Season 1, Episode 52: "Piedmon's Last Jest"
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Transcribed By: Vande <>

Tentomon: It's sad to think that someone could be so
depressed it takes over their entire life. For
Matt, these feelings of dread took the form of a deep
black cave, and he was about to be lost in it
forever. Gabumon finally opened Matt's eyes, and
proved that he was really loved. Sora had a similar
problem, but Matt and Joe were able to pull her out of
her own cave of darkness. Tai and WarGreymon
had been holding off Piedmon all on their own, and
they were completely exhausted. With the power
from Matt's crest of friendship, they became
re-energized, and should be able to take care of that
laughing fool once and for all!

Digimon title theme

[The kids and their digimon are facing Piedmon, who is
standing on a ridge, looking confident.]

Tai: Now that we have two mega digimon, let's destroy
Piedmon, once and for all!

Matt: Go get him, MetalGarurumon!

Tai: Come on, WarGreymon, take care of this clown!

Piedmon: So, I'm a clown? Then I'll act like one!
Clown Trick!

[Piedmon raises his arms above his head and forms a
circle with his hands. A ring of fire appears
between them.]

MetalGarurumon: I'll get him!

Piedmon: Try jumping through this hoop!

[MetalGarurumon leaps at Piedmon, but the ring of fire
circles his body, and he crashes to the ground.
WarGreymon runs up to him.]

WarGreymon: Are you okay?

Piedmon: Why don't you join us? We're having a ball!

[Piedmon laughs as a huge ball rises from the ground
right under WarGreymon. He struggles to keep
his footing.]

Piedmon: Whoa! Sorry if I caught you off-balance.
Round and round he goes.... where he lands,
nobody knows!

[Piedmon laughs delightedly as WarGreymon lands hard on
top of the injured MetalGarurumon.]

Izzy: He thinks this is just a big game!

Tai: Well, I'm tired of playing around!

Matt: Let's not be hasty. He wants us to make a

Piedmon: What's the matter? Don't want to play with
Uncle Piedmon anymore? Trump Sword!

Tai: Be careful of the swords! Hey, wait! Some of
those swords aren't real!

MetalGarurumon: WarGreymon, I'm picking up the real
swords on my sensors. Over to your right!

WarGreymon: Cover me!

[WarGreymon runs up to the real swords and blocks them
with his metal arms. Piedmon just laughs as
the swords are broken into pieces.]

MetalGarurumon: Metal Wolf Snout!

[The blue attack disintegrates the remaining swords,
and Piedmon growls.]

MetalGarurumon: Looks like the joke's on you, Piedmon.

WarGreymon: Terra Force!

[The ball of fire is a direct hit, and Piedmon is sent

Tai: Alright! Nice shot! Izzy, have everyone digivolve
and attack!

Izzy: You heard him, guys. Now it's our turn!

Tentomon: I'm in!

Gomamon: Me too!

Andromon: Caution!

[Piedmon holds up a white handkerchief for the group to

Joe: A white flag? Maybe he's trying to surrender to

Sora: I don't trust him. I think he's got another
trick up his sleeve!

[Piedmon turns the cloth front to back, like a magician
displays his props before an illusion, then holds
it aloft.]

Tai: Hey, why don't you make yourself disappear!

WarGreymon: Playtime is over!

Piedmon: But I'm just getting started!

[Piedmon releases the cloth, which grows in size and
floats on the wind down to WarGreymon and
MetalGarurumon, who are running toward him. It covers
them completely, and bolts of electricity
surrounds it as the two digimon struggle. Finally, the
cloth lays flat against the ground. Matt and Tai
run up to it.]

Tai: WarGreymon!

Matt: MetalGarurumon!

[Piedmon laughs and tosses another cloth, which covers
the two boys. They stuggle, but the electricity
surrounds them, and they too seem to disappear.]

Kari: What happened?

T.K: I don't know!

Piedmon: Ta daaa! Thanks for coming, next show's at
seven-thirty. You've been a great crowd.

[Piedmon lifts the cloths, and the two humans and
digimon are nowhere to be seen.]

Joe: He made them all disappear!

Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half.

Izzy: What did you do to Tai and Matt, Piedmon?

Piedmon: I hold the keys to their existence. And I
need a place to put them, so I made a couple of

[He opens his hand to reveal miniature,
inanimate versions of Tai and Matt. In his other hand
are a tiny WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.]

Piedmon: I think I'll hang these two on my backpack.

Sora: What kind of sicko turns people into keychains?

