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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Spirits

Patamon's World > Digivice > Digital Technology > Spirits


Spirits are basically the equivalent of crests or eggs in Frontier. There are two Spirits for each element, a Human spirit and a Beast spirit. Spirits let Digidestined spirit evolve into Digimon. A human or Digimon using a certain spirit will always digivolve to the same Digimon. Beast Spirit Digimon are more powerful than Human forms, but they are harder to control.
Spirits of Flame

Digidestined: Takuya

Digimon: Agunimon (H) / BurningGreymon (B)

Released by: AncientGreymon

H Spirit found: The kids arrived in the Digital World and Cerberumon started chasing them around. Takuya tried to stop him and ended up being thrown into a fire, but it was OK because he found his Spirit of Flame in the fire and spirit evolved into Agunimon. (Episode 1, "All Aboard")

B Spirit found: Shamanmon was possessed by the Beast Spirit of Flame, becoming BurningGreymon, and destroyed Golemon. Then he lost control and tried to attack Agunimon. Agunimon managed to free Shamanmon and get the Spirit, but then he couldn't control it and attacked Beetlemon. Eventually he managed to control it. (Episodes 11 and 12, "A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon" and "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles")

Spirits of Light

Digidestined: Kouji

Digimon: Lobomon (H) / KendoGarurumon (B)

Released by: AncientGarurumon

H Spirit found: Kouji was fending off Raremon. In saving Tommy, he fell into a big hole in the middle of the ground, where he found his Spirit. (Episode 2, "Lobomon: Warrior of Light")

B Spirit found: Kouji got the spirit when he was fighting Gigasmon, aided by the Gotsumon. He was able to control it enough (eventually) to get rid of Gigasmon - for the moment... (Episode 10, "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down") 

Spirits of Ice

Digidestined: Tommy

Digimon: Kumamon (H) / Korikakumon (B)

Released by: AncientMegatheriumon

H Spirit found: When the Digidestined were "tested" by the Candlemon, Agunimon was disabled by the candles with legs. Tommy got his Spirit and defeated one of the Candlemon that attacked the kids. (Episode 3, "Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire")

B Spirit Found: The Toucanmon had stolen the boys' D-Tectors. Datamon got hold of Tommy's D-Tector and wouldn't believe it was his. Eventually he found out that it was Tommy's and gave it back. Tommy found that Datamon had put his Beast Spirit into the D-Tector! He digivolved into Korikakumon to fight Petaldramon. (Episode 17, "Bizarre Bazaar")

Spirits of Wind

Digidestined: Zoe

Digimon: Kazemon (H) / Zephyrmon (B)

Released by: AncientKazemon

H Spirit found: Zoe and J.P. were in Breezy Village, helping out the Floramon. The three Mushroomon brothers attacked and Zoe slapped them. J.P. insulted the Mushroomon and they attacked again. Zoe found her spirit and spirit-evolved to Kazemon, but was defeated when the Mushroomon digivolved together to Woodmon. (Kouji showed up and finished him off.) (Episode 4, "Kazemon Kicks It")

B Spirit found: The Toucanmon had the boys' D-Tectors, and Ranamon took advantage of the situation to attack. Zoe spirit evolved into Kazemon, but she was no match for Calmaramon, who pushed her into the whirlpool created by Cherubimon. At the bottom, Zoe found her beast spirit in a clamshell and BS-evolved to defeat Calmaramon, for the moment. (Episode 16, "The Swiss Family Digimon")

Spirits of Thunder

Digidestined: J.P.

Digimon: Beetlemon (H) / MetalKabuterimon (B)

Released by: AncientBeetmon

H Spirit found: J.P. was feeling really upset because he was the only kid to not have got a Spirit yet. The DD found a wind factory and, on their tour of it, realized that the Kokuwamon were being overworked. The other kids Spirit Evolved to go and confront the factory manager, a Snimon. When they were attacked (well, obviously), the Spirit of Thunder appeared and J.P. evolved into Beetlemon to defeat Snimon. (Episode 5, "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon")

B The Trailmon the DD were riding dropped them in an underground cave, where they found a very upset Whamon who'd been trapped in there when Grumblemon destroyed the seashore. Suddenly, Grumblemon and Arbormon turned up and attacked. When Arbormon slide-evolved to Petaldramon and Grumblemon headed for J.P., Whamon realized he'd eaten the Beast Spirit of Thunder. It appeared in front of J.P., who spirit-evolved and digitized Grumblemon! (Episodes 14, "No Whamon")

Spirits of Darkness (corrupted)

Digidestined: Kouichi

Digimon: Duskmon (H) / Velgemon (B)

Released by: AncientSphinxmon

Kouichi followed his brother to the train station, but missed the train when he fell down a long flight of stairs. He was badly injured, and somehow Cherubimon attracted his spirit into the Digital World. He was given the corrupted Spirits of Darkness and became the evil Hybrid Duskmon.

