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Season 1, Episode 44: "Trash Day"

Season 1, Episode 44: "Trash Day"
Original Air Date:
English Version Written By:
Transcribed By: Vande <>

Matt: MetalSeadramon had followed us from the
underwater channels and was now in a fierce battle
with our digis. In the midst of all of it, he released
his River of Power and hit Whamon with a
devastating blast. WarGreymon had no other choice but
to use his Terra Force to finally put an end
to MetalSeadramon. Sadly, our friend Whamon was
reconfigured as well. As the ocean started
to disappear, we took it as a sign that things might
get back to normal. The odds of that happening
anytime soon? Not good.

[Digimon title theme]

[The group, minus Matt and Gabumon, are standing in the
middle of a forest, calling out for their missing

Tai: Matt.... Hey, Matt!

T.K.: Matt!

Sora: Matt, where are you?

Kari: I'm worried. What do you think could have
happened to him, Tai?

Tai: Matt's a big boy, he can take care of himself.

Agumon: Well, wait a minute. What if he was kidnapped
by Puppetmon?

Izzy: Yeah, he might have been. Or something worse.

[Joe looks up sadly.]

Joe: No. It wasn't anything like that.

All: Huh?

Izzy: What?

Tai: How do you know?

[Joe remembers seeing Matt and Gabumon leave the group.]

Matt: Come on, let's go.

Tai: What, he just walked away? And you didn't even
try to stop him?

Joe: Well, no. Was I supposed to? I mean, I thought he
was just gonna go use the bushes... or

Tai: Huh. This is weird. I mean, it's one thing if he
was kidnapped, but why would he just disappear on
us like this?

Agumon: I'll say. He's been gone way too long for just
a potty break.

Sora: Wait a minute. Is it just me, or has Matt been
kind of strange lately?

Izzy: He has been acting a little high-strung.

[Flashback to Matt holding his crest, looking freaked

Biyomon: Remember when Gabumon had that digivolving

Palmon: Yeah! I bet there's a connection!

[Kari gasps and turns around quickly, looking up into
the treetops.]

Gatomon: Kari, what is it?

Kari: I thought I heard a voice out there.

Tai: A voice? Was it Matt? I don't hear anything. Come
on, Kari, don't you start losing it, too!

Izzy: He couldn't be very far away, you know. Maybe we
should look for him.

Tai: Yeah, I suppose. Okay, guys, let's go!

[The group follows Tai, and Kari takes another look
high into the trees.]

Kari: Gatomon, it wasn't Matt's voice I heard.

Gatomon: Who's was it?

[Matt is walking along the edge of a lake, Gabumon
running to catch up to him.]

Gabumon: Matt, come on! I'm all for exercise, but I'm
really not built for long distances. Matt, where
are we going?

Matt: Just away. I need some space.

[Puppetmon watches from the other side of the lake,
sitting on a tree limb.]

Puppetmon: Aw, the poor little kid needs a little
space. Someplace far away from his nice little friends
and closer to me.

Cherrymon: I agree completely.

Puppetmon: I'm not waiting. I'll put him out of his
misery! Those digidestined kids really bug me!

Cherrymon: Wait a minute, Puppetmon. I have a better
idea. You can take care of those other
digidestined children if you want to, but as for this
one, leave him to me! I'll have him climbing up a tree
before I'm through with him!

[The enormous tree digimon laughs delightedly.]

[Matt and Gabumon are resting on the shore beside the

Matt: You ever felt like a fifth wheel, Gabumon?
That's what I feel like. All this time, I thought I
had like, a purpose, you know? To look out for my little

[Matt remembers T.K. and some of their times in
digi-world and back on Earth.]

Matt: I thought T.K. wouldn't be able to survive
without me watching over him. But suddenly, it's like
he's growing up. He doesn't need me anymore. And it's
not just him. It's everybody, man. I mean, when
I think of Tai and Mimi and Sora and the others, this
place has changed them for the better. They're
stronger now. It's almost like they've digivolved or

Gabumon: Mmm hmmm.

