Season 1, Episode 53: "Now Apocalymon"
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Transcribed By: Vande <>

T.K.: Even though we had two megas on our side,
Piedmon still couldn't be beaten. We tried to escape
by using these trapeze things, and that was really
scary, but not as scary as Piedmon turning
everyone into keychains! Kari and I were in real
trouble. But I stayed brave, just like Matt told me
Angemon then became MagnaAngemon and saved us and
fixed the others. Piedmon attacked again,
but we all banished him into the Gate Of Destiny.
Afterwards, Gennai said there was a really evil force
out there, but I'm pretty sure I can face anything

Digimon Title Theme

Tai: Spiral Mountain is disintegrating! Watch out!

[The mountain dissolves, and the kids and their digimon
are sent free-falling down a black hole, screaming.]

WarGreymon: Tai!

Garudamon: Sora!

MetalGarurumon: Matt!

Lillymon: Mimi!

[Suddenly, everyone stops short, suspended in the
darkness, with what appear to be stars as far as the
eye can see.]

Joe: Are we down?

WarGreymon: Tai, are you alright?

Tai: Yeah.

Izzy: Uh, this may be a stupid question, but how come
we're not still falling? Huh?

[Izzy opens up his laptop to see an image of Gennai.
Gennai: Greetings. I hope nobody needed a barf bag on
the way down.]

Izzy: It's Gennai!

Tai: So you're the one who brought us down here!

Matt: What do you want? We already beat the dark

Gennai: It's true that the evil of the dark masters
was destroyed, but the source that created that evil
still exists.

[The kids gasp in disbelief.]

Gennai: And that source came from the Wall Of Fire.

Joe: What's that?

Gennai: When I was searching through the Dino Ruins, I
came across an ancient inscription. It told of
a time long ago, when a strange being appeared from
behind the wall of fire. It was angry. You would
be too, if you lived with that kind of humidity. The
mere existence of this being caused a warp in space
and time was thrown completely out of whack. It
threatened the collapse of the digital world, and even
worse than that, my new wristwatch stopped working.
The digimon knew they didn't have the strength
to defeat this being, so the original digi-destined
children were summoned from the real world, and
together they defeated the evil.
An image appears of five children standing in Primary
Village with five digi-eggs, which hatch into

Tai: What? Then you mean....

Joe: That there were other kids just like us before we
came along?

Sora: And we were summoned because something else came
out from behind that wall of fire, didn't
it? Huh. And that's the real enemy.

Gennai: That's correct, but unfortunately, that's just
the good news. The bad news is, it also told of a
great darkness that will blanket the enitre digital

Matt: A great darkness.... Huh.

Joe: Don't look now, but it's pretty dark.

Tai: So is this the enemy?

Gennai: In a way, yes. But I believe he has a form as
well. He's uh... Uh oh, I'm out of quarters, gotta

[Gennai's image crackles, blurs, and is lost.
Tai: Wait! Gennai, come back!]

Gennai: Next time I'll use a phone card, I promise!
See ya!

Tai: Gennai! Oh great! How does he expect us to fight
this thing when we don't even know what it is
we're looking for?

Joe: Just my luck. The second I start enjoying my
vacation, another monster tries to destroy the world.

Izzy: Sorry guys, but something tells me this isn't
going to be like any other digimon we've ever run

Matt: Yeah, so what? The first digi-destined kids were
able to defeat something like this. Well, then
so will we!

Tai: Mmm hmmm!

Sora: Matt's right. We'll just have to find a way to
do it!

T.K.: Mmm!

[A deep growling sigh rumbles through the darkness. The
kids look around.]

Kari: What's that noise?

Mimi: Sounds like a moose.

Angewomon: Sounds to me like it's coming from every

Tai: Me too! But what does it mean?

Apocalymon: I know who you are. You don't have the
power to eliminate my sadness.

Sora: What?

Joe: Who's there?

[A giant black multi-sided shape appears, floating in
the space before them.]

Izzy: I'll bet this has something to do with that
digimon Gennai was talking about.

Tai: Either that or it's a giant cube puzzle.

[From each of the shape's many sides, a telescopic arm
protrudes. From several of these arms, long
chains appear with huge metal claws on the ends, which
reach out menacingly toward the group. From
the top arm, a shadowy figure emerges.]

Apocalymon: I am the ultimate evil. Complete with hot
and cold running water.

Matt: What on earth is that thing?

Apocalymon: (DA) I am Apocalymon, a mutant digimon. My
Darkness Zone attack transforms my enemy
into nothingness. I have the power to turn everything
I touch into total darkness. Perhaps I will start
with Earth.

[The black creature laughs maniacally. On Earth, people
are crowded around, looking up at the sky.
Through a hole in the clouds, the people below can see

Tai and Kari's Father: I better get a new flashlight.
But what about-

Tai and Kari's mother: The kids!

[The parents watching below gasp as the children and
their digimon come into view.]

Sora's mom: Sora!

Mimi's parents: Our Mimi!

Apocalymon: Are you repulsed by my appearance? Don't
be afraid to hurt my feelings. They're
already hurt. You see, I was created from all that was
lost during the digivolving process.

Izzy: What do you mean by lost?

Apocalymon: Digimon have been digivolving for many
years now. Over and over again. But there were
some who weren't up to the challenge and simply

Izzy: That makes sense. Even on Earth, some species
became extinct during the process of
evolution. In fact, the Tasmanian tiger wolf was one
of those-

Apocalymon: Silence! Who's the one telling this story
anyway? Me or you?

Matt: Alright! Go ahead!

Apocalymon: First I have a question to ask. Do you
believe that I am worthy of coexisting with you?

Izzy: Uh well, yeah, sure!

Apocalymon: Oh really? Even though I was forged from
the pain and misery of all the ill-fated
digimon who vanished while attempting to digivolve?

Sora: You're entirely made up of grief and sorrow? How
sad for you.

Apocalymon: Sure, rub it in. And now, digi-destined
and digimon, I have been waiting an eternity for
this encounter.

WarGreymon: What?

MetalGarurumon: What do you mean?

Apocalymon: As I sat alone in the cold, miserable
darkness of my world, I watched all of you on the
other side, laughing and having fun in the light. Now
it's my turn.... To shine!

[Bolts of electricity shoot out toward the kids and the
digimon, throwing them all backwards in

Tai: Is everybody okay?

Matt: I think so.

Izzy: Yeah.

Sora: I'm okay, Tai.

Apocalymon: Not for long. Do you think it's fair that
I should have to live with all this agony? Why
should you get to laugh when I am forced to cry? Why
do you get to taste the best life has to offer
while all I do is choke on its leftovers? Answer me
this! Why do all of you get the pizza, while I get the

Mimi: Ahh, I can't take all these metaphors!

Izzy: Boy, this guy really holds a grudge.

Apocalymon: I will rule the world and plunge it into
darkness, so that I don't have to be alone
anymore in my misery. A ha ha! A HA HA HA! Wait a
minute, what am I laughing at? I'm supposed to
be depressed! River Of Power!

[One of the metal claws forms itself into the shape of
MetalSeadramon's head, and an arrow of white
power shoots toward Kari.]

Tai: Kari!

[Angewomon flies in front of Kari, taking the full
force of the blast in the back. Kari screams.]

Kari: Angewomon, no!

Apocalymon: That was MetalSeadramon with his classic
River Of Power. And now here's Myotismon
with his number one hit, Crimson Lightning!

[Another claw forms into the shape of Myotismon, and
the red flash shoots to Mimi. Lillymon jumps in
front of her just in time to take the attack.]

Apocalymon: Next, MachineDramon! GigaCannon!

[Sora screams, but Garudamon catches her in her huge
claws, and is hit instead.]

Izzy: Inconceivable! He's using all the attacks of the
evil digimon we've defeated in the past!

Joe: You mean, we have to fight them all over again?
This is the worst recurring nightmare I've ever
been awake for!

Sora: Hey, we were able to beat them once!

Tai: Sora's right! We did beat them. And we can do it

T.K.: We just have to fight together as a team!

Kari and Angewomon: Mmm hmmm!

Matt: I agree. We've sacrificed too much to give up

Apocalymon: You fools. You haven't even seen my true
power yet. Reverse digivolve!

[The waving metal claws shoot towards each of the
digimon and grasp them in an unbreakable grip.]

Apocalymon: I'll make you understand how it feels to
be one step closer to extinction!

[Inside the claws, the digimon glow, then are released.
In the place of the megas and ultimates are
each of the digimon in rookie form.]

Matt: They're rookies!

T.K.: He changed them back so easily!

Patamon: I'm sorry, T.K.

T.K.: It's not your fault, Patamon. It's his!

Kari: Great. This time, we're finished.

Gatomon: You better lose that 'tude, Kari!

Gabumon: Just because we're at the rookie level
doesn't mean we still can't fight!

Tentomon: We'd digivolve if we had the energy.

Joe: That's it! Start from scratch. You can digivolve

Gomamon: We'd have to eat something.

Palmon: Come to think of it, I am kind of hungry.

Agumon: Forget food. We have the power within us.

Gabumon: But we need your help.

[The kids all nod determinedly. Tai reaches for his

Tai: Everybody get your crests ready!

Apocalymon: Death claw!

[From one of the metal claws emerge several smaller
claws, which snatch the tags and crests from
each of the children. Apocalymon laughs as the claws
destroy the precious items.]

Tai: Ah! Our crests and tags!

T.K.: He broke them all!

Sora: They won't be able to digivolve without them!

Apocalymon: I hope you learned your lesson. Always
save your receipts. The warranty was probably
still good on those things.

Joe: Isn't this usually the time when one of us comes
up with a brilliant idea?

Mimi: I don't think anything can save us this time,
Joe! I'm afraid we're done for!

Biyomon: How can we fight Apocalymon without

Izzy: There's no way! All the rookie digimon combined
couldn't defeat an enemy who has the power of
all the evil digimon from the past!

Tai: How can you be so sure? There's got to be a way

Matt: How did the original digi-destined kids defeat
this enemy?

Apocalymon: I'll take these children and use their
fear to make them digital and disappear!
The children begin dissolving into tiny bits of data,
from the feet up.

Matt: What's this?

Izzy: Fascinating! Our bodies are being broken down
into little bits of digital information!

Tai: Fascinating!?

Biyomon: Let's stay calm, everyone! Don't fall to

Agumon: Too late!

[The digimon are also dissolving, and the kids scream
in fear as their heads are broken down into bits.
Then they find themselves floating in an expanse of
white, with ones and zeros flying by.]

Tai: Ah! Where are we?

Izzy: We're information now. This is where all digital
information gathers. It's the world of data.

Mimi: Data? I'm too young to be dating!

Izzy: It's not the same.

Joe: Sometimes, too much information's a bad thing.

Kari: Can we get back?

Sora: I don't know, Kari. Nothing like this has ever
happened to us before. I don't know what to do.

Tai: Is this it? Have we lost?

Matt: I'd say that's a pretty good conclusion.
Agumon: Come on you guys, don't quit now!

Tai: Why not?

Gabumon: Look, we can't stop fighting now, just
because of a little setback.

Biyomon: So what we're bits of information, we have no
tags and crests, we can't digivolve and we're
facing the most powerful enemy of all time, I don't
see what the problem is.

Sora: Listen, Biyomon. You guys have a great attitude
about this whole thing. But all the positive
thinking in the world can't guarantee that we'll find
a way to get back to our original forms.

Joe: I tried positive thinking once, and I was
positive about one thing. I positively hated it.

Izzy: Speaking scientifically, we're the first humans
to be digitally processed. Technically, we're
pioneers. Like Marco Polo.

Tentomon: Oh, I know what he's famous for. Marco!

Agumon: Polo!

Tentomon: Marco!

Patamon: Polo!

Tentomon: Marco!

Biyomon: Polo!

Izzy: Huh?

Gabumon: In every battle, you're bound to face a
number of unknowns.

Gomamon: Yeah, you didn't know how those other fights
would turn out, but you fought them
anyway, didn't you?

Joe: Yeah, that's right. We did fight. When I first
got to the digital world, I was afraid of any little
that moved. We faced all kinds of new monsters.

[In a flashback, Joe remembers being afraid of Bukamon
when they first met, and the Kuwagamon
that attacked them on their first day in the digital
world. Then, the rainbow light came down from the
sky and the digimon digivolved and beat Kuwagamon.]

Gomamon: But no matter who they threw at us, we always
found the strength to beat the enemy.
Regardless of how big it was, didn't we, Joe?

[Joe remmebers when T.K. almost drowned, then Joe
jumped in the water to save him. Joe sank,
but then his crest began to glow....]

Joe: That's right, we did. We worked together as a
team. Even that time when we almost lost T.K.
because he couldn't swim. Of course, I forgot that I
couldn't swim, either.

Mimi: I remember times when all I wanted to do was
break down and cry.

Palmon: But instead, you fought on with your new

Mimi: Mmm hmm! I feel like I've become a stronger
person since I met all of you. Like that time at the
convention center when all those Bakemon were
attacking. I didn't cry a single drop. Alright, maybe
just one drop.

[Mimi remembers the confusion in the real world that
day as the Bakemon and humans fought. Benath
Mimi's pajamas, her crest began to glow.]

Patamon: Before I met you, T.K., I didn't think it
mattered if I ever digivolved or not. But when Devimon
went to grab you and got me, I knew it was my time to
shine! I became Angemon for the first time and
I've been flying high ever since!

[Devimon closes his hand, but finds that he has caught
the little flying digimon instead of the child he
was expecting. From the giant black fist, beams of
light shoot out as Angemon is born.]

T.K: I learned something from you too, Patamon. I
learned that sometimes, you have to fight for what
you believe in.

[T.K. flashes back to when he was falling through the
sky, Piedmon laughing in the background, as he
held Matt's keychain in his hand. He listened to his
brother's voice, and his crest began to glow.]

Biyomon: I want you to know you've changed my life in
many ways, too, Sora.

Sora: Really?

Biyomon: Of course you have! After all, I've never had
a best friend before. I would do anything for you.
Like that time I took Myotismon's Crimson Lightning
attack right in the chest. Talk about heartburn!

[The red flash of lightning hits Birdramon hard, and
she falls from the sky. Sora runs after her, crest
shining brightly.]

Tentomon: You know, Izzy, when I first met you, I
thought you were just one of those computer
geeks. But after I got to know you, I realized you are
one of those computer geeks. And I'm glad you
are! Because where would the rest of us be without

Izzy: Thanks, pal.

[Tentomon sniffs loudly.]

Tentomon: I promised myself I wouldn't cry....
Although I wanted to cry when I felt that asteroid
tightening around my waist. But you and I took care of
Vademon together!

[Kabuterimon is flying through a space littered with
asteroids, when he is hit with one. Then,
Kabuterimon digivolves.]

Gabumon: As for you, Matt-

Matt: You don't have to say anything, I know.

[A digimon is crushing Joe, who is wrapped in a long
vine, as Matt and T.K. look on. Matt yells, and his
crest glows beneath his shirt.]

Gabumon: There was that time when-

Matt: Yeah, that's right, I remember.

Gabumon: And then you and I-

Matt: I know.

Gabumon: Remember when we-

Matt: Didn't you hear me? I said, you don't have to
say anything.

Agumon: You and I knew from the beginning that
together we made an invincible team. Right, Tai?

[Tai and Agumon are at a fence, when Tai's crest glows.
Tai and Greymon walk across a desert to a
giant ball of wires floating above the dunes. Tai
holds up his glowing crest as he runs toward it.]

Tai: You got that right. Of course, I probably could
have taken care of Etemon without you, but it was
nice having you around. You did get me out of a few

Gatomon: We can't give up now, because if we do, what
was the whole point of searching for Kari in
the first place?

Kari: Gatomon.

