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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Mimi's Movie Theatre - Digimon: The Movie Summary
Patamon's World > Mimi's Movie Theatre > Island Of Lost Digimon > Summary

Island Of Lost Digimon


by Rachel

The digidestined are riding on a Trailmon. The gang wants a rest but Koji says that stopping is a waste of time. Takuya says that we'll need energy. Koji replies: Why? You gonna pick a fight with a sand dune? Takuya says no, but we might have to fight them. He points to a stampede of digimon.
The gang sees what is causing the stampede. A huge island is floating towards them. The Trailmon they're on cannot outrun it, so the island sends them flying onto it. [logo appears]
Takuya, Tommy, and J.P. wake up in the care of Kotemon, a human-type digimon. Bokomon and Neemon climb up a statue of Onismon, the Legendary Protector of the Lost Island. He disappeared a long time ago. Neemon interupts Bokomon to say that they can't get out of here until Onismon comes back. J.P. sees a huge machine setting off fireworks. Human-type digimon and Beast-type digimon start fighting. Kotemon gets them out of there, but they fall into a river and everybody sneezes.
Meanwhile, Zoe and Koji are enjoying the hospitality of Bearmon, a Beast digimon. Zoe compliments the fruit. Suddenly, a battle tank with HippoGryphonmon-leader of the beasts comes in against a battle tank with pictures and videos of Darcmon-leader of the humans. Human and Beast digimon start fighting.
Bearmon takes them to a place where they find Takuya, Tommy, J.P., Kotemon, Bokomon, and Neemon. Takuya and Koji start fighting over which side is better and Kotemon & Bearmon start crying. Zoe notices that Kotemon is a human and Bearmon is a beast and why aren't they fighting. They explain that they're best friends and beg them not to tell.
In exchange for keeping their secret, Kotemon & Bearmon show them a place where a picture of Onismon and AncientGreymon & Ancient Garurumon is. Almost half of it has fallen apart into tiny pieces.
Bokomon reads the half-beaten up digi-writing (in Adventure it's Digi-code, but in Japan, digi-code is the name of Fractal Code): Return the Digi-code (Fractal Code) to the wings of the bird. No one knows how to return digi-code (fractal code) to a picture, so they drop the idea.
When they go outside Kotemon's father (DinoHumon) pulls Kotemon away from Bearmon and Bearmon's father (Grizzmon) pulls Bearmon away from Kotemon. They start fighting. Takuya and Koji have had enough and they Spirit Evolve and Beast Spirit Evolve to Agunimon and KendoGarurumon. They try to drive back their own kind, but the fathers manage to seperate their children.
The next scene is nightime on the human side of the Lost Island. Darcmon gives a battle speech. Takuya and J.P. run into DinoHumon and Tommy peeks out of the window with Kotemon. Kotemon's dad wants Takuya to help them in battle. Takuya sees Tommy and asks him about Darcmon really being a descendant of AncientGremon while J.P. sneaks out with Tommy.
At Bearmon's place, Koji & Zoe are watching HippoGryphonmon making a battle speech, which, coincidently, sounds a lot like Darcmon's speech, but no one notices. Grizzmon asks Koji to help them in battle because HippoGryphonmon is a descendant of AncientGarurumon. Koji refuses but thinks it might be fun after he sees J.P. peeking at them. Zoe doesn't believe him, but Koji says he knows what he's doing, and Zoe knows that he despises the battle as much, if not more, then she did.
J.P. brings Zoe and Bearmon into the place where the pictures are. J.P. explains that if they put all of the pieces together, maybe they can revive Onismon and he'll stop the fighting. They go to work. Tommy announces that he's finished all the parts where there were writing when Bokomon and Neemon come charging in saying that the battle's begun and it's close by.
Takuya and Koji are on different battleships heading for battle. None want to fight, so they Spirit and Beast Spirit Evolve to BurningGreymon and Lobomon. They try to stop the battleships.
Tommy asks Bokomon to translate the writing. Here's what the writing says: For the ultimate power if you wish to be heard; return the digi-code to the wings of the bird. Fill this code with anger and fear; and I shall once again appear!
Everyone agrees that that doesn't sound good. Some of them begin to doubt if Onismon is a good digimon. Then, footsteps are heard in the hallway. Darcmon is running across. Zoe and J.P. peek out. Darcmon Slide Evolves to HippoGryphonmon. They tell Tommy to stay and finish the wall. Zoe & J.P. Spirit Evolve to Kazemon and Beetlemon. They stand on the highest point of the Lost Island and use their attacks to attract attention. They tell the digimon that the war was planned, HippoGryphonmon is Darcmon and vice versa, and the legend. They believe them, but they still have a few doubts and questions.
Then HippoGryphonmon appears. HippoGryphonmon Slide Evolution Darcmon! She tells her story: In ancient times Onismon was an evil digimon who tried to take over the world. AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon stopped. When I first came I found him and dedicated my life to reviving him and searching him. Then the backstory came out: She wanted to make herself Queen and everybody else slaves with the help of Onismon. Then she uses the digi-code (fractal code) to revive Onismon and he starts blasting everything. BurningGreymon Slide Evolves to Agunimon and everybody starts attacking. Onismon destroyes the place where Tommy and Kotemon and Bearmon are. Tommy Spirit Evolves to Kumamon.
Kotemon sacrifices himself to revive the Ancient digimon: AncientGreymon, and Ancient Garurumon. They defeat Onismon togther.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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