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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Season 2 Episode Guide - Ken's Secret
Patamon's World > D-Terminal > Episode Guide > Episode 8: Ken's Secret

Ken's Secret

Season 2, Episode 8

Davis goes to soccer practice and finds out his team going to play a soccer game against the league champions. This team is led by the boy genius Ken Ichijouji, whom Davis really wants to beat. Yolei has a huge crush on Ken and begs Davis to ask him for his autograph. Davis wants Yolei to ask for his (Davis's) autograph as well, but of course she doesn't ^_^. All the kids (and Tai) decide to come along and watch Davis play Ken, and the In-Training stage Digimon come too.

The Tamachi soccer team arrives, and as they file off the bus the surrounding girls all realise there's someone missing. Ken's not there. Yolei's really disappointed, and so are all the adoring fans waiting for him. Davis is disappointed too, but Tai points out that he can still be a hero and he perks up. Davis asks one of Ken's teammates why he's not there and the boy tells him that Ken's filming a soccer commercial and then attending a meeting about naming a soccer ball after him, sighing about how Ken barely ever has time to play soccer nowadays.

The game starts and Davis plays really well in the first half. He scores the first goal of the game and at half-time the Tamachi team are down 1-0. Then Ken arrives. He walks out really calmly (with an evil look on his face) while everyone is getting really excited about him. He stops when he sees the Digidestined and looks at them (evilly). Yolei gets really excited because he's looking at them. Then Ken apologises to his coach for being late (he says he had to finish something) and his coach subs him on.

Ken, straight away, starts playing well. He moves really fast, like a rocket. That's where he got his nickname, "The Rocket", from. He scores 9 goals in a row and he's about to score another when Davis pulls off a fantastic tackle, accidentally giving Ken a cut on the leg in the process. The siren goes and Ken's team wins 9-1. Davis tells Ken how much he admires him and Ken calls Davis his "worthy adversary". Then they shake hands and Ken says it's until they meet in battle again.

On the way home, the Digidestined are talking and laughing. Davis is really happy, even though he lost, because he was called Ken's "worthy adversary". Ken watches them on a bridge and vows he'll get them.

The next day, Yolei wants to shake Davis' hand because it would be like shaking Ken's (since Davis shook Ken's hand), but she just can't do it. The kids find that another control spire, in the Forbidden Valley of No Return (what a nice name), has been built and they go in to destroy it. In the Digital World, everyone except Davis and Veemon gets sucked into the ground. Davis is looking for them when he hears the voice of the Digimon Emperor. He finds the Emperor on top of a mountain. The Emperor points to a jutting-out spine of rock, from which Davis' friends are hanging, and calls on Deltamon. He makes Davis beg for his friends, calling him "Master", and he makes Veemon stand on Davis' head. The Digimon Emperor says he's going to feed three of the kids to Deltamon, and Davis can have one friend. He has to choose before the sand in the hourglass runs out. Davis can't choose, looking at Kari, T.K. (he actually knows T.K.'s name!), Yolei and Cody in turn. The sand runs out and he offers himself instead of the others. The Digimon Emperor accepts his sacrifice, and then Digmon turns up! Davis is really surprised, and even more so when Halsemon, Pegasusmon and Nefertimon come, as he thought they were tied up from that cliff. The people and Digimon tied from the cliff morph back into Bakemon. Veemon armour-digivolves and the Emperor sets the Bakemon on the kids. Davis tackles the Emperor and the two roll down the hill. Davis accuses the Emperor of just being another kid, but the Emperor refuses to be called ordinary. Meanwhile, the Digimon destroy the Dark Rings on Deltamon and the Bakemon.

Davis notices a cut on the Digimon Emperor's leg. Is he...could he possibly be...? He is! The Digimon Emperor reveals himself as Ken Ichijouji, says goodbye ("Goodbye, my worthy adversary. Until we meet in battle again.") and flies off on Airdramon. All I can say is, Yolei is not going to be happy... (tee hee)

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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