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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Frequently Asked Questions
Patamon's World > Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are site FAQs. Go here for Digimon FAQs.

Where do you get your info?

I get almost all my info from the Digimon TV show. I also read the Digimon trivia books and game guides. Occasionally I find info on other websites as well. I get news from other websites, as well as straight from the companies behind Digimon and Ishik's Japanese magazines (go V-Jump!).

How come the Digidex still has the old layout?

I'm completely redeveloping the Digidex. It's got a new layout and is databased. You'll hopefully see it by April.

Why do I get the wrong information on a page sometimes? Like, I click on a page and it goes to a page of info about something else.

This site is still in development, and I'm using placeholders for some pages while I develop the content. If you get a page like that, that's why. This should happen very rarely. I think I've ironed out all of these, but if you find one please email me. It's probably a wrong link.

Something looks like it should be a link, but it's not. Why?

Those are pages that I haven't made yet. I will do those as soon as I can.

What do you use to make your site?

I use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, as well as a bit of HTML. Mostly I don't have time for hand coding, though, so I tend to stick with WYSIWYG. I used Microsoft Frontpage 2000 for many years. DON'T use it, if you have a choice. Something like Nvu (the open-source editor from the Mozilla team) is far better. When I switched PW from Frontpage into DW, I had to completely recode every one of the 1000+ webpages because of Frontpage's poor coding. Apparently the latest versions are better, but I still don't trust them~

Where do you get ideas?

I've been surfing (the Internet - not the waves!) for ages, and you pick up ideas when you surf.

Where do you get all your images?

It depends. Some of them I get from Google Image Search, some of them are from request from other webmasters. People send me a lot of images, and then there's PW's official screenshot takers, of course! If you mean layout images, I make them using other images (like screenshots).

How do you make your buttons and banners?

I use several different programs. I use the icons some sites offer for download (like these) for little pictures, and I grab bits out of screenshots. My current arsenal of programs for image editing and tweaking includes:

PhotoImpact is awesome for preset backgrounds, while Fireworks pwnz for stuff to do with text. Elements is nice, but a bit involved just for buttons. It's fine for banners.

Can you make me a button/banner?

Sure, why not? But you have to link back to PW.

Why is there a Dot.TK ad every time I load your site?

'Cause you're using the domain. I use their free redirection service and they have an ad. A really horrible ad. Solution? Don't use it. Use our *real* domain. <--- See, it's easy to remember ^____^ Update your bookmarks. XD

Why do I have to link to

You don't anymore. If I don't get enough hits, the domain gets cancelled, but now it brings up a huge ad thing which I hate, and I think we get enough hits to not have to link to that one. Besides, I got a new domain for PW, so feel free to link to instead.

Can I use your content/layout?

See the Legal Stuff page for info on using content. Using my layout? No way! This is my layout, it took me ages to design it (well, maybe not ages; but it does take 5 minutes to save every time I change something, and the layout did take several hours to design and implement) and it's COPYRIGHT. But if you need layout, HTML, CSS etc. help, just ask me. I won't bite. (Probably not, anyway. Just beware of the penguin.)

How much time do you spend on PW?

Not enough. I used to spend around 10 hours a week on it back when I was in school, but with university I don't have a lot of time to spend on it, and I tend to spend too much time playing Minesweeper and talking to friends anyway. I'm lazy. :P (See below)

Is PW going to go multi-Anime like, for example, the Anime Edition and LELOLA?

No. That's for certain. Although I have separate Pokémon and (non-updating) Beyblade sites, as well as Animeopolis, my general Anime site, PW will not merge into them. I don't want to sacrifice depth of content in one area for a heap of stuff in other areas, so while Aop lifts its Digimon content directly from PW (as is understandable; I'm not going to rewrite everything!) PW is going to stay on its own.

Do you know Japanese?

I have a very limited vocabulary, and practically no grasp of grammar, but I'm learning. Kind of. When I have time. (I bought a program that teaches you Japanese, and a romaji dictionary.) I can say Anata wa baka (tee hee).

Then how come you have Jap-language link buttons?

Um... let's just say... Katakana is not that hard to learn...???

Why do you have so many link buttons?

It's a mental thing. I make them to relax. Or something like that. But PW has enough now, so if you want some email me. (Generally, if someone asks me for one I'll end up making them 3... or 6... that's not a hint for you to email me asking for 100. >_>)

Why are you so obsessed with Kouichi?

I'm not! I'm just a total Kouichi freak! Seriously, he's the cutest character I've ever seen. C'mon, you've gotta admit that! Although Kouji and Ken are pretty cute too, when they're smiling.

Who owns this site? Arbromon, do you own this site?

Uh... I own the site. But that doesn't really answer your question, does it? XD o_O Yeah, uh, I'm Jedi_Amara XD.

Vande, is this your site?

See above. *avoidance*

Why don't you update more?

'Cause I'm lazy. Really lazy. Incredibly lazy. I don't do anything unless I get poked a lot. I don't even do my job in the anime club. Which is actually to update the website. o_O Well, look at it this way, I guess. I'm a second-year university student, and my parents expect me to keep my grades up, so homework and stuff take first priority (17 contact hours a week doesn't sound like much, until you realise that you have to do between one and two hours of self-study for every contact hour, plus factoring in time to eat, club meetings and time to chase lecturers up). After that there's still music - I play two instruments and also play in the uni orchestra, which has spurts of about 20 hours of rehearsals in one week on top of regular homework and practice - and then anime club and stuff, so websites are quite low on my list of priorities.

Who hosts you?

Greg (JKaizer), but I help pay for it, which means I get access to all the hosting control panels and stuff too.

What is it with you and JKaizer, anyway?

What do you mean, what is it with us? He's my best friend, that's all! We consider ourselves twins, 'cause we think exactly the same way. XD NO! NOT THAT! OK, our minds work in the same way.

Why do your FAQ pages always end up really weird?

Because people ask me weird questions, and I'm too lazy to answer them properly. See above.

I sent you an email. Why didn't you reply?

Probably 'cause I was too lazy. I get too much email. I dislike email. I avoid replying to email. I have a backlog of more than a year's worth of email to reply to, so you'll probably get an answer sometime. You're far more likely to get a reply if you register at the forums and private-message me. You could try to catch me on instant messaging sometime, but I never use YIM, only a few people here know my private AIM account and talking to too many people on MSN at once annoys me. Hmmm.... if I'm on IRC, you can use that too~ see the chat page.

Who are you stalking at the moment?

No one. Not right now, anyway.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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