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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Sora's Fan Art Gallery
Patamon's World > Sora's Fan Art Gallery

Sora's Fan Art Gallery

In Sora's Fan Art Gallery, see other people's fan art or send in your own. Don't worry, we don't do anything to your pictures (except maybe resize them). All fanart gets entered for the "Best Artwork Award".

Send in your fan art to [ja at ryux dot net]! Read the rules first.

Why Sora's? Only because she becomes a fashion designer. (Oh, yeah. As if.) I was going to rename it to Takato's, but it didn't fit in the sidebar ~_~. Takato gets the card shop now, although maybe it should be Kazu's. :P




Fanart by Jedi_Amara
Chansey G
Chikorita G
Ludicolo Plushie G
Luna G
Minun G
Shroomish Plushie G
Takaishi Takeru G
T.K. and Patamon G
Torchic G
Vileplume Plushie G
Fanart by Hika Yagami
Angemon and Angewomon Unmasked G
Best Tomodachi G
Brotherly Love G
Chibi Mewtwo G
Chibi Tenshi-tachi (Little Angels) G
Chibi Tenshi-tachi: 2 G
Dancing G
Fairytale G
Kibou (Hope) G
Kisses G8+
Kouji Minamoto G
Light and Darkness G
Love and Jealousy G
Patamon and Gatomon G
Patamon and Tailmon G
PokéFlowers G
Roses for Tailmon G
Shadow Eraser G
(Description: 'This one is an original anime fanart that I've made. The two characters in the back are a boy named Chimii (Timmy) and a girl named Junshin. The boy in the front is Chimii's dark half named Tsumii (meaning "mistake"). The name of the pic is "Shadow Eraser" after the name of the story that I've made of it.')
Takari G
Takari Tenshis 02 PG
Takeru G
Tamers G
Tenshi (Angels) G8+
The Loss of Friendship G
Fanart by Arbromon
Abbismon G
Arbromon G
Armadillomon G
Bizamon G
Hivemon G
Jake and Hivemon G
Junomon G
LittleMamemon G
Maigemon G
Mechanomon G
Monphimon G
Nuisanmon G
Pilomon G
Quadramon G
Ronemon G
Seadramon G
Teekomon G
Tentomon G
Turtomon G
Vegamon G
Zodimon G
Zodimon 2 G
Zodimon 3 G
Arrowhead Cody G
Disco Davis G
Cyborg Izzy G
Slimy Kari G
Kiss Matt G
Mimi's Hat G
Tai the Clown G
SpiderTK G
Fanart by Magnus
Agumon Sketch G
Davis (Daisuke) G
ExVeemon G
ExVeemon G
ExVeemon Sketch G
Gabumon Sketch G
Garurumon G
Gazimon Sketch G
Guilmon G
Guilmon Sketch G
Impmon Sketch G
Renamon Sketch G
Tyrannomon Sketch G
Veemon Sketch G
Fanart by Homunculus
Alex and Seamon G
Clark and Lakemon G
DeathLakemon VS Sunflowmon G
Demiseamon G
Demiseamon Attacking G
Digimon Savers Gang G
Donald, Alex, Clark with Digimon G
Donald and Tornmon G
Playtime with DemiLakemon, Demiseamon and Spikemon G
Rebomon's Evolution Line G
Seamon in Moonlight G
Sunflowmon G
Sunflowmon Fighting G
Tapirmon's In-Training Mode with Demilakemon G
Fanart by Legacy
Antylamon (Ultimate Kwandomon) G
Bibimon (Baby Levremon) G
Demilopmon (In Training Lopmon) G
Eretmon (Rookie Rigormon) G
Fetemon (Baby Rigormon) G
Kerpymon Data G
Kotomon (Baby Demilopmon) G
Kwandomon (Champion Lopmon) G
Levremon (In Training Ubermon) G
Lopmon G
Metramon (Mega Yuiomon) G
Rigormon (In-Training Eretmon) G
Ubermon G
Vixmon (Champion Ubermon) G
Yuiomon (Ultimate Vixmon) G
Fanart by Splash(y XD)
Black-sweater Masaru G
White Day Masaru G
Fanart by DigimonGirl
New Digidestined G
There was a boy and there was a girl like there was anything wrong with that G
Fanart by Kari
Agumon G
Angemon G
Angemon 2 G
Angewomon G
Birdramon G
Bukamon G
Calumon G
Chibomon G
Davis G
Digimon Emperor G
Flamedramon G
Gabumon G
Gatomon G
Greymon G
Ikkakumon G
Kari G
Matt G
Numemon G
Patamon G
Pixiemon G
Terriermon G
Wormmon G
Fanart by Eliana
Pegasusmon G
Treecko G
Fanart by Hikari_Takaishi
PataGato G
Fanart by ashley119955
Codymon and Joemon G
FireGuilmon G8+
Gomamon G
Fanart by FlameAngewomon
Calumon G
Fanart by Darkangemon
Guilmon G
Fanart by Hitomi
Kawaii Takuya G
Fanart by HeeroYuy47
The Beauty Behind the Wind G
Fanart by flashmew
KnightAngemon G
Fanart by Helmsmon
Afro TK G
Batman Kazu G
Russian Ken G
Fanart by Mimi
Sora Mermaid G
Sumo J.P. G8+
Yukimon (Snowmon) G
Fanart by ravingtakarifan
Ken G
Older T.K. G
T.K. G

Rules for Submission:

  1. All work must be completely your own, original, etc. ie. you can't just grab someone else's fanart and try to pass it off as your own. Copying the pics that everyone has is allowed, though, I guess (eg. Kari's Flamedramon, or Eliana's Pegasusmon). And you can modify those pics as well (eg. Arbromon's cartoons), or create a montage.
  2. All fan art must be attached to the email in the form of a JPG, GIF, or PNG document. Please convert to PNG or something before sending, BMPs and TIFs really clog up the mailbox.
  3. No hentai, porn, etc.
  4. Art must be Anime/manga related. It doesn't just have to be Digimon (eg. we also have lots of Pokémon art - although that's mainly my fault, I draw a lot more Pokémon than Digimon XD). And it can be your original characters too.
  5. In your email, please include:
    • Your name / nickname
    • Whether you want your email address to be made public
    • The title of your artwork
    • A rating for your artwork (G, G8+ and PG only)
    • Which site the artwork should go on (look, I run Digimon, Pokémon, general Anime and Beyblade sites so I get stuff mixed up o_O)
    • If you fail to include your name/nickname and whether you want the email to be public, I will put up the email address and use the name associated with your email account, whether it's your real name, your parents' names or whatever.
Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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