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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Cody's Digi-Dictionary D
Patamon's World > Cody's Digi-Dictionary (D)

Cody's Digi-Dictionary (D)

Thanks to GoldenMag0 for some of this stuff.


D-3 Digivice - The Season 2 Digivice. It is bigger and differently-shaped than a normal Digivice. Using a D-3, the Digidestined can open the Digi-Port. Digimon can also DNA-digivolve with a D-3. They are called D-3s because they have three settings: Digital, Detect and Discover. (S2)
Dark Digivice - The black Digivice of the Digimon Emperor, Kenji Ichijouji. He can make Digimon under his control digivolve. (S2)
Dark Digivolution - The act of digivolving while under the Digimon Emperor's control, with the help of the Dark Digivice. (S2)
Dark Masters - The four evil Mega level Digimon MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon and Piedmon, who are out to get the Season 1 Digidestined. (S1)
Dark Network - A network of computer cables that stretch through the Digital World. Etemon draws power from it to use his Concert Crush attack. (S1)
Dark Ring - Similar to a Black Gear, a Dark Ring allows the Digimon Emperor to control a Digimon. Dark Rings only work on Digimon up to Champion level. (S2) More information
Dark Spiral - Similar to a Black Gear, a Dark Spiral allows the Digimon Emperor to control a Digimon. Dark Spirals work on higher level Digimon as well - they can control Ultimates. (S2) More information
Dark Spore - If you've ever watched or played Pokémon, a Dark Spore is like Leech Seed. It's implanted into a person and takes over its host, turning him or her to the Dark Side. It also turns its host into a genius, like Ken, who became normal once his Spore was negated. (S2)
Data - one of three attributed types that a Digimon can have. Data type Digimon can be good or evil.

De-digivolution - The opposite of Digivolution, when a Digimon runs out of energy and reverts to an earlier stage.

Destiny Stones - 7 huge boulders scattered throughout the Digital World, which keep it in balance. Most were destroyed by BlackWarGreymon. (S2)

Digidestined - Children who travel to the Digital World. Each Digidestined has a Digimon partner. The Digidestined's purpose is to give DIGI-POWER to their Digimon to help them fight off viruses. This is caused by an adrenaline rush that the Digidestined gets when in trouble, which causes an electrical current to run through the Digimon and is turned into DIGI-POWER. (Think of  it as the power source powering their Digimon.) This Digi-Power allows the Digimon to digivolve to a higher level and protect its human partner. Also known as Tamers (S3) and Frontier Kids (S4).


(1) When a Digimon's data is deleted, if it isn't removed entirely it is reconfigured into a new piece of Digimon data taking new attributes to better suit its new position in the Digital World.

(2) See Armour-Egg.

Digi-Modify - See Card Slash.

Digimon - A piece of  information data that is based on programming code on the Internet.
There are various types of data that are processed at different times, which create many Digimon Digi-Eggs that are similar in design, though they have many different attributes. This might help you understand:
Angemon - Religion / Vaccine Data

Devimon - System Error / Virus Data

Datamon - Informative / Data

"Digimon" is short for Digital Monster. Digimon live in the Digital World. Each Digimon has a number of different digivolution stages and every Rookie level or higher has its own special attack.

Digimon are not generally classified as male or female, although some are seen as "girl" or "boy" Digimon. (Examples: Gatomon is a girl and Veemon and Patamon are boys.)

Digimon Analyzer - What I'm trying to make in Visual Basic. Seriously, though, the Analyzer is a program on Izzy's laptop. It receives data about a Digimon from a Digivice. Later, in Season 2, a D3 can analyze a Digimon. (S1)

Digimon Emperor - Kenji Ichijouji's alter ego. He was implanted with a Dark Spore and wanted to take over the Digital World. He had little regard for his partner Wormmon, or other Digimon. He created the Digimon Kimeramon. When Wormmon was reconfigured he turned back into Ken.

The Digimon Emperor should have been Ken's brother, Sam, but he died in an accident. (S2)

Digimon Partner - A Digimon that best fits who a Digidestined is as a person and is manifested in digital matter.

Digi-Port - A gate, on a computer, between the real and Digital Worlds. (S2)

"DIGI-POWER" - The stuff that a Digimon runs on. It's probably most like electricity, but it's hard to explain. You can get it from context - see other entries in the Dictionary.
Digital Gate - See Digi-Port.
Digital World - Basically a computer's stored data. Each computer has its own digital world reality. All the realities are linked into a network to form the Digital World.
Digivice - In Season 1, Digivices are tools that help Digimon digivolve by transferring the DIGI-POWER of the Digidestined to their Digimon. This allows them to digivolve. (Think of Digivices as wires connecting the Digidestined and their Digimon.) Each Digidestined receives a Digivice. Digivices also have other powers such as destroying Black Gears, transporting Digidestined between the real world and the Digital World and finding other Digidestined. (S1) S2 equivalent: D3. S3 equivalent: D-Power. S4 equivalent: D-Tector.
Digivolution - When an upgrade occurs and all of a Digimon's data upgrades to the next level. This is a kind of evolution. Digimon can also de-digivolve into earlier stages, unlike Pokémon.
DNA Digivolution - When 2 different Digimon data blueprints merge into one to create one new Digimon with even more powerful data than the original Digimon. (S2, DtM) More information
D-Power - The Season 3 Digivice. Transfers extra digital code from cards into a Digimon using Card Slash. This works like a credit card. (S3)
D-Tector - The Season 4 Digivice. Detects spirits of the 10 legendary warriors and infuses their power into a human so they can Spirit Evolve. (S4)
D-Terminal - A device similar to a small handheld computer, which works with the D3 Digivice. Allows Digidestined to send emails, use maps etc. (S2)


Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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