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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Digimania Test
Patamon's World > Digimania Test

Digimania Test

Here's a test to see just how much of a Digimaniac you are. Just answer "yes" or "no" to each question.

1. Do you love Digimon?
2. Do you, upon finding that Digimon is being taken off air, burst into tears and sulk for the rest of the day? (I actually did this.)

3. Do you spend all your Internet time surfing Digimon sites?

4. Would you organise a Digimon convention at your school / sports club / Scout hall etc. if you thought you could get away with it?

5. When you have to do Public Speaking, do you talk about Digimon?

6. Do you tape every episode and staunchly refuse to tape over it?

7. Do you spend all your free time engaged in Digimon-related activities?

8. Do you have a Digimon website?

9. Do you find yourself itching to novelize Digimon: The Movie? (I would do this if there was any money in it.)

10. Do you buy everything Digimon you see / are allowed to buy / can afford?

11. Do you memorise Digimon episodes and spend half your time quoting from them?

12. Did you learn Japanese just so you could watch all the episodes and movies in the original versions?

13. Do you walk around spouting Digimon songs? (Yes? Well, "let's kick it up...")

14. Do you write Digimon fanfics in your spare time?

15. Do you spend class drawing Digimon fanart?

16. If you're caught doing something wrong, do you say "Devimon made me do it"?

17. Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone had a Digimon partner?

18. Do you slug people who criticize Digimon?

19. Do you gush about the cuteness of, say, Kuwagamon?

20. Is Myotismon your mentor?

21. Do you want to marry Ken / Kouichi *kawaii!* / Kouji / Matt / Zoe / Kari / [insert Digidestined's name here]?

22. Do you frequent Digimon forums?

23. Would you embark on a fan-made Digimon season? (Disturbingly enough, this is exactly what I've done.)

24. Do you draw Digimon fan mangas?

25. Are your bedroom walls covered with Digimon pictures?

26. Is your ideal holiday destination the Digital World?

27. Do you pretend your cell phone turned into a D-Tector?

28. Does your TV-viewing schedule consist almost exclusively of Digimon?

29. Do you get mad when someone describes Digimon as a cartoon instead of an Anime?

30. Do you cry when a Digimon gets reconfigured?

31. When it's your little brother's birthday and he blows out the candles, do you say "Now make a wish, Shinya"? (Yes, yes, I did...)

32. Do you keep thinking your little brother or sister is T.K., Kari, Cody, Susie, Tommy, the younger Ken or Shinya? (Yes, my brother's Shinya, I think so anyway...)

33. Do your essays for English class run off on a Digimon-related tangent?

34. Do you wear goggles all the time just in case you get whisked off to the Digital World?

35. When you have a "dress-up day" or costume contest, do you go as a Digidestined?

36. Would you go to an Anime convention just to see if they had any Digimon stuff?

37. When you meet someone, is the first question you ask "Do you like Digimon?"?

38. Do you call your plump, chocolate-loving friend "J.P."?

39. Do you press the drama teachers at school to do Digimon for their next play, and offer to write the script yourself?

40. Did you actually read down to here on this page?

41. Do you give all your friends Digimon character nicknames? (I call my friend David "Daisuke", Aidan "Hikari" and Bob "Junpei"...)

42. Did you know everything about Frontier before it was released in your country?

43. When your English teacher yells at you because you kept quoting Digimon, do you reply with another quote?

44. Do you give your pet a name ending in "mon" and put yourself in danger so it'll digivolve?

45. Do you yabber on about Digimon so much that your friends hit you when you mention the word "Digimon"?

46. When someone says something you don't agree with, do you raise your plastic sword, jab it at them and yell "Transcendent Sword"?

47. If you don't have a sword on you, do you puff up your cheeks and go "Boom Bubble...pah!"?

48. When your pet dies, do you think "it'll never really die, it just gets reconfigured"?

49. Do your parents tell you to shut up every time they hear "Digi"-something?

50. Is your life motto "United with Digimon" or some other Digimon-related phrase? 

Scoring: 1 point for each "yes" answer. Save the patch next to your score and put it on your website! Please link it back to
41+: You are a true Digimaniac. There's not many people who are more into Digimon than you, and you're proud of it. Congratulations, keep up the good work and keep visiting PW!

31-40: You really love Digimon, don't you? You're smart enough to keep your mouth shut at times, but in your heart you love Digimon. Keep going and someday you'll be a Digimaniac.
21-30: You're a big Digimon fan, but not to the point of obsession. Your life is a nice balance between Digimon and reality.
11-20: You think Digimon's OK, but it's not your favourite thing in the world. You don't have enough time to love Digimon anyway. 
0-10: You're not much of a Digimaniac at all. Some bits are OK, some characters are cute, but you'd rather watch something else. Like DBZ? *hits self on head* Or you completely hate Digimon, in which case I'm not sure why you're hanging around PW. Maybe you're Tumble.


Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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