Piedmon: I'm not a sicko, I'm a collector, and these
new items have such sentimental value to me. A
ha ha ha! Now, who wants to be next?

[In an underground cave, an enormous wall of fire spews
from a pit, flaring in all directions. Standing in
front of it, Centarumon looks on in awe.]

Centarumon: Look at all this fire! This is terrible! I
didn't bring a single marshmallow.

Gennai: Centarumon, I came as fast as I could.

[From behind Centarumon Gennai walks up, wearing a huge
Mechanorimon suit.]

Centarumon: Oh, Gennai. I'm glad you made it.

Gennai: Is this it?

Centarumon: Yes, this is the mystical wall of fire the
ancient prophecy on File Island describes.

Gennai: Really. What do you say we barbeque?

[The head of the Mechanorimon suit opens up to reveal
the small, aged man.]

Gennai: Incredible. Is it really true that he had to
make it across these flames?

Centarumon: I know it sounds crazy, Gennai, but that's
what the prophecy says.

Gennai: Unbelievable!

[Back on the surface, Piedmon faces the kids and
digimon, laughing, the four keychains hanging from
his waist. The group runs for the safety of a cave in
a nearby wall of rock.]

Andromon: Quick! Get into that cave!

Sora: Andromon!

Andromon: Don't worry, I'll hold him off! Lightning

[Piedmon easily deflects Andromon's attack off of his
arm. The two digimon rush at each other and
battle, hand-to-hand.]

Sora: Andromon!

Joe: We've got to get out of here, Sora! Andromon's
buying us more time!

Andromon: Gatling Attack!

[The attack hits. Meanwhile, the kids and their digimon
have followed the cave to an edge where the
floor ends suddenly. It's a long, long way to the
bottom. From the ledge where they stand, they see two
sets of trapeze swings hanging from the roof of the
cave. On the other side is the exit. Massive
curtains hang from the ceiling, making the cave look
like an elaborate stage.]

Tentomon: What kind of place is this?

Sora: It looks like a giant circus tent.

Izzy: Whatever it is, I don't like it. Hey! There's a
way out across this canyon!

Joe: My only question is, how do we get to it?

Tentomon: The only way is to use these swings like a
trapeze artist. But don't look down, there's no

Gatomon: Kari, hold me tight. Don't let go!

[Gatomon, with Kari hanging onto her, leaps for the
swing, grasps it, and deftly swings to the other
trapeze, landing safely on the opposite side, where
Tentomon is waiting, having flown over just before.
T.K. yells as he swings across on the first swing.
Gatomon, with her hind legs holding on to the second
swing, grabs T.K.'s hands and brings him across, as
Patamon flies over as well.]

Gatomon: What do you carry in that backpack, bricks?

[Next, Sora and Biyomon are helped across by Gatomon in
the same way.]

Sora: Ow! Gatomon, you've got to trim your claws!

Joe: Away you go!

[Joe and Izzy toss Gomamon over the ledge. He's caught
by Gatomon, and Izzy gets on the swing.
Suddenly, Piedmon comes up behind Joe and Izzy,
holding up a brand new Andromon keychain.]

Piedmon: Don't you want to take your friend along?

Joe: Andromon! Go, Izzy!

[Joe pushes Izzy across, but is caught in one of
Piedmon's handkerchiefs himself.]

Izzy: Ahh! Joe!

[Piedmon tosses another cloth, and Izzy is covered in
it. Gatomon tries to grab him, but fails.
Tentomon rushes over to help.]

Tentomon: Don't worry, Izzy! I'll save you!

[Tentomon is caught mid-air in another cloth.]

Piedmon: Now you see them and now you don't. They're
dropping like flies.

[The cloths return to Piedmon as Sora, T.K., Kari,
Gatomon, Biyomon, Gomamon and Patamon turn
and run through the exit. Meanwhile, Lillymon is
pushing Mimi up a steep rock wall, while Mimi holds
onto a support rope.]

Lillymon: Ugh! Mimi, I'm getting exhausted!

Mimi: Really? That's strange. I feel fresh as a daisy.

[Frigimon, Meramon, Elecmon and Ogremon are also
climbing the cliff face. On the top, some
Gekomon and Otamamon are waiting for them and helping
to pull her rope. On other ropes, dozens of
other Gekomon and Otamamon are climbing as well.]

A Gekomon: Mimi, get up here, it looks like the
battle's started.

Mimi: Oh, it's just my luck. I finally bring all the
reinforcements, and all they wanna do is hang around!

