Season 1, Episode 42: "Under Pressure"
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Joe: Piximon was unable to fight off all the Dark Masters, but we were grateful to him in his noble defeat. Sometime later, we were on our way to what we thought was a beach picnic, but it turned out to be a trap set up by Scorpiomon. With most of the group unconscious, it was up to us to rescue them. Zudomon and Lillymon allowed us to get the gang out of the hut, just as Metalseadramon was blasting it into rubble. We escaped into the ocean on Zudomon's back, at least, we thought we got away.

In the Ocean (Above Water Level)

Metalseadramon: River of Power!

Zudomon: Oh!
Gomamon: Aah!

Metalseadramon: You're finished, you upstart!
Digi-Destined! In a word, you're sunk! Huh? Who is that?

Tai: It's Whamon!

Whamon: Aah!

Metalseadramon: Yah!

Tai: Come on, everybody. I never thought I'd want to be fish food, but we'll be safe in here.

Izzy: Technically, it's a mammal!

Metalseadramon: Yeeh...Yah! You escaped this time, but you've escaped for the last time. Why did Whamon stick his spout in my business and save the Digidestined? What are you doing here, Divermon?

Divermon: We just came up for a little air.

Metalseadramon: Those Divermon. If it wasn't for their Striking Fish attack, they'd be useless to me. No matter. Wherever those kids try to hide, I'll find them. I rule this ocean with an iron hand, an iron tail, and an iron everything for that matter. I'll catch them even with Whamon on their side. Well, don't just sit there treading water, I told you to go find those kids!

All Divermon: Aye aye, sir!

Metalseadramon: Yaah!

Tai: Thanks for saving us, Whamon.

Whamon: Aw, don't mention it. No, seriously, don't mention it. I don't want it to get around.

Matt: Hey, guys, we still have a problem. How are we going to be able to defeat the Dark Masters?

Sora: I wonder how they took over the Digital World in the first place. Do you remember, Whamon?

Whamon: Of course I remember Whamon. Big fella, snappy dresser. Oh. You mean the Dark Masters. I don't know all the details, but soon after the Digital World began to warp, Metalseadramon began to take over the ocean.

Tai: Darn!

[He slams his fist down forgetting he’s on Whamon]

Whamon: Ow.

Tai: Oh, uh, sorry, Whamon.

Kari: Tai, don't get upset. We'll fix things.

Tai: You're right. We'll do it. We've done it before, haven't we?

All: Yeah!

Whamon: That's the attitude. I'll find a safe place for you, outside of Metalseadramon's reach. Even if I have to swim to the far corners of the ocean. By the way, did I mention I charge by the mile?

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon: (Growls)

Fishes: (Screams)

Divermon: (Laughs)

[In the Ocean (Above Water Level) Matt’s playing his harmonica]

Gatomon: Cats land on their feet, but we still need to eat. It's Gatomon's wish, for some fresh flying fish. 'Cause I'm a kitty, a Digi-kitty. (Meows)

[Gatomon gets some fish.]

All: Oh!

Gatomon: Oh, yeah. (Meows)

Palmon: That's great, Gatomon, but the rest of us have to eat, too. Stand aside and watch how a pro does it. Mmm...Poison Ivy!

All: Wow! Oh!

Palmon: Dinner's served.

[A big fish lands on Palmon.]

Tai: Why'd you stop playing, Matt?

Matt: Aw, that song is just too depressing. It always gives me the blues.

Tai: (Sighs)

Matt: Besides, I can't stop thinking about the Dark Masters. They're different than any Digimon we've ever faced before.

Izzy: Well, I've analyzed the situation and I believe we can defeat them with Wargreymon.

Tai and Matt: Huh?

Izzy: He's a Dramon destroyer.

Matt: Dramon destroyer?

Tai: Try speaking English.

Izzy: Well, you see, the weapons on Wargreymon's arms are the key. They're especially effective against Dramon-type Digimon, hence the phrase "Dramon destroyer". With these devices, we might be able to defeat the Dark Masters.

Tai: Izzy, you're a genius. Dramon destroyer, huh? Agumon, you're gonna eat those Dramon alive!

All: Oh! Eww!

Tai, Matt, and Izzy: Huh?

Tai: That's not what I had in mind!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Gomamon: Hey, fishes, learn anything new in school?
Fish: We learned Divermon are in the area.

Gomamon: Huh?

[In the Ocean (Above Water Level)]

Joe: Wha!

Gomamon: Hey, guys, we got trouble!

All: Huh? Oh...

Joe: I caught a whopper, look.

[He holds up Gomamon.]

Gomamon: Oh...Divermon are headed this way!

Joe: Aah!

Mimi: Not Divermon, anything but Divermon! By the way, what are Divermon?

Whamon: Oh, those are Metalseadramon's henchmen. It seems the fish have seen them about two hundred miles behind us.

All: Huh?

Tk: What are we gonna do?

