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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - DATS Headquarters - Episode Guide
Patamon's World > DATS Headquarters > Episode Guide

Episode Guide

Digimon Savers (Season 5)

We'll be putting up information on each episode as it becomes available. Thanks to Shitza for writing the summaries for this season, I can't do them myself as I have no broadband ;_;. As Rob puts it, "JA lives in the Dark Ages".

# Episode Name Original Air Date
01 I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks 2006-04-02
02 Burn, DigiSoul of Anger! The One Who Lurks In The Darkness, Flymon. Give me your power! 2006-04-09
03 Genius Tohma Returns! Beat Meramon 2006-04-16
04 New Team's First Outing! Chase Drimogemon! 2006-04-23
05 Rush into the Digital World! Drimogemon's Trap 2006-04-30
06 Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed?! Hurricane Garurumon 2006-05-07
07 Tohma's Day Off. Exploding Bomber Nanimon 2006-05-14
08 Yoshino Gets Tama no Koshi?! Chrysalimon's Shadow 2006-05-21
09 Tohma's Unglorified Battle. Secret Manoeuvres, Togemon 2006-05-28
10 Masaru's Worst Day Ever. Pranking Soulmon 2006-06-04
11 Bring Back the Bond between Parent and Child. Evilmon's Bewitchment 2006-06-18
12 I Will Protect Chika! Piyomon's Resolve 2006-06-25
13 A New Power Emerges. Evolve! Rize Greymon 2006-07-02
14 Digimon Boy Ikuto. Forest Keeper Jureimon 2006-07-09
15 Memories of my Mother. Howl, Mach Gaogamon 2006-07-23
16 Falcomon is a Friend?! Rage! Blossomon 2006-07-30
17 Singing Voice Which Calls Upon a Miracle. Evolution, Lilamon 2006-08-06
18 DATS Team Annihilated!? Clash, Mercurimon 2006-08-13
19 The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plan 2006-08-20
20 Save Your Mother, Ikuto. Hagurumon's Cage 2006-08-27
21 Big Panic in the Real World. Digimon Army Advances 2006-09-03
22 Defeat an Ultimate! Surging SaberLeomon 2006-09-10
23 Once Again, To The Digital World. Insekimon's Great Rampage 2006-09-17
24 The Cold-Hearted Past is Revealed! Gizumon AT 2006-09-24
25 Kurata's Ambition is Smashed! Yatagaramon Takes Flight! 2006-10-01
26 Masaru's Memory Elimination! The Bond Which is Lost! 2006-10-08
27 After Kurata. Begin the Digimon Annihilation Strategy! 2006-10-15
28 Evolution is Impossible! Digivice Breakdown 2006-10-22
29 Resurrected Digivice. A New Shining Light 2006-10-29
30 Imprisoned Masaru. The Holy Capital's Trap 2006-11-05
31 Genius Showdown! Touma vs. Nanami 2006-11-12
32 Vigorous Attack from Kurata's Army Corps! Holy Capital and Ultimate Evolution 2006-11-19
33 The Last Decisive Battle! Kouki, Ultimate Evolution 2006-11-26
34 The Day of Parting - The Strongest Enemy: Touma! 2006-12-03
35 Destructive Power - ShineGreymon Runs Wild 2006-12-10
36 Demon Belphemon Revived 2006-12-17
37 Awaken Agumon, Defeat Belphemon! 2006-12-24
38 Power That Exceeds Ultimate Burst Mode 2006-12-31

aired already | yet to air; projected air date

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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