[Piedmon is busy playing with his new toy, Izzy's

Piedmon: Hello, my name is Izzy and I'm very smart.
Although I didn't know how to stop me and my
friends from being made into keychains. A ha ha! I
love a good puppet show!

[Piedmon flies across the canyon to the exit the
remaining digidestined escaped through.]

Piedmon: Ahh, so you want to play hide and go seek,
hmm? Okay. I love a good game. Now, let's
see. If I were a little pest, where would I hide, hmm?
Maybe you're in this room over here....

[Beneath the floorboards of a room, the group crouches
quietly, listening to Piedmon hunt them.]

Sora: I think we're out of danger for now.

[Suddenly, a sword slices through the boards, narrowly
missing Sora and Kari. A second sword comes
close to T.K., Gomamon and Patamon.]

Piedmon: Peek-a-boo!

Sora: Run for it!

Piedmon: Olly, olly, oxen free!

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

[The arrow knocks the sword from Piedmon's hands, and
Angewomon and Garudamon hover in the air
between the evil digimon and the children.]

Angewomon: Run, Kari!

Garudamon: Hurry, Sora!

Kari: It's Angewomon!

Sora: Garudamon!

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

[The attack destroys part of the floor and creates a
cloud of dust, but Piedmon remains standing.
Garudamon tries to grasp him with her claws, but he
escapes and a handkerchief falls on her. A volley
of swords impales Angewomon's wings against a wall.
Another cloth finds it's target. The kids gasp in

Sora: T.K., come here!

T.K.: What is it?

Sora: I want you to take Kari and get out of here!

T.K.: But what about you?

Sora: Listen to me, there isn't much time. Piedmon has
the rest of our friends, and if he gets us, we're
doomed! T.K., please, you're the only one who can
protect Kari. You have to be brave. Now, get going!

T.K.: I won't leave you!

Sora: Don't worry about me, I'll be fine!

T.K.: Alright....

Sora: No matter what happens, just keep running!

T.K.: Okay, Sora. I promise I'll do whatever I can to
protect Kari.

Sora: Right. Hurry, go!

T.K.: Come on, Kari, let's go!

[The kids and Patamon run off, but Gomamon lags behind.]

Gomamon: Sora, I wanna stay and fight with you!

Sora: Don't be rediculous, you can't even digivolve
without Joe, so go before Piedmon gets you!

Gomamon: But Sora-

Sora: Gomamon, Joe risked his neck to protect us, and
if Piedmon turns you into a doll his sacrifice
will mean nothing! Now, please help T.K. and Kari,
there's not much time!

Gomamon: Ohh....

Sora: Now, go!

[Gomamon turns to go, when behind Sora a cloud of dust
appears with Piedmon's laugh ringing from it.]

Piedmon: Look, I only need five more keychains for my
collection, and then I'll have the whole set.

Gomamon: Not if I can help it!

[Gomamon leaps and snatches one of the keychains from
Piedmon's belt and tosses it to Sora.]

Gomamon: Sora!

[Sora catches the figure, and turns to the younger

Sora: T.K., catch!

[Sora throws it to T.K., who catches it, just as Sora
is caught in a handkerchief. T.K., Kari and
Patamon struggle to open a metal door, while Piedmon
watches with a foot holding down a struggling

Piedmon: In order to succeed, sometimes you have to
step on people along the way.

[The kids finally manage to open the door, and light
pours in through the opening.]

T.K.: Quick, let's run!

[The children find themselves on a balcony with no exit
in sight. The ground is a long way down.]

Kari: We just ran out of room!

T.K.: This isn't the escape plan I had in mind.

Patamon: Now what?

T.K.: Can we jump?

Kari: It's too far!

Piedmon: Welcome to the dead end. Come be a keychain
like your friends.

Kari: We can't just sit here.

T.K.: We've got no choice, we have to climb down!

Kari: It's too high, T.K. If we slip, we're goners.

T.K.: Kari, we're going to have to try!

Patamon: Look, T.K.! Where'd that basket come from?

T.K.: Who put that there?

[The kids run up to the basket that had suddenly
appeared on the balcony. T.K. opens it to see a
coiled rope.]

T.K.: A rope! We can use it to climb down the side of
the mountain!

[The kids step back as one end of the rope flies into
the air.]

Patamon: Oh! I didn't know you were a snake charmer,

Kari: Do you think we should climb it?

T.K.: I don't know. Mom always said never take candy
or rope from strangers.

