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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Tai's Digi-pinions - Rebuttal to The Anime Pundits: Digimon Savers, pilot

Patamon's World > Tai's Digi-pinions > Rebuttal to The Anime Pundits: Digimon Savers, pilot

Rebuttal to The Anime Pundits

Digimon Savers - Pilot

by Darkangemon

After observing the views of a contemptuous Mac McFearson and irrepressible Takeru. Darkangemon the Dark and mysterious writer admin emerges from his lair to do epic battle in the name of Savers.

Needless to say from my start I believe Mac certainly still needs to push the Pessimism out of his tone before he makes us all sick from bile poisoning.

Since I'm often known for my previous column work for PW (I say previous as I've been on sabatical since last May) I think I need to write a proper counter argument as I believe Mac been unfairly critical of the latest incarnation of Digimon.
Takeru has at least bothered to note that this is the 1st episode in a new universe AND the first real Digimon project in 3 years. If I remember correctly a lot of people found "Guilmon comes to life", uninspiring as well. 1st episodes are there to introduce characters not bring in deep character traits.

It is not uncharacteristic for longer running animes to give a small bite of backstory and then fill in more blanks about midway through the series as retelling things bores the audience. Even Going back and watching the original series (You know Adventure), you'll note that the first 7 episodes are basically introducing you to each character as an individual but leaving much unanswered (Matt and TK's seperate existence Joe's pressures to become a Doctor).

In the same way The 1st 2 episodes of savers are basically where we meet and Greet Masaru, his rough and tumble attitude may seem a little more devil-may-care than his Predecessors but this can be attributed more to his greater age and the writers fear of "the curse of Tamers" (Can you all say Devas with me) than any attempt to totally destroy the old Digimon character moulds.

Masaru, at least the way I see him, is more of a thug than anything else. They've taken Daisuke bred him with Jeri (He wins an award for being the most feminine goggleboy I've ever seen) and cut out any discernable signs of intelligence that flickered in Davis. Its obvious that there are going to be fireworks when they introduce Tohma in the next episode but until then, his grating ego (Referring to himself as Daimon Masaru-Sama before punching Agumon) and truly dimwitted method of getting at Kokatrimon.

In short I think Mac should wait until at least 10 episodes have passed before starting to pass judgement on the series. At least then the intro arc will be done and some kind of villain (Human or Digimon) will appear.


Responses can be posted in this thread on the RXN forums.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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