Whamon: Well, we can't stay here, they'll find us too easily. I'm going to dive. Quick, everybody get inside me, and don't mind the smell, I had fish for lunch.

All: Eww...

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon 1: Red leader to Blue leader. Areas thirteen though eighteen are clear.

Divermon 2: Gold leader to Blue leader. Areas twenty-three and twenty-four are clear, too.

Divermon 3: Listen, Phil, Sid. How many times do I have to tell you guys, there are just three of us, you can call me Jim.

Metalseadramon: Will you guys knock it off?

Divermon 3: Sorry.

Metalseadramon: Do you smell something? There's the scent of Digidestined in the current. Either that or there's a bad patch of seaweed around here.

Divermon 3: Peuw, yup.

Metalseadramon: This is my moment to shine! Does my hair look all right?

Divermon 3: Yeah.

Metalseadramon: You Digidestined fools! You can swim, but you can't hide! (Laughs)

[Inside Whamon]

Gatomon: What's that noise? I was taking a catnap and it woke me up.

Izzy: I'll explain later.

Tai: Oh, come on. You think I'm too brainless to understand?

Izzy: Yes, but I'll tell you anyway. Check it out.

Sora: What is it?

Tk: What?

Mimi: What did you do, Izzy?

Sora: What a cool screen saver.

Izzy: It's not a screen saver.

Mimi: What is it then?

Izzy: I connected to Whamon's hard drive and re-routed all his sensory information through my computer.

Patamon: Re-routed?

Izzy: In other words, what you're seeing on the screen is exactly what Whamon is looking at right now.

Matt: Cool. Like a submarine.

Mimi: Oh, boy. I've always wanted to go on a submarine.

Palmon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Mimi: (Laughs)

Palmon: (Yells)

Kari: Ah...mmm...

Gatomon: Yeah, I hate square dances.

Tai: What's wrong, Kari?

Kari: It's my ears. They're starting to hurt.

Tai: Mimi, stop. Be quiet.

Mimi and Palmon: (Laughs)

Palmon: Whoa!

Mimi: Oh. Hey, you know, my ears hurt a little, too.

Joe: Yeah, me too.

Tk: Oww.

Matt: My ears.

Whamon: (Laughs) Sorry. I dove a little too fast. I'll fix the pressure now. Hold on. (Burps)

Tk: Aw, that's better.

Izzy: Well, I guess that's one way to equalize the gas pressure.

Kari: By the way, you're excused.

Biyomon: What's that sound?

Mimi: Huh?

Palmon: It's getting louder.

Izzy: Everyone be quiet.

Tentomon: Sounds like Divermon.

All: Oh...

Joe: Oh...

Gomamon: Huh? Oh...Sounds like they passed us.

Whamon: We're not out of danger yet. You'll have to be quiet a little longer.

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level) The Divermon see bubbles]

Divermon 1: Huh? Over there. Hey! It's Whamon.

[Inside Whamon]

All: Ah!

Tai: Oh no! They found us!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon 1: Red leader, this is, uh, I mean, uh, this is Phil. I found Whamon. He's in area fifty-one on the ocean floor.

Divermon 2: Great, keep an eye on him. I'll tell the boss and he can tell Metalseadramon.

Divermon 3: Good news, we found Whamon.

Metalseadramon: Yai!

Divermon 3: What do we do now, O Master of the Ocean?

Metalseadramon: Attack!

Divermon: Striking Fish!

[Inside Whamon]

Izzy: Watch out!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Whamon: The Divermon are attacking. Hang on everyone, I've got an idea.

[Inside Whamon]

All: Aah!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon 1: Where did all those bubbles come from? Gee, I couldn't see where I was aiming! Huh? Uh-oh.

[Inside Whamon]

Patamon: You're squeezing me too hard.

Tk: Matt, you're squeezing me too hard.

Matt: Sorry. I guess we're all a little scared.

Tai: Ah! I hate this! We're stuck in here and can't fight!

Izzy: According to the audio sensors, there are three more behind us.

Sora: What is it, Whamon?

Whamon: It's the enemy!

All: Oh!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon: Don't let them get away!

[Inside Whamon]

Tentomon: Oh! They're gaining on us!

Tai: That's it! I'm tired of running! Come on, Whamon, let's go to the surface and fight!

Matt: Right!

Tai: Well?

Whamon: Let me try one more thing. Hopefully, it will work.

Palmon: What do you mean hopefully it will work?

Mimi: That's what the captain of the Titanic said!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon: Striking Fish!

[Inside Whamon]

Mimi: And what if it doesn't work? What's plan B?

Tai: I still think we should turn and fight. I hope you know what you're doing, Whamon.

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon 1: What's he trying to do?

Divermon 2: Whamon must be crazy trying to escape into such a narrow space.

Divermon 3: Stay with him, no matter what.

Whamon: Yah!

Divermon 1: You, in the big whale, pull over.

Divermon 2: It's no use. We've got you trapped.