Matt: But, you see, the problem is, I haven't. I'm
still stuck in the same place. I haven't changed a

Gabumon: You may not see it, Matt, but you've changed
a lot.

Matt: Oh, please, Gabumon. Give me a break. I'm the
same jerk I always was.

Gabumon: Hey, come on.

Matt: It'll never happen. Not this way. I finally got
it figured out. If I'm ever gonna change, I have to do
it on my own. On my own. The others can't help me.

Cherrymon: Well, well, well. Look what we've got here.
Greetings, nature lovers. What, you mean
you've never seen a talking tree?

Matt: Not many.

Gabumon: Be careful, that's Cherrymon, Lord of the
forest. And the best reason for the existence of
termites. Gabumon runs between Matt and the giant

Gabumon: Stop right there, or I'll turn you into

Cherrymon: You really shouldn't be that rude. Calm
down, my fighting days are over. I only want to
talk with you. In fact, you might even say I've turned
over a new leaf.

[Cherrymon laughs, but apparently he's the only one who
finds the joke funny. Meanwhile, Izzy is
searching for any sign of Matt with his digivice.]

Izzy: It's no use. I'm getting nothing. For some
reason, the digivices aren't working in this forest.

Gatomon: You know, I'm not so sure we should be trying
to find him. Everyone needs to be alone
sometimes. I should know.

Tai: I'm not gonna let him break up this team. We're
gonna find him whether he wants us to or not!

Joe: We're always walking around, searching for
someone. I've never done so much walking in my life.

Mimi: Yeah, it's disgusting. My calves are starting to
look like a bodybuilder's.

Palmon: Like a what?

Sora: Oh, Mimi.

Puppetmon: Yoo hoo!

[The group looks up, and sees Puppetmon sitting atop a
nearby tree.]

Tai: Puppetmon!

Puppetmon: Hi, everybody. Hey, T.K., did you miss me?

T.K.: No! Not at all. And I'm not gonna play with you
anymore, either!

Puppetmon: No? Well, fine. You're not a lot of fun,
anyway. Front and center, everybody!

[At Puppetmon's call, a trio of digimon in garbage cans
pop out from behind a tree.]

A Garbagemon: Yes, sir!

A Garbagemon: Yes, sir!

A Garbagemon: Yes, sir!

Palmon: Uh oh, Garbagemon! There as tough as they are
mean! And they don't smell very good, either.

Garbagemon: Junk chuckers, ready, aim, fire!

[Piles of sludge blast from their cannons, and the
group runs from them, all except Mimi.

Palmon: Mimi!

[Mimi catches a pile of sludge in her hand and looks at
their attackers angrily.]

Mimi: I won't budge! Let's let them do the running for
a change!

[Mimi hurls the sludge back at the Garbagemon. It lands
just in front of them, and the trio and
Puppetmon look surprised. Sora runs back to Mimi.]

Sora: Mimi, come on!

Mimi: Yeah, good idea. I must be nuts, I touched that

[Mimi and Sora run off. Matt and Gabumon are standing
with Cherrymon by the lake.]

Matt: No offense, but even if I felt like talking, it
wouldn't be to a tree. See ya around.

[Matt and Gabumon turn away and begin to walk, but
Cherrymon extends a branch to block their way.]

Matt: Hey, what's the idea?

Cherrymon: Young man, didn't anyone ever tell you you
should listen to your elders? Or was it
redwoods you should listen to? I can never quite get
those two straight. But anyway, I digress. So,
you're still stuck in the same place. Still the same
old jerk you always were.

[Matt gasps.]

Cherrymon: Surprised, huh? Ah, I know all about it.
Must be tough being in such a rut.

Matt: You've been spying on me, huh?

Cherrymon: Ha ha ha ha. Listen to me kid. I don't need
to spy because there's nothing that happens in
this forest that I don't know about.

Matt: Huh. Alright then, if you're so smart. What am I
supposed to do? Tell me that.

