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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - End of the Line
Patamon's World > Columns > End of the Line

End of the Line

The station is empty, the Express has moved on and a figure stands alone on the quiet terminal. It?s the end of a ride that has taken 5 years to achieve, and boy was it a ride to remember. Darkangemon, the self proclaimed lord of the Noctowls, looks back on the road behind.

JA's note: This was written a week before Frontier ended in SA, it doesn't mean Darky's quitting Digimon. (He says we're not going to get rid of him that easily.)


And so it ends, finished klaar, Digimon is over. A piece of our history has finished as the last frontier slips away into the ether of memory, we all stand on a little frontier of our own.

What the heck are we going to do with ourselves now that it's gone?

I really don't know, I guess. Write fanfiction? Do homework? Watch DBZ or Medabots? (Hell is freezing over) or watch my tapes of Digimon into oblivion (OK, so I did that when Tamers finished, so what)?

Well as far as I'm concerned it's just a matter of memories. Memories of when I first got hooked.

Myotismon had finally made himself a visible threat, attacking the Digidestined in a massive show of strength, only a surprise digivolution from the injured Birdramon was able to save them from destruction when Sora understands the meaning of true love. 

That's the note on which Digimon started for me, pokemon wasn't on yet so I turned over to M-net to watch this "Dodgymon" show, by the end of the week I became Sora's personal cheerleader being a bit like her myself (JA can stop laughing now) (JA: No I can't. *sniggers*). Dark Masters came, I taped them, the Digimon Emperor came, I taped him too. It was a happy time.

Digimon were a part of their companions' everyday lives and relationships changed between them. 

Blackwargreymon found his purpose, Mummymon found love, and Davis found out he really wasn't so dim.

Then as quickly as it came, it was over. Digimon season 2 ended, and as far as I was concerned, it was over. The kids were grown up, there was no more bad guy; everything went storybook (Darkangemon admits he liked the idea of TK as a novelist but that's just me). 


It was a shock to my senses.

Digimon was still alive and kicking.

From the first frame I was totally involved in this realistic interpretation of the world like ours but unlike ours.

My own alter ego took shape during the Deva story arc as Takato Guilmon, Henry, Jeri, Terriermon and of course Renamon and Rika took me into a world of fear, intrigue, danger and comedy (oh yeah, and I thought Rika was cute but at least I don't have a shrine to Jeri like Cyberangemon).

Guilmon was so muddled, Calumon so sweet and Renamon so darn awesome, I forgot that it was probably the saddest season of Digimon (no real sense of closure came from it for me as I remembered that only 4% of the Digital World remained after the D-reaper attack {See D-Reaper report @}).

As all things began all things must end. By the time Frontier reached the shores of SA I had already read a lot about it from Patamon's World (luckily most of it was short synopses of each characters not ep guides) so I knew it was the last season.

I was determined to hate it, I wanted another adventure like Tamers; instead, in my opinion, you had a wannabe. This just goes to prove that even the best of us must eat our words sometimes.

From the first episode in which I saw Kouji, I changed my mind, Frontier in a way was a return to what got me interested in Digimon in the first place. By the time Kouichi came on the scene I was so into Frontier, I was trying out transcribing (of course I gave it up but that's just me again).

But on the whole it surprised me how one little series changed my life and I'm truly sad to see it go from South African TV.

But all good things must come to an end, and now I must leave you, I have a decision to make of my own path forward from here. 

With infernality 

Darkangemon, Lord of the Noctowls

The road veers off and Darkangemon stands at the crossroads of life.

The Anime Express is gone, the only boundary now is his own imagination. "One road ends, another begins".

And so it begins again.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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