Season 1, Episode 45: "Ultimate Clash"
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Transcribed By: Vande <>

Gabumon: After our last encounter with the dark masters, Matt decided to leave the group. According to him, all of the other kids, including T.K., were becoming stronger people, while he remained the same person he had always been. Matt's problems were
made worse by Cherrymon, who convinced him that he would never become strong until he defeated Tai! Even though I knew this was wrong, I assured Matt that whatever his decision was, I would be on his side.... regardless of the consequences.

[Digimon title theme]

[In the clearing, Matt and Metalgarurumon are facing the rest of the group.]

Tai: Calm down, Matt. Don't get so bent out of shape. The last thing we need right now is a hothead with attitude. We've got more important things to think about.

T.K.: Everyone's upset.

Joe: Look, all I know is that this stupid bickering is giving me a gigantic headache!

Matt: Chill out.

Joe: Matt, have you forgotten that we have been chosen to be the digidestined?

Matt: Hmph. And would you mind telling me who exactly chose us for this dumb job anyway?

Joe: I - uhh....

Matt: Come on, I want some answers and you can't seem to give 'em to me.

Joe: You have a point there. But ahh...

Tai: Don't waste your time, Joe. Matt's just being a big spoiled brat!

Matt: You're the brat! Why don't you go mind your own business?

Tai: The problem with you is pretty easy to figure out. You're upset because you wanna be the boss.

[Matt smirks.]

Matt: Yeah, like I wanna be boss of this sorry group. If any of you brainiacs wanna take charge, be my guest. I say we should just take care of ourselves.

Sora: Stop fighting, you two! We've got to stick together.

Tai: Don't look at me, Matt's the one who started it. He's got a bug up his nose. Huh. I don't have to listen to this.

[Tai walks off, followed by Agumon.]

Agumon: Bug up the nose? That's a bad thing?

Metalgarurumon: One moment.

[In one leap, Metalgarurumon lands crouched, blocking the path of Tai and Agumon.]

Tai: Ah! Don't push me too far!

Matt: Oh, I'm scared.

Tai: You had better be scared. I'm getting really mad!

Metalgarurumon: Excuse me, but what are you going to do about it?

[Metalgarurumon practically growls the words in Tai's face, as Puppetmon looks on from a treetop.]

Puppetmon: So, those little twerps are about to self-destruct. I'll just sit back and enjoy the show!

Metalgarurumon: Stay right there!

Tai: Get real, dude!

[Agumon moves to stand in front of Tai.]

Agumon: Watch it! Stand back!

[Metalgarurumon leaps into the air, and Agumon warp digivolves to Wargreymon. Wargreymon blocks Metalgarurumon's leap with a swing of his metal arm.]

Wargreymon: There is no need for us to fight!

Metalgarurumon: I must.

[A hint of resignation colours his voice, and he leaps, snarling, at Wargreymon again, knocking the other digimon back into a tree. Wargreymon takes off, flying above the leafy canopy, and Metalgarurumon follows. The children below cover their heads as leaves fall down on them from the digimons' passing. Alone in the sky, the two megas face each other for a moment. Then Wargreymon swipes, and metal clashes against metal. Metalgarurumon returns with a powerful bite into the soft flesh of Wargreymon's arm, and the other digimon rears back in pain. Matt watches silently as the battle rages, one crashing into the other, only to turn around and be rammed by the other's attack.]

[Tai walks up to Matt, who smirks and raises his fists tauntingly.]

Matt: What's the matter? You chicken?

Tai: That's it!

[Tai punches Matt.]

T.K.: Matt, I'm gonna tell Mom that you were fighting.

Matt: Sorry, T.K., but I have to do this.

[Matt returns Tai's punch. Meanwhile, over their heads, the trees below race by as the digimon fly toward each other at top speed. They pass each other and turn. Metalgarurumon slams into Wargreymon and the two fall into the trees. Below, the other kids watch Tai and Matt fight.]

Joe: Both of you stop it, right now!

Izzy: It's ridiculous.

Sora: You two are just making things worse!

Tai: He's gotta be taught a lesson, and fast! Here, take this!

[Tai punches Matt, who falls to the grass. He gets up on his knees, and Tai grabs his shirt.]

Tai: I'm only doing this to honour the memory of all the brave digimon that have helped us. They trusted us and believed in our commitment. We can't let them down.

[Matt visibly struggles with Tai's words.]