Cherrymon: Ahh, simple as that, eh? Kids, you want all
the answers just handed to you on a
mahogany platter. But you never wanna do the hard work
of looking deep within yourself where all the
answers truly lie.

Gabumon: Let's go. Don't you listen to that talking
firewood, Matt. Come on!

Cherrymon: That's right, go on. But you'll never learn
how to change. You'll always be what you are,
right now.

Matt: I wanna change.

Cherrymon: Yes, of course, but are you really ready?
After all, change isn't always a pleasant thing.
You might find out a few things that you wish you

Matt: I'm ready. More than ready. Enough talking big
guy! If you've got some answers, let's see 'em!

Cherrymon: Heh heh. He fell for it like an overripe
fig. Alright, kid, I'll help you out. First off,
you're gonna have to defeat your rival.

Matt: My rival?

Cherrymon: There, in that lake, you will see the face
of the one who is preventing you from becoming
as strong as you could be.

[Matt walks to the edge of the water that Cherrymon had
pointed to.]

Gabumon: Where are you going?

Matt: I know it sounds pretty bogus, but might as well

Gabumon: Listen, Matt. You don't really believe him,
do you?

[Gabumon runs up to Matt at the edge of the lake. He
gasps when the image of Tai appears on the

Matt: Tai? Come on! What kind of trick is this?

[The others are running at top speed through the
forest, the Garbagemon hot on their trail.]

Garbagemon: Don't you know that wherever you go, there
will always be garbage? Okay, ready guys? Make a mess!

[The three Garbagemon form a circle facing outward, and
fire their sludge cannons in a steady stream.]

[Birdramon and Kabuterimon fly out from behind the
cover of the trees. Greymon, Ikkakumon and
Togemon emerge from the forest as well.]

Birdramon: Meteor Wing!

Kabuterimon: Electro Shocker!

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo!

Togemon: Gang way for Needle Spray!

Greymon: Nova Blast!

[An enormous cloud reaches into the sky from the place
where the Garbagemon had been standing.
The kids run out from the trees.]

Tai: Way to go!

Joe: That trash is thrashed!

[Puppetmon laughs from his tree perch. Tai looks up
with a gasp.]

Puppetmon: Wait, you've totally ruined my garbage fun,
I'm beaten, I'm going home. Sike! Look
behind you.

[Another Garbagemon is rushing toward them.]

Mimi: It's trash! Look out!

[The Garbagemon takes aim.]

Garbagemon: Here's mud in your eye!

Mimi: Oh, no! Help!

Garbagemon: Junk Chucker!

Mimi: Nightmare!

Togemon: Togemon digivolve to... Lillymon!

[Lillymon knocks Mimi to the ground to avoid the
sludge, and flies toward the Garbagemon. Another
Garbagemon appears.]

Garbagemon: Twice as nice!

Garbagemon: Trash that petunia!

[They fire sludge at Lillymon, who avoids it and flies
over them, stepping on the face of he lead
Garbagemon on the way.]

Garbagemon: That chick is heavier than she looks!

Lillymon: Flower Cannon!

[The blast destroys one of the Garbagemon.]

Tai: Alright! Finish them off!

Greymon: Greymon digivolve to... MetalGreymon!

MetalGreymon: Giga Blaster!

[A Garbagemon fires a pile of sludge at the missile,
but it bounces off it harmlessly. The blast from
the missile hitting its target lifts Puppetmon off
his seat. He holds on to a tree stump to avoid being
carried away. A sludge pile hits him in the face.]

[At the river, Matt and Gabumon are still looking into
the water with the image of Tai.]

Cherrymon: Behold, the face of your rival.

Matt: So you're saying, I have to fight Tai, is that

[Matt turns to the talking tree and laughs.]

Matt: Nice try, foliage face, you had me going there.
But you'll have to do better than that.

[Cherrymon laughs as well.]

Cherrymon: I had nothing to do with it. The Lake of
Truth reflects only what is in a person's heart,
hence the name.

Matt: You've gotta be kidding.

Cherrymon: Sorry kid, it's never wrong.

Matt: That right? Well, I've got news for you. It's
off this time, way off.

Cherrymon: Well, you can argue with me all you want,
but you're really only arguing with yourself.

Matt: Huh.

Cherrymon: It's about time you faced the truth. The
one you call Tai is your leader. Everything he
says, you do. Everywhere he goes, you follow. And yet,
in your heart you resent it because you know
you're just as qualified to be the boss as he is.

[Matt remembers times he argued and fought with Tai.]

Tai: Stop it!

Matt: Who do you think you are, huh? Who died and left
you in charge of the world?

Tai: Huh? What do you mean?

Matt: I've just about had it!

Cherrymon: Do not be ashamed of your resentment. Do
not hide it, embrace it. For in your anger lies
your strength. Only when you recognize that will you
at last be free to grow, to change. So face your
rival! And prove you are his equal, or better, by
defeating him!

Gabumon: Don't listen! He's just trying to cause
trouble! He's playing games with your mind. It's all
part of some kind of trap. Tai is your friend, Matt!

Matt: Huh? He's my friend, yeah! He may not always act
like it, but.... He's right! Tai is my friend.
You don't fight your friends!

Cherrymon: Friend? Ha! Now that's a good one. You
don't even believe that such a thing really exists!

Matt: Huh?

Cherrymon: Not in your heart of hearts, anyway. Ha ha
ha! Hit the nail on the head, didn't I?

Gabumon: What's he mean?

[Matt is silent.]

Cherrymon: Friendship, loyalty, comrades. Fine
sounding words. But that's all they are. Words,
delusions. And you're wise enough to see that now. You
know that ultimately, the only person you can
depend on is yourself. Isn't that right, Matt?

Gabumon: He's wrong! Isn't he?

Matt: I don't know. I don't know....

Gabumon: You don't?

Cherrymon: Alright, then! That's enough moping around
for now. Look, kid, stop staring at your
shoes. The choice in front of you is simple! If you
truly want to change, to reach your full potential,
you must defeat Tai. It's either that or be content to
live your life following in the shadows of him

[A strong wind comes, ominously blowing leaves from
Cherrymon's branches to Matt, below.]

Matt: What a choice. What do I do? Oh, what do I do?

[Matt drops to his knees beside a concerned Gabumon. He
holds his crest in his hand, struggling not
to cry.]

Matt: Oh, that's a laugh. Wouldn't you know that my
crest had to be the crest of friendship.

Gabumon: Matt, there's one thing he's right about.
Whatever you're going to do, do it!

[Matt looks up at his digimon.]

Matt: But do what?

Gabumon: You've got to hear what your own conscious is
telling you, and not listen to anybody else.
Not Tai, or Cherrymon or me. You've got to have faith
in yourself, Matt.

Matt: What if I make the wrong decision?

Gabumon: I know that whatever it is, it'll be the
right one. Because I have faith in you! And whichever
path you take, I'll be there with you.

Matt: You mean that?

[Gabumon nods and smiles.]

Gabumon: You do have a friend. Never forget that! I'll
always be there, Matt, no matter what.

Matt: Gabumon....

[Tears form in Matt's eyes, and his crest glows
brightly. A powerful white light shines down on

Gabumon: Gabumon warp digivolve to... MetalGarurumon!

MetalGarurumon: Ready! Lead the way!

Matt: Right.

[MetalGarurumon gallops away through the forest, Matt
on his back. Back at the lake, Cherrymon
laughs heartily.]

Cherrymon: Yeah, I think that went rather well. Still,
I'm surprised by the strength of the bond between
them. It took every trick I had to undermine it. If
Puppetmon isn't careful, this game could still be

[Matt, on MetalGarurumon's back, has a resolved look on
his face.]

MetalGarurumon: I meant what I said, Matt. Cherrymon
was wrong! Friendship, loyalty, they're more
than just words, they're real. And they matter! I'm
going to prove it to you!

[MetalGarurumon leaps across a wide canyon. Meanwhile,
Puppetmon washes his face in a stream.]

