Digimon really are getting stronger, they should be able to handle Scorpiomon, no problem.

Mimi: I hope so, but it doesnít really look like theyíre doing too well.

Ikkakumon: Oh!

Togemon: Oh! Hey! Put me down, you overgrown crawdaddy, before I get really angry! Waah!

Ikkakumon: Oh!

Joe: Oh, boy.

Mimi: Why donít you come out from behind your shell and fight like a clam!

Joe: Ah, Mimi, cool it. I donít think he thought that was very funny.

Scorpiomon: Scorpion Storm!

Joe: Run!

Togemon: Hey, squid breath! Weíre the ones you want.

Scorpiomon: Tail Blade!

Togemon: Ah!

Scorpiomon: Ooh...uh, I just love clams.

Joe: Hurry up, now is your chance.

Mimi: Get moving, digivolve Togemon!

Togemon: Togemon digivolve to.

Lillymon: Lillymon!

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon digivolve to.

Zudomon: Zudomon!

Lillymon: Okay, Zudomon, letís go!

Scorpiomon: Huh? Tail Blade!

Lillymon: Flower Cannon!

Zudomon: Vulcanís Hammer!

Scorpiomon: Whoa! Good night!


Tai: Uh. Kari.

Metalseadramon: Whereís that fool with those other children? Iím tired of waiting.


Joe: Hurry, faster, we gotta move, now. Did you really have to bring along a souvenir?

[We see Zudomon dragging Scorpiomon.]


Metalseadramon: That does it. Iíll worry about the other two children later.

[Metalseadramon breathes fire into the air.]

Mimi: Yikes, and I thought Shellmonís breath was gnarly. Heíll toast them like marshmallows.

Lillymon: This way, hurry.

Joe: Hey, guys, naptimeís over.

Lillymon: Tai, youíve got to get out of here. Oh.

Tai: Oh.

Mimi: Sora, get up.

Joe: Matt, Izzy, move, or youíre going to be toast. I mean literally.

Lillymon: Everybody on your feet, hurry.

Tentomon: Wha-whatís going on?

Metalseadramon: Eyah!

[He breathes fire at the shack burning it with the kids still inside.]

Tai: Whoa, hang on and keep moving.

Kari: Oh.

All: Oh.

Mimi: Hurry up, letís get out of here. Oh.

Metalseadramon: Ah, farewell, Digidestined. It was a rare pleasure knowing you. Medium rare.

Scorpiomon: Wah! Hot, hot, hot!

Metalseadramon: Huh?

Scorpiomon: Yow! Whoís the hot-tempered foul-mouth who, oh, it was you, boss. Okay, no problem. Oh.

Metalseadramon: Huh? No! No! Theyíre gone! All of them gone! Scorpiomon, how did this happen?

Scorpiomon: Ah, well, well, you see, uh, thatís a fair question, you see, it happened like...

Metalseadramon: Silence! You failed me and I will not forgive failure!

[Metalseadramon flies into the air with Scorpiomon and then drops him.]

Scorpiomon: No, I didnít think that you would! Whoa! Oh! Oh!

Sora: Theyíre gone, whew, that was a close one.

Tai: But we came out of it okay, thatís what counts.

Mimi: I hate to tell you this, everythingís not okay.

Tai: Huh?

Joe: Mimiís right.

Tai: What are you guys talking about? Did I miss

Joe: The Digimon still may not be strong enough. Both of ours had to digivolve again before they could beat Scorpiomon, and he was just a flunky. Frankly, itís hard to see how they stand a change against a fully digivolved monster like Metalseadramon.

Tai: You could be right, maybe Piximon meant something else when he said we were missing something. Whatever the secret is, weíve got to find it if we ever hope to save the world.

Tentomon: Yes, and the sooner, the better.

Tai: Itís Metalseadramon again!

Metalseadramon: (Laughs)

Lillymon: All right. Iíll draw him off. Zudomon, you get the others out of here.

[In the Ocean]

Lillymon: Yoo hoo! You big ugly...whoa! Just my luck, heís fast, too!

Joe: Come on, Zudomon, move it, move it!


Metalseadramon: Eyah! Eyah! Yah! Huh?

[In the Ocean on Zudomon]

Mimi: Has he seen us?

Tai: I donít know and I donít wanna find out.

Metalseadramon: Pathetic little fools. You think you can escape me by sea?

Tai: I think itís safe to say heís seen us.

Tentomon: Oh, faster, Zudomon. We need speed.

Tai: Yes, not dog-paddling.

Metalseadramon: Ah-ha! Tonight you sleep with the fishes!

Lillymon: Flower Cannon!

Metalseadramon: And as for you.

[He whacks Lillymon with his tail]

Lillymon: Aah!

Mimi: Lillymon!

Lillymon: Oh, aah!

[She dedigivolves]

Zudomon: Oh.

Mimi: Got you.

Tai: Uh-oh.

Joe: Is he gone?

Mimi: I donít think so.

Sora: I canít stand this waiting.

Matt: I bet heís right below us.

Tai: Shh, knock it off. Whoa, heís ramming us, hang on!

All: Ah! Oh!

Metalseadramon: River of Power!

[Zudomon dedigivolves]

Gomamon: Yow!

Metalseadramon: Never send a rookie to do a Megaís work. (Laughs)

Narrator: Stuck in the middle of the ocean, the Digi-Destined are at Metalseadramonís mercy. What will happen on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters?