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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Takeru's Fanfics
Patamon's World > Takeru's Fanfics

Takeru's Fanfics

At Takeru's Fanfics, read other people's fanfics or send in your own.

Yes, I know we have TKGC already, but who better to name a fanfics section after than the person who becomes a novelist?

Send in your fanfics to! Read the rules first. All fanfics get entered for the "Best Fanfic Award".




fanfics by Darkangemon
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 1: Objects in Motion G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 2: Acceleration G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 3: Unbalanced Force G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 4: Hour of the Wolf G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 5: Action and Reaction G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 6: In Darkness Bound G
Darkening of Dusk Chapter 7: Objects at Rest G
Power Revolutions Chapter 1: A Whisper in the Night G
Power Revolutions Chapter 2: The World Wrinkles G
Power Revolutions Chapter 3: Behind Blue Eyes G8+
Power Revolutions Chapter 4: The Lost One G8+
Power Revolutions Chapter 5: The Ultimate Angel G8+
Kouichi's Tale Prequel to The Fallen G
The Fallen Chapter 1: A Startling Surprise G
The Fallen Chapter 2: Where Angels Tread G
The Fallen Chapter 3: The Winds of Toteritz G
The Fallen Chapter 4: Darkening of Dusk G
The Fallen Chapter 5: Storm, Earth and Fire G
The Fallen Chapter 6: Missasundaztood G
The Fallen Chapter 7: Things We Leave Behind G
The Recruitment -- G
A Digimon Christmas Carol Act I: An Introduction to Scrooge G
A Digimon Christmas Carol Act II: Marley's Visit G
A Digimon Christmas Carol Act III: The Ghost of Christmas Past G
A Digimon Christmas Carol Act IV: The Ghost of Christmas Present G
A Digimon Christmas Carol Act V: The Ghost of Christmas Future G
The Very Secret Diary of Seraphimon Part 1 G
The Very Secret Diary of Seraphimon Part 2 G
fanfics by WK Graham
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 1: Friday PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 2: Companions PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 3: Worlds Collide PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 4: Lock Down PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 5: Shadows and Lights PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 6: Digivolution PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 7: The First Trojan Monster PG
Masters of Oblivion Chapter 8: The Rematch PG
fanfics by Gatitomon
Together We Fight; Together We Fall Chapter 1: The Eye of the Storm (Part 1) PG
Together We Fight; Together We Fall Chapter 1: The Eye of the Storm (Part 2) PG
fanfics by KumaKazemon
Dimension 4 - A Digital Odyssey Chapter 1 - Toyland G
fanfics by Chris-The-Boy
Grim Shadow Backstory G
Grim Shadow Chapter 1: Destiny Unravelled G
Grim Shadow Chapter 2: Silent Arrival G
Grim Shadow Chapter 2 1/2: Tai's Explanation G
Grim Shadow Chapter 3: Awakening G
fanfics by Jedi_Amara
Digimon Pataworlders Episode 1: Goggle Girl Mania G
Digimon Pataworlders Episode 2: Bring On The Music! G
Digimon Pataworlders Episode 3: Love, the GC Way! G
Digimon Pataworlders Episode 4: No Use For NUFAN G
fanfics by Wolf O'Donnell
Please note: These fanfics are hosted on and linked to by request of the author. Each of these fanfics is written in several chapters, accessible using the navigation features on
Digimon.EXE -- PG-13
Digimon(2).EXE -- PG-13
Digimon.EXE 3 -- PG-13
fanfics by Wendy / Relaxing Pikachu
Digital Dreams Do Come True! Chapter 01: "'Sayonara...' Last Day in the Digital World…" G
fanfics by SapphireGale / Digigirl
Totally Worth It -- PG
fanfics by Nasty Nate
Murderous -- PG
fanfics by NarimonsPartner
The Alliance Chapter 1: Crest Protector G
The Alliance Chapter 2: Memories from Lives Before G
fanfics by Omnidramon
Digimon: Legacy - The Crest Legacy Part 1 - Prologue: A Day in the Park PG (contains one swear word)
fanfics by ChiefYamaki
Digimon FlyAway Prelude: Return of MaloMyotismon G
Digimon FlyAway Episode 1: The International Digimon Competition G
Digimon FlyAway Episode 2: The New Digidestined's Leader G
Digimon FlyAway Episode 3: The News of New Digidestined, is that true? G
fanfics by Nikhilesh / DigimonTamer02