[Inside Whamon]

Joe: Oh no! They'll catch us!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Divermon: Eyah!

[He stabs his staff into Whamon]

[Inside Whamon]

Mimi and Palmon: No!

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

All (Divermon): (Laughs)

Divermon 1: Wha!

[A Divermon floats back up.]

Divermon 2: Hmm?

Divermon 1: Huh-uh-uh!

Divermon 2: Huh?

Divermon 3: Tough Break

Divermon 4: That's gotta hurt.

[Inside Whamon]

Izzy: Prodigious. They can't take the water pressure. That was Whamon's plan all along.

Tai: Yeah!

Mimi and Palmon: (Laughs)

Gomamon: Whamon is built to handle pressure, unlike some of us.

Joe: Well, forgive me for not being a whale.

All: (Laughs)

Tai: Boy, that was close.

Gatomon: I didn't know you had this kind of hidden attack.

Kari: This is great, but what are we going to do now?

Mimi and Palmon: Huh?

Sora: Yeah, we can't stay at the bottom of the ocean forever.

Izzy: I've got it! Kari, come over here for a moment.

Izzy (same time as Kari): (Whispers)

Kari (Same time as Izzy): Huh? Ah! Right.

Kari: Ta-da. Ready?

Izzy: You can do it.

Kari: (Breathes Deeply)

[She blows on her whistle]

All: Huh? Oh...

Izzy: Yeah! We did it, Kari.

Kari: (Pants)

Izzy: Thanks for the help.

Kari: Sure.

Izzy: The whistle was sort of like sonar. We used the reverberations of the sound to find a tunnel, and there's one up ahead that should lead us to land.

Agumon: Nice touch.

Matt: Cool

Mimi: Wow.

Tai: Isn't that great, Whamon?

Whamon: What?

Tai: I said, "isn't that great?"

Whamon: I can't hear you. Some one was whistling in my ear. But there's a tunnel up ahead. It should lead us to land.

[In the Ocean (Under Water Level)]

Metalseadramon: Those fools think I don't know where they're headed. They're easier to figure out than a two-piece jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy playing submarine while you can. Eyah!

[Inside Whamon]

Sora, Mimi, and Kari: Wow! Pretty!

Izzy: Ah-ha!

Matt: A tunnel.

Mimi: Yay!

Palmon: Yay! We're saved.

Mimi: I've got to get changed.

Palmon: Huh?

Mimi: Hug!

Palmon: Oh!

All: Whoa!

Metalseadramon: Yah!

Tai: Not again!

Gatomon: How can those fish heads be back?

Whamon: They're not. Be careful, everyone. It's Metalseadramon!

All: Oh!

Whamon: Oh!

Metalseadramon: Yah!

All: Oh!

[In the Ocean (Above Water Level)]

Tai: Is everybody okay?

Izzy: Where, where are we?

Tai: The sun's so bright.

Mimi: Smell that. Fresh Air.

Matt: I feel I've been underwater so long I might never take a bath again.

All: (Laughs)

Metalseadramon: You mind telling me what's so funny?

All: Oh!

Matt: It's Metalseadramon!

Sora: How can it be?

Metalseadramon: It was only a matter of time before you came up for air. Now you're going down with the ship!

Whamon: Everyone, hold on! Tidal Wave!

[Whamon spins in a circle causing a swirling effect.]

Divermon: Yah!

Agumon: Should I?

Tai: Sure. Go for it. While Agumon gets their attention, let's cross over to the shore and prepare ourselves for battle.

Matt: Aye aye.

Joe: uh, Gomamon and I will stay here and bring up the rear.

Sora: Joe, don't be such a coward.

Tai: Agumon!

Agumon: Here I go! Agumon warp digivolve to.

Wargreymon: Wargreymon!

Metalseadramon: What was that, a love tap? I'm made of chromedigizoid too, you know. You can't hurt me that easily.

Tai: Whamon, thanks for everything, but you can leave the rest to us.

Whamon: What? No tip?

Matt: Hurry and get out of here. You're an easy target. You're just too big.

Whamon: Are you calling me fat? I'm just big-boned.

Divermon: Striking Fish!

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Joe: Ow-oo-ow-oo-ow! Ikkakumon, quick, digi-volve!

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon digivolve to.

Zudomon: Zudomon!

Divermon: Aah!

Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!

Metalseadramon: River of Power!

Wargreymon: Terra Force!

Metalseadramon: Got you!

Wargreymon: No!

[Metalseadramon drags Wargreymon underwater.]

Tai: Wargreymon!

Izzy: Big trouble. Wargreymon's in a huge disadvantage in the water.

Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!

Joe: Oh boy, is everybody okay?

Kari: Wargreymon!

Tai: I can't watch!

Metalseadramon: I'm tired of playing around with you, Wargreymon, say goodbye!

Wargreymon: Ah...

Narrator: Is this really the end for Wargreymon? Will the Digi-Destined ever defeat the Dark Masters? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters.