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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Crests and Tags

Patamon's World > Digivice > Digital Technology > Crests and Tags

Crests and Tags

Crests and Tags are used in Normal Digivolution. They let the Digimon digivolve past their Champion stage. When they are made unavailable to the kids, the Digidestined find that the power of the crests is in their hearts and they don't need the crests to digivolve their Digimon. The crests represent traits of the children that they had 4 years previously, when they saw the first Digimon battle (Digimon: The Movie, part 1).

The Crests and Tags were hidden by Devimon and were recovered from various places. Most of the kids had to undergo a test before the crests would glow (and help their Digimon digivolve).


Digidestined: All

The tags are worn around the neck and hold the crests. The crests slot into the clear plastic bit on the tag. The tags were found together, under the sea. Whamon took the kids to the tags in return for them removing the Black Gear from his stomach.

Crest of Courage

Digidestined: Tai

Digimon: Greymon

Digivolves to: MetalGreymon

Found in: Back entrance of a cave - Ep.15, "Dark Network of Etemon"

Test: Tai rescues Sora when she's kidnapped by Datamon (whoa, what a nice guy!) and he has to find a way through an electric fence with one safe place. Needless to say, he finds the safe spot and then his crest starts to glow. (Pity. I wonder what would have happened if he'd died. Maybe Matt would have become the new goggle boy? Or Joe? No, that's just scary.)

Crest of Friendship

Digidestined: Matt

Digimon: Garurumon

Digivolves to: WereGarurumon

Found in: A well just outside Piximon's portal - Ep.18 "Piximon Cometh"

Test: Vegiemon captured T.K. and Joe attacked Vegiemon to rescue T.K. and got captured himself. Joe told Matt to forget about him and save T.K., but Matt realised he had a bunch of friends and he didn't have to do everything by himself.

Crest of Love

Digidestined: Sora

Digimon: Birdramon

Digivolves to: Garudamon

Found in: Datamon's possession - Ep.20 "The Earthquake of MetalGreymon"

Test: DemiDevimon told Sora that her crest would never glow because she was incapable of love and she never had love in her life. She believed him because she thought her mother didn't love her. When she had to fight Myotismon, she realised that her mother did love her and was only trying to protect her. It made her crest glow.

Crest of Sincerity

Digidestined: Mimi

Digimon: Togemon

Digivolves to: Lillymon

Found in: A large cactus flower - Ep.17, "Crest of Sincerity"

Test: Mimi's family was taken hostage by Myotismon. When they tried to escape Mimi's dad went to save them from a DarkTyrannomon. Togemon was fighting, too, but she was too weak against it. Mimi realised that the people she loved were getting hurt and she couldn't do anything about it. With this sincerity, her crest glowed.

Crest of Knowledge

Digidestined: Izzy

Digimon: Kabuterimon

Digivolves to: MegaKabuterimon

Found in: A well just outside Piximon's portal - Ep.18 "Piximon Cometh"

Test: Vademon took Izzy's curiosity and this brainwashed him and gave him "peace of mind". (I'd take the curiosity any day.) Tentomon's power was drained and he de-digivolved to Pabumon. (Oh, it's SO cute! Pabu, pabu!) This made Izzy wake up (literally) to the fact that his curiosity was half of what made him smart. This made his crest glow. MegaKabuterimon destroyed Vademon's shop.

Crest of Reliability

Digidestined: Joe

Digimon: Ikkakumon

Digivolves to: Zudomon

Found in: Under the soccer net the kids were trapped under - Ep.16 "Arrival of SkullGreymon"

Test: Joe and T.K. were trying to get to the main island to help the others fight Myotismon. They were riding on Ikkakumon. A MegaSeadramon attacked them and they were thrown into the water. Joe put T.K. on a floating board in the water, but couldn't swim himself and sank. He was so reliable that he made his crest glow and Zudomon destroyed MegaSeadramon and rescued Joe.

Crest of Hope

Digidestined: T.K.

Digimon: Angemon

Digivolves to: MagnaAngemon

Found in: Blocking a passageway - Ep.19 "The Prisoner of the Pyramid"

Test: This was the very last test. (Poor T.K. - his Digimon was the last to digivolve and his crest was the last to work.) The kids were fighting Piedmon, who had turned everyone into keychains except T.K., Patamon and Kari. Sora had told him that he had to protect Kari. Piedmon cut the rope T.K. and Kari were hanging onto and they started to fall. Then T.K. saw his brother's keychain and realised that he couldn't give up because he had to protect Kari. The hope filled his heart and made his crest glow, and Angemon digivolved and destroyed Piedmon.

Crest of Light

Digidestined: Kari

Digimon: Gatomon

Digivolves to: Angewomon

Found in: Wizardmon's possession (he found it in the water) - Ep.37 "Wizardmon's Gift"

Test: This crest works straight away, there's no test.

Crest of Kindness

Digidestined: Ken

Digimon: Stingmon

Digivolves to: Dinobeemon

Ken's crest, the only crest in S2. He found it in the sand (S2 Ep.21 "Crest of Kindness"). He used it to try and stop the plant blowing up. Thanks to Eliana for this picture.



Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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