Digimon Tamers Zero Two Chapter 1: A New Legacy G
Digimon Tamers Zero Two Chapter 2: A Digi-Union G
Digimon Tamers Zero Two Chapter 3: Hearts and Minds G
Digimon Tamers Zero Two Chapter 4: The Reliable Use of Knowledge G
fanfics by True Digidestined Kitty
Digimon Legends Alive Introduction G
Digimon Legends Alive Chapter 1: Time of Revival PG
Digimon Legends Alive Chapter 2: New Protection Against Evil PG
Digimon Legends Alive Chapter 3: Cat Fight PG
Identities -- G
fanfics by FlameAngewomon
Digital Darkness Chapter 1 G
fanfics by Alban
Digimon: Horizons Chapter 1 G
Digimon: Horizons Chapter 2 G
fanfics by Airkid
Another Digital Adventure (a.k.a. The Light Incident) Book 1: All G8+
fanfics by The Doormat
The Digital Legends! All G
fanfics by Rowan
The Ninth Digidestined Part 1 G
fanfics by ComicMan16
Pokémon and Digimon Vs. BlackWarGreymon -- G
fanfics by Helmsmon
They're All Together -- PG
Rika's New Boyfriend -- PG
Rika's New Boyfriend - Continued -- PG
fanfics by Lord Patamon
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 1 PG
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 2 PG
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 3 PG
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 4 PG
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 5 PG
Gatomon's Baby Chapter 6 PG
Gatomon's Baby Epilogue: Part 1 PG
fanfics by WarKyubimon
Safe From The Dark Chapter 1: Heaven Knows G8+
fan mangas by virus
Digimon 1G Issue 1: Page 1 G
Digimon 1G Issue 1: Page 2 G
Digimon 1G Issue 1: Page 3 G
Digimon 1G Issue 1: Page 4 G
fanfics by Trescloud
Digimon Revolution Part 1 PG
Digimon Revolution Part 2: "Err... Exemute?" PG
Digimon Revolution Part 3: Meh. PG
fanfics by rikato matsuki
Digimon Tamers: A Turn of Events Chapters 1 to 27 G8+
Digimon Tamers: A New Set of Tamers Chapters 1 and 2 G8+
fanfics by teatowls
Power of the Forgotten Devas Chapter 1: "New Friends" G8+
fanfics by Tai Martinez
Digimon X-Tended Chapter 1: "The Time Warp" G
fanfics by watergoddess13
New Friends: Digimon Frontier Episode 1: "New Friends" G
New Friends: Digimon Frontier Episode 2: "A New Adventure" G
New Friends: Digimon Frontier Episode 3: "Love At First Flight" G
New Friends: Digimon Frontier Episode 4: "Digidestined vs. Digidestined" G
fanfics by Elizabeth
Koichi and Elizabeth Prologue G
Koichi and Elizabeth Chapter 1 G8+
Koichi and Elizabeth Chapter 3 G8+
(Please note: I haven't received the second chapter from the author.)
fanfics by Serenity
Takuya and Serenity's Adventure Part 1 PG
fanfics by Nadeshiko
Love is in the Air Chapter 1 G
Love is in the Air Chapter 2 G
fanfics by DigimonGirl
My Story Episode 1: "The Digital World In Danger" G
My Story Episode 2: "A New Digimon" G
My Story Episode 3: "My Brother's Keeper" G
My Story Episode 4: "Just Where Is Home" G
My Story Episode 5: "The Dark Trap" G
My Story Episode 6: "The Plan" G
The Tamers Chapter 1: "The Background" G
The Tamers Chapter 2: "A Surprise Visit" G
fanfics by dreamcaster
A New Digidestined -- G
fanfics by AngelTK
The Contest Davis will Always Remember -- PG
fanfics by Mimi
Minimon -- G


Rules for Submission:

  1. All work must be completely your own, original, etc.
  2. All fanfics must be attached to the email in the form of a TXT, RTF, HTM or HTML document. Do not include the fanfic in the body of the email.
  3. Check all grammar, spelling, etc. before you send in your fanfics. PW will not edit your fanfics for you, even if you ask nicely.
  4. All fanfics must be Anime related. It doesn't just have to be Digimon.
  5. In your email, please include:
    • Your name / nickname
    • Whether you want your email address to be made public
    • The title of your fanfic
    • A rating for your fanfic (G, G8+ and PG only)
    • If you fail to include your name/nickname and whether you want the email to be public, I will put up the email address and use the name associated with your email account, whether it's your real name, your parents' names or whatever.
  6. If you are submitting your fanfic in chapters, each submission will be posted separately. We'll do them in order, but we will not cut and paste. It's easier for people to read them that way, anyway. When your fic is finished, we link all the chapters together.
Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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