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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - D-Power - Season 3 Episode Guide
Patamon's World > D-Power > Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Digimon Tamers (Season 3)

I missed most of this season, so my summaries tend to be quite short. The short ones were written by me, and the long and detailed ones by Caroline. (If a summary page doesn't have a byline on it then it's mine.) To see the script for an episode, go to this page.

# Episode Name
01 Guilmon Comes Alive
02 Digimon, Digimon Everywhere
03 To Fight or Not to Fight
04 It Came from the Other Side
05 Dream a Little Dream
06 O, Partner, Where Art Thou?
07 Now You See It, Now You Don't
08 A Question of Trust
09 Not as Seen on TV
10 The Icemon Cometh
11 Much Ado About Musyamon
12 Divided They Stand
13 Juggernaut
14 Grow Mon Grow
15 Snakes, Trains and Digimon
16 Back to Nature, Back to Battle
17 Duel with the Deva
18 Digital Beauty
19 Impmon's Last Stand
20 Out of the Blue
21 Jeri's Quest
22 The Boar Wars
23 A World Apart
24 The Journey Begins
25 Brave New Digital World
26 Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure
27 Motorcycle Madness
28 Blame it on Ryo
29 Goliath
30 An Imperfect Storm
31 Kazu's Upgrade
32 Shibumi Speaks
33 Rabbit Transit
34 Lionheart
35 Give a Little Bit
36 The Battle Within
37 No Mon is an Island
38 Azulongmon Explains All
39 Song of Sakuyamon
40 Janyu's Ark
41 Homeward Bound
42 Reunion
43 Beelzemon's Big Day
44 The Messenger
45 The D-Reaper's Disguise
46 When is a Mon Justimon?
47 His Kingdom for a Horse
48 Shadow of the Beast King
49 Reaper Feast
50 Jeri Fights Back
51 Such Sweet Sorrow


Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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