Matt: What if we made a mistake?

[Matt swings again at Tai. Above, Metalgarurumon fires a volley of rockets at Wargreymon, who dodges them. Palmon and Biyomon look up at the explosions, horrified.]

Palmon: This is awful!

Biyomon: We have to stop them!

[Metalgarurumon fires another trio of missiles. Wargreymon flies out of the path of two of them, but is hit straight on by the third.]

Tentomon: Unfortunately, they're mega digimon, and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

Gatomon: Best thing is for them to duke it out.

Gomamon: I just hate fighting, and we can't let our friends destroy themselves.

Gatomon: It's a dog-eat-dog world, isn't it?

Gomamon: They're not dogs.

Gatomon: The deal is this: We just sit and watch them take care of business.

[Gatomon walks away and Gomamon takes an angry step toward her.]

Gomamon: Oh yeah? I don't have to like it!

Tentomon: Gomamon, get a grip! The last thing we need is any more fighting around here!

[Puppetmon watches the scene, laughing.]

Puppetmon: I'm a genius! They're all gonna hate each other!

[The battle has increased in intensity, as Metalgarurumon rushes at Wargreymon, missiles firing. Wargreymon spins until he's just a blur in the sky.]

Wargreymon: Terra Force!

[It's a direct hit, and Metalgarurumon is thrown to the side. Puppetmon dances joyfully.]

Puppetmon: Weee! Go get him! Oh boy, I love a good fight!

[Matt throws Tai to the ground, but Tai flips them both over so that he is straddling Matt, fist raised.]

Mimi: Uh! I've had it!

Sora: Mimi!

[Mimi runs to the edge of the clearing and crouches, facing the bushes.]

Mimi: I'm gonna sit here and stare at the flowers until everybody starts getting along!

[Sora runs up to her..]

Sora: Oh, like that's gonna help.

Metalgarurumon: Metal Wolf Claw!

Wargreymon: Terra Force!

[The blast of blue energy and the ball of fire meet, producing a blinding white light in the sky. Kari is standing alone in a section of the clearing near the forest edge.]

Kari: I'm not afraid. Well, maybe a little.

[She sees twinking little lights in a tree, and speaks to them.]

Kari: My name's Kari. Please tell me who you are. Do you want to be friends with us?

[Gatomon and Izzy watch from a short distance.]

Gatomon: What in the digi-world is she doing?

Izzy: She appears to be conversing with herself.

Gatomon: She's losing it.

Kari: You seem to be nice enough.

[The light gets brighter, and engulfs Kari, until it seems to come from within her. Gatomon and Izzy run to her.]

Gatomon: Kari!

[Kari holds up her crest, which shines with a light so bright it is almost painful. Kari, Izzy and Gatomon are lifted into the air.]

Tentomon: Izzy!

[The light reaches out to the other kids and the digimon.]

Tai: What's happening?

[Soon, everyone on the ground is engulfed in the light. As the brightness fills the area, Puppetmon is sent tumbling away.]

Puppetmon: Hey, wait a minute, whoaa!

[Both Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon dedigivolve to their in-training forms and are pulled into the light as well. The group finds themselves in a place with a white floor, white walls, white fog]

Tai: Where are we?

Matt: No idea.

Kari: In this world, there is a balance of darkness and light. The light represents all that's good in the world, and the darkness is the evil. When the darkness becomes larger than the light, it upsets the balance.

[The kids' shadows grow and climb up the walls, until the place is entirely black.]

Tai: Whoa! The balance seems to be really outta whack!

Joe: So, somebody find the switch and put the lights back on.

Sora: There's something over there!

[The group turns to see what Sora is looking at. The image of a city takes form in front of them.]

Tai: I know this sounds incredible, but could we be home again?

[The group gasps, and within a shaft of light, Greymon and Parrotmon face each other.]

Izzy: I've seen that digimon before!

[Izzy types at his computer.]

Izzy: Why of course! (DA)That's Parrotmon. He was the mysterious digimon that appeared in Highton View Terrace approximately four years ago. Now he's completely digivolved.

Kari: He passed through the dimensional divide. Some time ago, a digiegg fell through a hole from our world to yours.

Tai: Kari, what are you talking about?

Gatomon: I think Kari's had too much catnip.

Izzy: My theory is that someone else is using Kari's body to speak for them.

Kari: My wish is that there be peace and happiness for everyone.

