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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - The Digi-Future
Patamon's World > The Digi-Future

The Digi-Future

OK, this is the Digi-Future of the kids in S1 and S2, as detailed in Ep.50 of S2. However, I don't like this Digi-Future, so I've made up my own Digi-Future. It's lower on this page, just go here to read it. (Hey, let me indulge. It's my site after all.) There's also a gallery (of the "real" one, not the fake one).

The "Real" Digi-Future - 25 years on (English Dub)

OK...this is weird. Here you go.

Everyone now knows about the Digital World and all people have their own partner Digimon. There's a lot of travel, trade, etc. - basically relations - between the real world and the DigiWorld.

Tai and Agumon become diplomats who deal with relations between the real world and the Digital World. Tai has a son who has a Koromon. Tai actually cut his hair! Shock! Horror!

Matt and Gabumon become astronauts. They go to Mars, because they missed the moon, where they were supposed to land. Matt gets married to Sora. Sora and Biyomon become fashion designers. (Oh, yeah. As if.) Sora and Matt have two sons. One has a Yokomon and the other has a Tsunomon.

Joe becomes the first doctor on the Digiworld. His patients keep eating his tongue depressors. He has a son, who has a Bukamon.

Mimi is a cooking show host. She actually takes off her hat during the show. Her son has a Tanemon.

Izzy is a Digiworld researcher. He and his daughter (who has a Motimon) talk in their own "tech-speak" language - eg. "ramcat" and "zoomchip".

T.K. is a writer. He's writing a series of books about the kids' adventures in the Digital World. His son has a Tokomon.

Kari is a preschool teacher. She fulfilled her dream. Her son (at least, I think it's her son; it could be a daughter, I can't tell) has a cute little Salamon.

Davis becomes a travelling noodle cart man, just like he wanted. He is very successful and goes around the world with his noodle cart. He was so successful, he now owns a whole chain of noodle restaurants. His son looks exactly like him. When I see a picture of Davis as an 11-year-old and his son, I can't tell them apart except for the clothes. Davis's son is the new goggle boy, and I'm pretty sure he's the oldest of the Digidestined's kids. He partners a DemiVeemon.

Cody becomes a defence attorney. Armadillomon keeps sitting on his briefcases, so he bought 100 of them. He has a daughter with an Upamon. (No, I don't mean that he married an Upamon.) (Gross! Cody's a lawyer! Whose idea was that?)

Ken and Yolei get married. Ken and Stingmon become detectives (but Yolei says Ken can't detect when it's his turn for the dishes). Yolei becomes...a housewife. (Now, that's weird.) Ken and Yolei have three kids. The oldest, a girl, has Poromon, and looks exactly like her mother except for having Ken's hair. The middle one is a son (Young Ken, Yolei's hair) with a Minomon and the baby boy (who looks like, well, a baby) has Leafmon (it's too young to have digivolved yet).

Image Gallery

Click the picture to see the full-size version.
L-R (humans only): Cody's daughter, Cody, Ken, his and Yolei's daughter, Yolei, their baby, their older son, Kari, her son, Izzy's daughter, Izzy, Mimi, her son, Joe's son, Joe, Sora, Sora and Matt's older son, their younger son, Matt, Tai's son and Tai.

Click the picture to see the full-size version.
L-R: Tai, Matt, Davis, Sora, Joe, Mimi, T.K., Izzy, Kari, Yolei (with baby), Ken, Cody

Tai and Agumon as diplomats | Tai with his son | Tai's son

Matt and Gabumon on the moon | Matt and his younger son

Sora and Biyomon as fashion designers | Sora and her older son

Izzy with Professor Takenouchi and Jim | Izzy and his daughter

Mimi on TV | Mimi with her son

Joe bandaging Ogremon | Joe with his son

T.K. walking in his office | TK smiling | TK with his son | TK with his son again | TK's son | TK's and Davis's sons

Kari with her son (or daughter)

Davis pulling his noodle cart | Davis on the front cover of TIME magazine (that's what it looks like anyway) | Davis and Veemon | Davis and his son | Davis's son | Davis's and TK's sons

Ken as a detective | Ken, Yolei and their kids

Yolei and her kids | Ken, Yolei and their kids

Cody as a lawyer | Cody and his daughter

All the Digidestineds' kids except the baby, running | Davis' son talking to the other kids | Some of the kids running | Some more of the kids running | Some of the kids standing

And promised...

Jedi_Amara's Fake Digi-Future

The Digital World is still a secret to everyone but the Digidestined and their families.

Tai and Sora get married. Tai's hair is even bigger than it used to be. They're both international soccer stars and they play on the same team - even though it's supposed to be a males-only competition, they had to make an exception for Sora because she was so good. (She decided to take up soccer again and drop tennis.) They have two kids, a girl who takes after Tai with Yokomon and a boy who looks like Sora with Koromon.

T.K. and Kari get married. (Of course.) Kari is a kindergarten teacher and T.K. is a writer. Kari edits T.K.'s work. They have two kids, Takari and Hikeru. Takari has Tokomon and Hikeru has Salamon.

Mimi and Joe get married. Mimi becomes a really bad opera singer and Joe becomes a doctor. They have two kids, both boys.

Izzy becomes a world-famous computer programmer, and his skills are in great demand everywhere. (Yeah! Go Izzy!) He married a non-Digidestined and has a daughter.

Matt is a rock star and he and his band tour the Digiworld. His band is made up of some other international Digidestined. He married an international DD. His son plays the guitar and Matt's teaching him the harmonica.

Davis becomes - yes - a noodle cart guy. He makes really good noodles. While he was travelling the world with his noodle cart (actually, he went along on one of Matt's tours), he met an International DD and married her. They have one son.

Oh, alright. Yolei and Ken can be married, and Ken can stay a detective. The kids are fine too. But Yolei is NOT going to be a housewife. Yolei becomes...hmm, let's see...a computer tech support person. (What's wrong with tech support? Tech support is cool!)

And Cody...little Cody...he becomes CEO of a prune juice company and marries a person and has a daughter. Either that or he's a computer programmer working with Izzy. My crystal Digi-ball isn't so clear on that. (Well, I wasn't going to leave him as a lawyer, was I? And there weren't very many other choices. Of course, if you like, you could make it a liquid yoghurt company.)

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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