T.K.: What am I thinking? We have to climb it. Sora
told me to be brave, no matter how scared I get.

T.K.: Looks dangerous, you go first.

Kari: Oh, ahh...

[Kari starts up the rope, climbing determinedly.]

T.K.: That's it, Kari. Pretend you're in gym class.

[T.K. starts up the rope as well.]

T.K.: Listen!

[The three stop to listen as Piedmon walks toward them.
He comes to the metal door.]

Piedmon: Open!

[The door is destroyed in a powerful blast, and Kari

Piedmon: I must whip this. It costs me a fortune in
new doors.

Patamon: Keep climbing, I'll distract him! Patamon
digivolve to.... Angemon!

[The two digimon battle, Piedmon's swords against
Angemon's staff. Angemon lands a strike against
Piedmon that sends him sprawling on the ground.]

T.K.: You get him, Angemon!

Angemon: Hand Of Fate!

Piedmon: Clown Trick!

[Angemon is thrown back by the blast.]

Kari: Angemon, no!

[Angemon flies back and renews the battle.]

Piedmon: Clown Trick!

[Again Angemon is tossesd backwards through the air,
and a volley of swords follows him.]

Piedmon: Trump Sword!

T.K.: Don't give up!

[Angemon falls to the ground and lands hard, sending up a cloud of dust.]

T.K.: Angemon, no!

Kari: I'm scared.

T.K.: It's okay. Great, now Kari's afraid. I can't let
her see that I am too. I've got to be brave. Angemon
'll be fine, but you've got to keep on climbing. Don't
let that joker Piedmon scare you.

Kari: Okay.

[Kari continues up the rope, but it is sliced by a
sword inches above her hand. Kari screams.]

Piedmon: You've reached the end of your rope! A ha ha!

[Angemon lifts his head from the ground weakly.]

Angemon: T.K.!

[T.K. tries to keep going up the rope, but Piedmon
grabs his leg.]

Piedmon: Sorry if I gave you a wedgie.

Kari: Let go of him!

[Kari reaches down and grabs onto T.K.'s hand.]

T.K.: Let go Kari, or he'll get you too!

Kari: No, I won't let you go, T.K.!

Piedmon: Sounds like you two are falling for each

[With a swipe of his sword, Piedmon cuts the rope below
them, and the two kids fall toward the ground.]

Angemon: T.K.! Kari!

T.K.: I'm sorry I let you down, Matt. Wait a second!

[T.K. takes the keychain Sora had tossed to him - it
was Matt - and holds it in his hand.]

T.K.: Matt! What would he say?

Matt: T.K., don't ever give up!

T.K.: Matt?

Matt: You can do it, T.K. I have faith in you! But it
won't help if you don't have faith in yourself. No
matter what happens, you have to fight to the very

T.K.: I promise you, Matt, I'll never give up the
fight! If I don't do it, then this world and our world
will be
destroyed. I have to do it for Matt, for Angemon, for

[T.K.'s crest glows, and Angemon struggles to his feet.]

Angemon: T.K.! Angemon digivolve to.... MagnaAngemon.

[MagnaAngemon flies into the air and catches Kari and
T.K. easily.]

T.K.: Angemon, I knew you could digivolve!

[MagnaAngemon deposits the children safely on the

MagnaAngemon: (DA) I am MagnaAngemon. I have eight
shining wings and a beam shield. I wield the
mighty sword Excaliber, and my devastating attack is
the Gate Of Destiny.

Piedmon: Chew on this!

[Piedmon throws a handkerchief at MagnaAngemon, who
slices it in half with his sword.]

MagnaAngemon: I'm not hungry.

[Another swipe takes the keychains off of Piedmon's

MagnaAngemon: I guess my sword trumps yours.

[Piedmon falls, screaming, down to the ground below.
The keychains are lined up in front of

MagnaAngemon: Now, to bring our friends back to
normal. Magna Antidote.

[Rainbow light shines from his wings and engulfs the
keychains. All the kids and their digimon appear
again, full-size.]

Tai: Wow, what a weird dream. I had an incredible urge
to carry some keys.

Tai: Kari!

Matt: T.K.!

[The two older brothers hug their younger siblings,
happy to see them safe.]

Matt: You did a great job, T.K.

T.K.: If it wasn't for your advice, I don't think I
would have been able to do it!

Matt: Huh?

Tentomon: Wow, when did Angemon digivolve? You look
great. Turn around, let me see.

MagnaAngemon: Very well.