Sora: I don't understand. Are you some kind of super being or something?

Kari: No, nothing like that. I am similar to the digimon. I was produced by data bytes taken from the Internet. But there's a difference. Unlike the digimon, we are unable to take a shape in the form of a physical body. In order for me to communicate to you, I had to temporarily borrow Kari.

Tai: Couldn't you have taken Joe instead?

Joe: Hey!

Kari: I had to take Kari. She's the only one that I'm able to communicate with. To be honest, I wanted to contact you when you arrived at File Island, but it was completely impossible under the circumstances.

[Everyone is lifted into the air, and they float over the city, following Kari.]

Tai: Wow, it's a blast from the past. That's us four years ago.

[Below, a young Tai and Kari are huddled together in a column of light. Bathed in columns of their own are each of the other kids as well.]

Joe: Hey, that's me. How typical. I'm on the telephone.

Mimi: I was so cute.

Sora: Hard to believe we were that little.

T.K.: There's my brother and me!

Izzy: That's definitely me. But what's with the light?

Kari: Its purpose is to process all of your vital information.

Matt: That's kind of freaky. Why's it doing that?

Kari: Just follow me. I'll explain it to you.

[The group floats up to the Greymon and Parrotmon, and all are sucked into the light.]

Joe: Here we go again!

[They are now inside what appears to be a large factory room.]

Sora: Where are we now, whoever you are?

Izzy: A rather bizarre place, indeed.

[They walk along, and T.K. spots a glass cage. Inside it sit eight brightly colored digieggs.]

T.K.: Check this out!

[He runs toward it, and the others follow, oohing and ahhing.]

T.K.: They look like digieggs!

Koromon: Look, crests and digivices!

Matt: Okay, this is getting weird.

Joe: Oh, and floating in the sky is normal?

[Joe hears a noise behind him and turns around. He screams when he sees ghostly figures wearing long coats with hoods covering their faces.]

Joe: Okay, it's official. This is definitely giving me the creeps.

[The figures ignore the group, and go to work on big machines nearby.]

Gomamon: What's the matter, fellas? Can't you say hello?

Kari: These men are just computer images. They are figments from the past who have been digitally transmitted to your present.

[Izzy gasps and runs over to a small table-like column of rock with stars and other markings on it.]

Izzy: I don't believe it. This is from Myotismon's castle!

[Biyomon flies up to a giant metal door.]

Biyomon: Here's Myotismon's secret passage!

[The kids and digimon run up to it. Joe turns to the figures.]

Joe: Let me guess. Those are the elves that make the shoes at night.

Kari: They're monitoring the positive and negative forces to preserve harmony in the world. We took the information that we scanned from all of you, then we created your digivices and crests.

Sora: You did that?

Tai: That must mean that you're the ones who chose us. Is that true?

Kari: Yes, it is.

Tai: Then tell me this: What makes us so special?

Kari: You made it possible for Greymon to survive and digivolve, and it couldn't have been accomplished without help from you and Kari.

Tai: But he digivolved without me.

Kari: A digimon can't digivolve without you. It doesn't work that way. The very fact that you were both there made him digivolve in order to protect you.

Tai: But how? We were just goofy little kids and we didn't even have a digivice.

Kari: A digivice is just a tool that was designed to help in the digivolving process. It assists you by making you aware of your powers, but it's the special qualities in each of you that really makes it work. The same thing with the crests. Can you tell me what your personal crests really represent?

[The kids take out their crests and hold them in their hands.]

Tai: Well, mine's courage.

Sora: And this one means love.

Mimi: Sincerity.

Izzy: Mine's knowledge.

Joe: Reliability.

T.K.: I know what this crest means, it's hope!

Matt: Well, mine is...

Joe: Ah, wasn't it called friendship?

Kari: All of that's true, but there's more to it than that. Every one of you has strengths and weaknesses. We took each of your strongest qualities that you possessed four years ago. Then we made a crest for them.

Tentomon: Oh, I get it.

Kari: If that trait is lost, then the digimon might become corrupted.

[Tai gasps as he remembers the time he forced Greymon to digivolve, causing him to turn into SkullGreymon.]

Tai: That happened! When I tried to make Agumon digivolve by throwing myself in front of his enemy. But then something weird happened. He digivolved into SkullGreymon! And now I realize that was pretty foolish.

Kari: But the important thing is that you learned from it.

