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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Newsletters - Archives: October 2003
Patamon's World > Newsletters > Archives: October 2003


Issue #1 - October 5, 2003

In this newsletter:

1. Patamon's World News
2. Digimon Intensity Project News
3. SPECIAL REPORT: The ABC Family Digivolution Marathon
4. Digimon Game Releases
5. Digimon Movie News
6. Digimon TV News
7. Next Time in the PW Newsletter...
8. Submission Details


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The script for the first episode is finished. It can be read on the DIP website at We are still deciding on an episode name so send your suggestions to

Voice auditions will open shortly for DIP characters. Please check the DIP website regularly for more details.

Character design is well under way for those characters who appear in the first episode. When the design is finished, we will start animation. If you have Macromedia Flash and you would like to help animate, contact us.

If you would like to work on the DIP, check out the DIP website for positions open.


by gogglegirl181306

Those who receive the ABC Family Channel were treated to a Digimon marathon on Saturday, September 6th. Stretching from 7 AM EST until 12:00 PM, it featured episodes from Seasons 1, 2, and 3, and marked the return of the show to ABC Family’s fall lineup. For this Digimon fan, there is nothing better than sitting on the couch in front of the TV, remote ready, still wearing pajamas and munching on breakfast—all while watching five hours of vintage Digimon episodes. 
As can be seen from the title, this digithon’s theme was digivolution, specifically centering around our goggleboys. “The Birth of Greymon” was the first episode shown, featuring Agumon’s first venture to the level of Champion to save Tai and the others from a very grouchy Shellmon. However, things got rough during episode 16, “The Arrival of Skull Greymon.” Tai’s attempts at forcing Greymon to digivolve to the coveted—and much needed—Ultimate level backfired in a big way and placed the Digidestined in even more peril than before as SkullGreymon went on a rampage before de-digivolving to Koromon. However, all was well in episode 20, “The Earthquake of Metal Greymon.” Tai mastered his crest of courage after saving Sora from the clutches of Datamon, and Greymon digivolved to his true Ultimate form, MetalGreymon. “Prophecy” provided a bonus, showing both Agumon and Gabumon achieving their mega forms, warp style—Agumon to WarGreymon, and Gabumon to MetalGarurumon. 
After this came a leap to Season 2 of Adventures, starting with the very first episode, “Enter Flamedramon.” Armor digivolving was re-introduced as Davis used his digiegg of courage to enable his newfound partner, Veemon, to armor digivolve to Flamedramon. In “Darkness Before Dawn,” the digiegg of Miracles was discovered and allowed Veemon to armor digivolve to Magnamon and turn the tables for the Digidestined in their battle against the Digimon Emperor. Next was episode 22, “Davis Cries Wolfmon,” when, after amusing yet fruitless attempts, Veemon finally did digivolve to his champion form, ExVeemon. 
Jumping to Season 3’s “A Question of Trust,” Guilmon’s first digivolution to Growlmon was shown, after Takato apologized for not trusting Guilmon and declared him his best friend. Growlmon was nearly defeated by the first deva in “Grow Mon Grow,” but due to his strengthened bond with Takato, he instead digivolved into WarGrowlmon and defeated the evil tiger. Last came the spectacular episode, “Give A Little Bit.” The Tamers had just lost Leomon in battle. Consumed with anger at Beelzemon for what he had done, Takato ordered WarGrowlmon to digivolve to Mega. The results of Takato’s hatred were seen through what WarGrowlmon had digivolved into—a hideous beast capable of destroying the entire Digital World. After Takato issued a heartfelt—and heartbroken—apology to his dear friend, another chance was given to him, and at the last possible second Guilmon and Takato biomerged and Gallantmon made his dramatic entrance. 
What struck me while watching the marathon was how far Digimon had come over there years in both storyline and animation. It was wonderful to see all our old friends—and some of their old foes, including Etemon, Datamon, VenomMyotismon, the Digimon Emperor, the dark rings, “wild ones,” Yamaki, Impmon, Beelzemon, and two of the Devas. The downside was for any newcomers to the show that may have tuned in. All the episodes seemed to start out of nowhere and end abruptly at cliff hangers. Likely newbies wondered if VenomMyotismon, the Digimon Emperor, and Beelzemon were defeated or stopped. Nevertheless, it was a good portrayal of the show in the time allotted, and perhaps got the attention of new and old fans alike just in time for that fall schedule. 
The marathon’s focus was, after all, digivolution, and I think they did very well. All the basics of digivolution from seasons 1-3 (excepting DNA) were covered—Rookie to Champion to Ultimate, Mega, warp and armor digivolving, and even biomerging. The viewer also left with a thorough understanding of the “do”s and “don’t”s of digivolution. I liked the emphasis on the fact that it isn’t just a formula you can learn from reading a how-to book. There is more to it than food, being in danger, digivices, crests, tags, prophecies, and cards (though those are certainly a part of it!). It was the deep bond of friendship between the digidestined/tamer and his digimon, as well as the belief that they could help save the world, that truly fueled the process, thereby being so much more meaningful and heroic than a simple step by step process, or from being obtained by force. And that’s one of the things that makes Digimon so enjoyable and unique.


USA: Digimon Battle Spirit 2 for GBA is out!

AUSTRALIA: Digimon Battle Spirit for GBA has been released! Target is selling it for a special introductory price of AU$60.


New information indicates that a Tamers movie may be released soon.


AUSTRALIA: Digimon Frontier is coming soon to FOX Kids.

USA: Digimon Frontier is currently airing on the ABC Family Channel. Tamers is also airing.


Get ready! In the next PW Newsletter, we'll be featuring a report on Manifest (the Melbourne Anime Festival) 2003, as well as all the normal news and updates from Patamon's World!


If you'd like to submit something to the Patamon's World Newsletter, please email it to or We're looking for articles, reports, news or any other Digimon or Anime related thing. Anime, manga and Digimon is all accepted - except for DBZ...

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