Puppetmon: Yuck! Splattering me with their gunk, those
bucket brains'll pay for this!

[Cherrymon comes up behind him.]

Cherrymon: There you are. The plan went perfectly,
just as I thought.

Puppetmon: Plan? What plan?

Cherrymon: You should have seen it! I played that
trusting sap like a violin! He's gonna do our dirty
work for us, Puppetmon.

Puppetmon: Well, sounds like a plan.

Cherrymon: Any second now we'll hear the sounds of
WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon locked in
mortal combat.

Puppetmon: You're serious?

Cherrymon: Oh, yeah. With any luck, they'll destroy
each other. With the two strongest digimon out
of the way, the rest will fall like rotten fruit.

Puppetmon: Mortal combat? This I gotta see! Let's go!
What are we waiting for?

Cherrymon: Wait a minute, we gotta be careful. The
digidestined are strong. Stronger than I
suspected, and to underestimate them could be

Puppetmon: What? Are you saying, I might lose?

Cherrymon: I'm only saying that I think you should
take them seriously. There's something about them.

Puppetmon: Something? Hmmm. You mean like, something I
might be missing?

[Puppetmon turns to give Cherrymon an evil glare.]

Cherrymon: Well, not... totally.

Puppetmon: I have everything I need to take care of
you! Puppet Pummel!

Cherrymon: Oh, the horror!

[Cherrymon is destroyed by the smaller digimon's

Puppetmon: Huh, man, that kind of negative attitude
really brings me down.

[Back in the forest clearing, MetalGreymon is facing
the remaining Garbagemon.]

Garbagemon: Okay, okay! I know when I'm beaten, you
win! I surrender! Just kidding.

[The Garbagemon hops out of his garbage can and holds
it up. It begins pulling dirt and vegetation into
it like a vacuum cleaner.]

Garbagemon: Trash day, everybody in the can. If you're
lucky, you'll get recycled.

[The kids hold on desperately to trees, and Tai, Kari
and Gatomon hold on to MetalGreymon.]

Tai: This nasty little creep's really starting to get
on my nerves!

[Kari loses her grip and is sucked toward the
Garbagemon. Gatomon follows.]

Kari: Tai, help me!

Gatomon: Kari!

Tai: Kari, no!

[Kari and Gatomon cling to each other. Kari screams as
they are pulled helplessly toward the evil

MetalGarurumon: Ice Wolf Claw!

[The Garbagemon is destroyed as Matt and his digimon
come up behind him.]

Gatomon: It's MetalGarurumon!

Tai: Matt!

Joe: Matt!

Sora: Matt, you're back!

Tai: Better late than never! Where ya been, buddy?

[Tai runs up to Matt, as MetalGreymon de-digivolves
back into Agumon, then runs happily toward his
digimon friend.]

Agumon: Thanks for saving our necks, but did you have
to cut it that close?

[MetalGarurumon's eyes glow ice blue, and he shoots a
beam of energy at Agumon's feet. Agumon
yells and jumps back. Tai gasps and turns back to

Tai: What's he doing?!

Agumon: Hey, what is this?

MetalGarurumon: What do you think? It's a challenge.
You might want to digivolve, and fast!

Agumon: What have you been eating out there in the
forest? You want to fight me?

[In reply, MetalGarurumon shoots a pair of missiles at
Agumon, barely missing him.]

Sora: This is insane! Matt, what's going on? Is this
some kind of joke?

Tai: Matt, I don't know what he's doing, but call him
off, now!

Matt: No, Tai. I won't.

Tai: What did you say? You won't?

MetalGarurumon: I'm warning you! Hurry up and
digivolve into WarGreymon, because I won't miss
next time!

Agumon: I think he really means it.

MetalGarurumon: Well? Time's running out, Agumon.

T.K.: Tai, stop him!

Tai: Wish I could, but there's only one person who can
stop him!

[As the others watch in desperation, Matt looks on,
unmoved, a dark look on his face.]

Narrator: Will Matt succeed in destroying the
digidestined from within? Find out next time on
Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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