Joe: All this time we've been wracking our brains trying to figure out stuff about ourselves that we already knew. Huh. That's a fine how'd-ya-do. Huh?

[Matt walks away from the group to look at a digiegg, connected to its crest and digivice.]

Tsunomon: Who knew?

Izzy: Prodigious! I see why you chose Tai and Kari, but the rest of us never made contact with the digiegg, so why us?

Kari: When we examined all your data, we came to the conclusion that you had something in common with Tai and Kari, but we're not quite sure what it means. All we know is that you've proven yourselves to be very capable.

[T.K. walks up to look into the glass cage again.]

T.K.: Who do these belong to, huh?

Kari: Isn't it obvious?

Patamon: I have a feeling it's us!

Kari: Yes.

Palmon: Wow. Which one's me?

Tsunomon: I think the answer's in the crests.

[Biyomon and Gomamon run up to a pink egg with hearts and a white egg with blue spots.]

Biyomon: Look, this is me!

Gomamon: And that's mine.

Kari: Yes, but I'm afraid I have bad news. The dark masters got wind of our plan and have worked very hard to defeat us.

[A door in the room opens and several robotic digimon march through. The kids scream and run away, and T.K. trips.]

Patamon: Boom Bubble! Pah!

[Both the attack and Patamon go right through the large metal creatures.]

Kari: Save your breath. They're computer images.

[The attacking digimon fire at the working robed figures, sending them flying.]

Tai: What, just because those guys are computer images we have to sit back and do nothing?

Izzy: His name is (DA) Gardromon. He's a machine digimon. And his armour is constructed of solid iron. Absolutely nothing can penetrate that can of beans.

Matt: Here comes some more of them!

[Mimi screams as another type of metal digimon walks toward them.]

Tentomon: This is no space age vacuum cleaner! (DA) Meet Mekanorimon. His Twin Beam will annihilate anything... which makes housework a breeze.

[A read beam shoots from the Mekanorimon, knocking more of the robed figures to the floor.]

Joe: Ahh! Piedmon is here!

[The image of the dark master floats toward him. Joe waves his arms in front of him frantically.]

Joe: Don't come any closer! Shoo! Go away!

Gomamon: Relax, he's just an image.

Sora: Yeah, save your screaming for the real thing.

[Piedmon stops in front of the glass cage and, holding his hands out, causes the glass to ripple and break.]

Tai: He's going to steal the crests!

Mimi: Oh no!

[Piedmon reaches inside the cage and picks up the crests. A robed figure runs toward him.]

Worker: Piedmon! Hands off those crests!

Piedmon: Gennai....

T.K.: That man's Gennai?

[The young Gennai swings his sword at Piedmon but Piedmon simply floats above him, laughing. He places a small black ball on Gennai, which is absorbed into his body. Gennai is in pain for a few seconds. A Mekanorimon fires a red beam at him, but Gennai leaps on top of it, and brings his sword down through the glass top, he pulls out a Bakemon, and climbs inside the metal suit himself. With the suit's huge hands, he scoops up all the digieggs and digivices, and blasts through the roof.]

Piedmon: Follow him! Don't let Gennai out of your sight!

[Several Gardromon fly through the hole in the roof after him. Kari and the others float along as well.]

Kari: Let's follow and see what happened in the past.

[The Gardromon fire missile after missile at the retreating Gennai, who is hit with several. One blast knocks one of the eggs from his giant hand, but Gennai flies on.]

Gatomon: That's my digiegg!

[The egg falls through the sky toward the forest below.]

Gatomon: So that's why I was brought up all alone....That explains it.

Biyomon: Cheer up!

[Biyomon flies by and taps Gatomon on the head.]

Biyomon: We're together now.

[Gatomon smiles. The chase continues to an island with a huge spire pointing from the center.]

Tai: It's File Island!

Kari: After Gennai rescued the digieggs and crests, many years passed by. Until finally....

[An orange egg with blue stripes shakes, then cracks, and out comes a Botamon.]

Botamon: I was born.

[Botamon, Punimon, Yuramon, Poyomon, Pitchmon, and the other baby digimon hop along, digivices in their mouths, giggling. They toss the digivices into the air, playing with them.]

Botamon: Oh wow, I remember that. It seemed like I waited forever for Tai.

Punimon: For Matt.

[The digimon digivolve to their in-training forms.]

Yokomon: For Sora.