Gatomon: I've waited my whole life to meet you and
find my purpose. And that is to protect you, no
matter what the cost. Whether that meant facing
Myotismon's Grisly Wing attack, or facing the reality
of losing Wizardmon. You know, I will always be there
for you.

[Myotismon releases his attack of bats as the other
kids and digimon watch in horror, but Wizardmon
steps in front of them, and takes the blow, falling to
the ground. Kari and Gatomon cry, devastated.]

Kari: Boy, if I had never met you, Gatomon....

Joe: And if I had never come to the digital world....

Mimi: And if none of us became friends in the first

Izzy: Then we wouldn't have become the people that we
are today!

Matt: You're right! We never would have won all those
battles without each other.

T.K.: I feel like I've grown up a lot!

Sora: I think we've all grown up in a lot of ways.

Tai: I've grown up too! I'm a much better fighter now!

[Back on Earth, the digi-destined's families continue
to watch Apocalymon through the black hole in
the sky.]

Matt's father: You can do it!

Joe's brother: Come on! For Earth!

Sora's mom: We're so proud of you! No matter what

Izzy's father: Give it your all!

[Throughout the world, people are watching the sky, and
rooting for the kids.]

Tai: I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to quit

Sora: I'm with you, Tai! I won't let this whole
experience be for nothing!

Matt: Me neither. There is no way I'm about to let my
friends down!

Izzy: And besides, there are still a lot of people
counting on us down on Earth!

Mimi: Let's find a way!

Matt: Let's fight!

T.K.: We're ready!

Joe: We've reached the point where there's no turning

Kari: Crests or no crests, we're going to win!

Mimi: Are we togther?

Matt: We are!

T.K.: Then let's fight!

Joe: It's gonna be pretty tough without our crests.

Kari: Crests? We don't need no stinking crests!

[Beneath T.K.'s shirt, a form begins to glow.]

T.K: Ah! What? My heart!

[As the kids gasp, a glowing shape appears as well on
the chests of Kari, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Sora, Matt
and Tai.]

Agumon: It's your crests! You don't need to carry them
anymore because their power has been inside
of you this whole time!

Tai: You mean like, in our hearts?

Izzy: Prodigious. That makes perfect sense. It's like
my knowledge and Joe's sense of responsibility.
If your special traits are within you, then you don't
need your crest because your power will be within
you as well!

Matt: You're wrong!

[Izzy, Sora and Mimi look up at Matt, startled.]

Matt: It wasn't the friendship inside of me that made
my crest glow, Izzy. It was more than that. The
friendship I felt from all of you gathered inside my
heart, and that brought the power of my crest to life.

Tai: So each person's crest isn't powered by
themselves. It's powered by the faith we have in each

Kari: Then the light inside of me is for everyone!

[Kari's crest shines, and Gatomon is surrounded in a
familiar light.]

Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to.... Angewomon!

T.K.: And everyone's hopes are my hopes!

[T.K.'s crest shines as well, and Patamon is also
bathed in light.]

Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.... Angemon!

Angemon: Angemon digivolve to.... MagnaAngemon.

Izzy: Knowledge!

Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to.... Kabuterimon.

Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon digivolve to....

Mimi: Sincerity.

Palmon: Palmon digivolve to.... Togemon!

Togemon: Togemon digivolve to.... Lillymon!

Joe: Reliability!

Gomamon: Gomamon digivolve to.... Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon digivolve to.... Zudomon!

Sora: Mine's love!

Biyomon: Biyomon digivolve to.... Birdramon!

Birdramon: Birdramon digivolve to.... Garudamon!

Matt: Friendship!

Gabumon: Gabumon warp digivolve to.... MetalGarurumon!

Tai: Courage!

Agumon: Agumon warp digivolve to.... WarGreymon!

[The kids and their fully digivolved digimon reappear
in the black space in front of Apocalymon.]

Izzy: We did it! We reassembled ourselves!

Apocalymon: What!

Tai: You're dealing with the new and improved

[The kids all raise their fists, ready for the fight of
their lives.]

Narrator: You won't want to miss the final battle that
decides the fate of two worlds. Tune in to the
next Digimon: Digital Monsters.