Spirits of Darkness (purified)

Digidestined: Kouichi

Digimon: Lowemon (L) / JagerLowemon (K)

Released by: AncientSphinxmon

When Duskmon was defeated by Takuya and Kouji, Kouji took his Spirits and purified them using his D-Tector. Kouichi was able to Beast Spirit Evolve into JagerLowemon to fight Cherubimon, but it was only an image... (Episodes 32 and 33, "My Brother in Spirit" and "Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet")

Spirits of Earth

Digidestined: (Rumoured to be Katsuharu)

Digimon: Grumblemon (H) / Gigasmon (B)

Released by: AncientVolcamon

Takuya grabbed Grumblemon's Beast Spirit. (Episode 12, "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles") Grumblemon stole Zoe's Spirit and MetalKabuterimon defeated him and took his Spirit to get it back. (Episode 14, "No Whamon")

Spirits of Steel

Digidestined: (Rumoured to be Terou)

Digimon: Mercurymon (H) / Sakkakumon (B)

Released by: AncientWisemon

Takuya, as Aldamon, defeats Mercurymon inside Sakkakumon (o_O, he's inside himself) after he gets rid of ShadowSeraphymon. Upon his escape from Sakkakumon, the other kids (except for Kouji, who's off chasing Duskmon) are attacked by the eye-guy and Aldamon takes his spirit too. (Episodes 28 and 29, "Darkness Before The Dawn" and "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon")

Spirits of Wood

Digidestined: (Rumoured to be Teppei)

Digimon: Arbormon (H) / Petaldramon (B)

Released by: AncientTrojamon

Petaldramon attacked the Digidestined in the Continent of Darkness, but Kouji scanned his Beast Spirit. Arbormon was then surprised by Duskmon, who defeated him and scanned his Human Spirit because he was disgusted at his low power level. (Episode 21, "Darkest Before Duskmon")

Spirits of Water

Digidestined: (Rumoured to be Chiaki)

Digimon: Ranamon (H) / Calmaramon (B)

Released by: AncientMermaimon

When Zoe defeated Ranamon / Calmaramon in Sakkakumon's Water Sphere, she took her Spirits. (Episode 26, "Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure")

A-Hybrids - Fusion Spirits

Digidestined: Takuya

Digimon: Aldamon

Released by: AncientGreymon

When Takuya was inside Sakkakumon, ShadowSeraphymon attacked him. BurningGreymon wasn't anywhere near powerful enough to defeat the powerful shadow Digimon and it looked like the end for Takuya! Suddenly, Seraphymon's egg floated up and beamed energy into the sphere of Sakkakumon that Takuya was in, giving him the power to Fusion Evolve to Aldamon. (Episode 28, "Darkness Before The Dawn")

Digidestined: Kouji

Digimon: Beowolfmon

Released by: AncientGarurumon

Kouji was inside Sakkakumon when he found Duskmon. Duskmon grabbed him and tried to split him in two with his sword. Luckily, Seraphymon's egg decided to RIIIIIIIIISE up (tee hee) and beam the energy needed for Fusion Evolution into the sphere. Kouji fusion-evolved and Duskmon ran away. (Tee hee again.) (Episode 27, "Stuck In Sakkakumon With You")

Z-Hybrids - Unity Spirits

Digidestined: Takuya

Digimon: EmperorGreymon

Released by: AncientGreymon

The Digidestined were trying to free Ophanimon, but Cherubimon defeated them one by one and took all the D-Tectors except for Zoe's. As Cherubimon prepared to attack Zephyrmon, Ophanimon blocked the attack, but even she was not powerful enough to match Cherubimon. However, she grabbed the D-Tectors back, and used the last of her strength to upgrade Takuya's and Kouji's so they could Hyper Spirit Evolve (Unity Evolve in the dub, but HSE sounds better). Takuya uses the spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Wood, and Earth. (Episode 35, "Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution")

Digidestined: Kouji

Digimon: MagnaGarurumon

Released by: AncientGarurumon

The Digidestined were trying to free Ophanimon, but Cherubimon defeated them one by one and took all the D-Tectors except for Zoe's. As Cherubimon prepared to attack Zephyrmon, Ophanimon blocked the attack, but even she was not powerful enough to match Cherubimon. However, she grabbed the D-Tectors back, and used the last of her strength to upgrade Takuya's and Kouji's so they could Hyper Spirit Evolve (Unity Evolve in the dub, but HSE sounds better). Kouji uses the spirits of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Water, and Steel. (Episode 35, "Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution")

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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