Bukamon: For Joe.

Tanemon: For Mimi.

Tokomon: For T.K.

Motimon: For Izzy.

[The digivices fly into the air and disappear.]

Koromon: We didn't think they would ever come, then suddenly, out of the blue, they arrived with a bang!

[The kids fall, screaming, to the ground. Koromon hops happily around Tai.]

Koromon: Tai! Oh boy!

Tai: Huh?

Kari: The question is, what exactly are the dark masters planning? We are working day and night trying to find out. For now, all we can do is guess, and try to outwit them before something terrible

Tai: Wha- Well if that's true, what should we do now?

Kari: It's hard to say. But I believe you'll all find an answer on your own.

[Kari opens her eyes to see Tai and Gatomon hovering over her.]

Tai: Hey.

Gatomon: Are you gonna be alright?

Kari: Oh, hi there. What's wrong?

Tai: You've come back!

Gatomon: We missed you.

Sora: Did it hurt?

Kari: No.... What do you mean?

Tai: Don't you remember? Well, that's alright.

Kari: Remember what, Tai?

Tai: Nevermind, Kari. Don't you worry about it. Well, Matt, there's no doubt about how we became the digidestined. We saw it happen.

Matt: We sure did.

Tai: So now the entire world is depending on us. And we all have to save it together! How about it, Matt? Are we still a team?

[Tai holds out his hand for a handshake, but Matt closes his eyes and lowers his head.]

T.K.: What's wrong?

Tai: Hey, let's put the past behind us.

Matt: I know, but you wouldn't understand.

[Matt turns and walks away.]

Tai: Sure I would. I say that you and I should let bygones be bygones.

Matt: That's not the problem, Tai. This thing is bigger than either of us. It's not about right or wrong. I have my path and you have yours. And I'm not even sure where this path is going to lead me, but I know I have to find it for myself. But I still believe in all of us. I mean, without any of you, where would I be? This is all just so confusing, and I let it get to me. Ah, that's why we fought. It's important that you guys can count on me, but... I'm going to do this because I have to! Tsunomon will be with me, so I'll be alright. Don't worry, it'll be a lot better this way.

Izzy: Matt, if you approach this logically, I'm sure you'll reconsider your decision. Your crest. It's theme is to promote....

Matt: Friendship, I know. But I haven't been too much of a friend in case you haven't noticed. Maybe it's because I don't know the true meaning of the word, or maybe I've just forgotten.

Sora: Here's a good idea. Let's break up into two groups instead of one big one.

Matt: I'm sorry... but I really need to do this alone.

Sora: Oh. Well, I believe in you, and I'm not going to stand in your way.

T.K.: What am I supposed to do without you, Matt?

Matt: You're a big kid now. You can take care of yourself, T.K.

T.K.: Yeah, but...

Sora: Don't worry, we'll be here for you. Besides, you know how big brothers are, they need their own space. Everything will be fine.

[T.K. nods, comforted.]

Matt: We'll see ya. Good bye, everyone.

[Matt walks off alone into the forest, and the kids watch him go for a moment. Tai breaks the silence.]

Tai: We'd better move it, troops. We've got the world to save! So we're down one digidestined. That's no problem. We can do it, right?

[The group follows Tai, but Mimi stops. Sora turns when she notices Mimi isn't walking.]

Sora: Mimi?

Mimi: I'm sorry, Sora. I'm not going.

Sora: Huh? Why not? Come on, what?

Mimi: Well, I just don't want to see anybody else fight, or hurt themselves. I hope you understand.

Joe: Then I'm staying, too.

Izzy: But why?

Joe: It's not safe for Mimi to be here all alone. I'll make sure she's okay, and then hopefully later, we can rejoin you guys, okay?

Tai: Okay. Good luck, Joe.

Joe: Thanks.

[Joe walks off to Mimi. Gomamon runs to catch up.]

Gomamon: Wait for me!

Patamon: Gee, now we're all gonna be split up again.

Biyomon: Just when we were finally all together.

Gatomon: You may think we're separated, but we're really not.

Patamon and Biyomon: Huh?

Gatomon: The roads might be different, but the place we end up in is the same. I mean, think about it. If they truly are the digidestined, they're destined to be together once again. At least, that's the way I hope it works out....

[Gatomonís words seem like a prophecy.]

Narrator: Is Gatomon right, or is this the end of the digidestined? Tune in to the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!