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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Java Chat
Patamon's World > Chat


IRC chat's back. #ryux is currently sitting on the Dejatoons server, and will probably stay there, unless I move it to Blitzed which is where the rest of the Digimon channels seem to be. *shrugs* But JA doesn't like Blitzed much. Instructions:

  1. Fire up your IRC program. Windows users can use mIRC.
  2. Join the server on the default port of 6667. Just type in /server in the text box.
  3. You'll be asked to join a channel. Type #ryux and you're in. Or type /join #ryux in the text box.

You can also access it through the web by going to

#RyuX is shared with the other RyuX Network sites. Beware the evil aOps! They're Jedi_Amara (aka JA, KOUICHI_IS_MINE, KOUICHI_IS_STILL_MINE, TheAvengingRemoraOfDoom, JAtheGoodCharlotteFreak, MissPenguin, GreatKawaiiPenguin, WobblyPenguin, KamikazeKame, _GLOMP_HARE_, _RAPE_RABBIT_) and Greg (Quaggy, QuagBot, JKaizer, JKai, Koroku or Minority o_O). We tend to change usernames a lot. Just look for people with an @ next to their name in the userlist. Our ops are the forum admins and hOps are the other staff members, while regulars are on autovoice.

Chat FAQ

People ask a lot of questions about IRC and the chat...

How do I change my nickname? Enter "/nick newname" without the quote marks.

How do I register my nickname so that no one else can take it and pretend to be me? Enter "/nickserv register password email", replacing password and email with the right things. When you log in under that nickname, it will ask you to identify yourself, so type "/msg nickserv identify password".

How do I do an action like "*name does something"? Enter "/me does something".

I want to have two servers open at once so I can chat on #ryux@dejatoons and another channel on a different server. When you connect to the second server type "/server -m" instead of "/server".

What do symbols next to people's names mean? "@" is op, these people have full control over the channel and can kick/ban you and stuff. These are mostly the forum admins and people we trust who know lots about IRC. "%" is half-op, these people are usually forum staff and other people we trust and have some op powers. They can kick and ban you too. "+" is voiced, this means that they can get files off fileservers and can talk when the channel is in moderated ("+m") mode.

What is moderated mode? Moderated mode ("+m") will sometimes be set on the channel by an op if there's lots of spamming and n00bishness going on. If the channel is in moderated mode only people with voice ("+") and above can talk.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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