[Tentomon shrieks as a white, feathered wing knocks him
out of the air.]

Piedmon: So, those digidestined think the dark masters
are that easily defeated, hmmm? Ha ha ha!
Well, guess again, you're not the only ones with an
army of friends that can help you. Ta da!
Piedmon waves his hand, and an army of creepy-looking
flying digimon come out of the rocky ground.
Piedmon: This is more fun than a barrel of flying
monkeys! Digidestined, meet the Vilemon. Their
Nightmare Shock will give you a rude awakening!

Joe: We're surrounded!

Izzy: Oh no! We can't escape!

T.K.: Come on, toughen up!

Matt: I'm with you, T.K.

Tai: Our only chance is if we all combine our powers
together. But the problem is, we're still missing
some of our friends!

Mimi: Wait for me! Sorry we're late!

Sora: It's Mimi!

Lillymon: Are we too late for the party?

Ogremon: Pummel Whack!

[Ogremon's club takes out a whole group of Vilemon in
one swipe.]

Ogremon: I sliced. I guess I'm gonna have to work on
my swing, huh? He heh heh.

Tai: Alright gang! Give them the full digimon attack!
The digimon leap into action. The small Vilemon are no

Elecmon: Super Thunder Strike!

Unimon: Horn Blaster!

Mimi and Sora: Nice shot!

[Mimi and Sora slap hands. Another group of Vilemon
leap from Piedmon's side to battle the
digidestined and their allies.]

Ogremon: Pummel Whack!

[A group of the little evil digimon chase some Gekomon
and Otamamon, but are sent running the other
way by Frigimon, Meramon and Andromon.]

Gomamon: Gomamon digivolve to.... Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon digivolve to.... Zudomon!

Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to.... Kabuterimon!

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon digivolve to....

Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer!

[The arrow of energy decimates a pack of Vilemon.]

Piedmon: Most impressive. Trump Sword!

MegaKabuterimon: Horn Buster!

[The swords distintegrate in mid-flight, and the
watching kids cheer.]

Lillymon: Flower Cannon!

[Piedmon throws up a shield just in time to avoid the
attack, when Angewomon takes aim. He tosses a
handkerchief, but Angewomon's arrow tears it into

Angewomon: Celestial Arrow!

[The attack misses him narrowly.]

Garudamon: Wing Blade!

[The attack lands at Piedmon's feet, sending him and
several Vilemon flying.]

MagnaAngemon: Gate Of Destiny.

[The Vilemon are swept up into the air and sucked into
the portal created by MagnaAngemon's sword.
The kids look on in awe. Piedmon is beginning to look
worried. He turns to see WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon
facing him.]

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon: Hey, remember us?

WarGreymon: Terra Force!

MetalGarurumon: Giga Missile!

[Both attacks hit Piedmon, who is sent spiraling into
the Gate Of Destiny, screaming. The gate spins,
and disintegrates, taking Piedmon with it. As the kids
and their digimon allies watch, Spiral Mountain
begins to disintegrate as well.]

Izzy: The last remnants of Spiral Mountain are
disappearing! The dark masters' control over the
digital world is finally gone!

Tai: Good riddance!

[With Piedmon defeated, the digimon allies say their
goodbyes to the digidestined and their digimon.
The Gekomon, the Otamamon, Elecmon, Unimon, Frigimon,
Meramon, Andromon and Ogremon wave
and call out goodbyes.]

Tai: You know, I'm starting to think we have a
strange-looking group of friends.

Mimi: They might not have the best fashion sense, but
they're the best friends we've ever had.

Izzy: Hmm. We have email from Gennai.

Sora: What's it say, Izzy?

[The other kids stand around Izzy's computer while Tai
stretches and stands away from them,

Tai: Not now. I need a nap.

Izzy: It's coming in now.

Tai: Is he congratulating us?

Izzy: Gennai says here that the dark masters aren't
the real enemies.

Tai: Huh?

[Tai spins around quickly.]

Izzy: Is says here that the real enemy is an evil
force whose very existence warps the digi-world and
created the dark masters. So according to this, I
don't think we're out of the woods quite yet!

Tai: Wait a sec. If it's not the dark masters, then
who do we fight next?

[As Tai finishes speaking, the earth shakes and the
ground splits open. From the top of Spiral
Mountain, red beams shoot out in all directions.]

Mimi: What's happening?

Narrator: What is the evil force that Gennai was
warning the digidestined about? Find out on the next
Digimon: Digital Monsters.