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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Season 2 Episode Guide - The Digi-Team Complete
Patamon's World > D-Terminal > Episode Guide > Episode 2: The Digi-Team Complete

The Digi-Team Complete

Season 2, Episode 2

It's almost dinnertime, and the Digidestined all go off to their houses. They discuss what they're having for dinner, and Yolei gets whiny because she wants to go to the Digital World. Later, at Cody's house, when she's fixing his computer, Yolei resolves to go even if the others don't want her there.

The original Digidestined, except for Mimi (who is in NY), have a meeting at the playground. Tai, T.K. and Kari tell the other kids what Gatomon told them about the Digimon Emperor and how the Digimon can't digivolve but Veemon can armour-digivolve. Tai, Sora and Izzy decide to come along the next day.

Davis, Yolei, Cody, T.K., Kari, Tai, Sora and Izzy meet in the computer room the next day. They're about to open the gate to the Digital World when Mr. Fujiyama (what? Mr. Mount Fuji?) pokes his head into the room and sees Tai, Sora and Izzy. He tells them he's the new head of the computer club, even though he doesn't know anything about computers. Tai asks him if he can talk to him about something, pushing Mr. Fujiyama out of the room and around the corner. He says he's having trouble settling into high school - it's the girls... and waves a couple of fingers at the others as he exits the room.

The kids open the gate and go through. Davis calls for Veemon and he bounces up the hill, Patamon, Gatomon, Tentomon and Biyomon following. Sora and Izzy greet their Digimon happily. Then the Digimon Emperor sends Snimon to attack the kids and Davis is about to make Veemon armour-digivolve, when Drimogemon opens a hole in the ground under him. Mojyamon comes out and knocks Veemon in with him. The other kids run.

Davis wakes up to find himself chained to a cliff. Opposite him, chained to the other side of the cliff, he sees Veemon. He wants Veemon to armour-digivolve, but the Digimon Emperor has taken his Digivice and D-Terminal. (This gets him really annoyed.)

Meanwhile, the other kids hear their Digivices beeping, and track down the source as coming from an abandoned temple. Inside, they find the Digi-Eggs of Love and Knowledge. Sora and Izzy try to lift them, but they can't do it, so Yolei and Cody try. Yolei's new partner, Hawkmon, comes out from under her egg and Cody's partner is Armadillomon. Yolei starts complaining that she doesn't want to fight. (Remind you of anyone?) Sora tells Yolei that she has a friend who was just like her (namely Mimi) but she fought for the Digital World. She says that Hawkmon is Yolei's friend for life, and so is she. Izzy tells Cody that he reminds him of a younger Izzy, and promises to help him. The new Digimon armour-digivolve into Halsemon and Digmon.

Veemon purposely baits the Digimon Emperor and he is about to Dark Ring him when a Digimon attack comes out of nowhere and destroys the Dark Ring. It's Yolei, riding on Halsemon! Digmon appears on the other side of the cliff and breaks Veemon out of his chains, while Halsemon frees Davis. The Digimon Emperor drops Davis' stuff and Yolei catches it and gives it back to him. The Digimon Emperor gets really mad and calls Drimogemon, Snimon and Mojyamon before leaving. The good Digimon destroy the Dark Rings on the other three and they go back to normal.

The Digidestined go home and their Digimon come with them. Tai, finishing his talk with Mr. Fujiyama, sees a bright light in the computer room and goes to investigate. The new Digimon have reverted to their in-training forms. Upamon is sitting next to Cody, Demiveemon is on Davis' head and Yolei is cuddling Poromon and exclaiming over how cute he is. Sora and Izzy are worried about their Digimon, but through the gate Biyomon and Tentomon say they'll be fine because the Digimon Emperor doesn't come out at night.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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