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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Season 2 Episode Guide - Samurai of Sincerity
Patamon's World > D-Terminal > Episode Guide > Episode 14: Samurai of Sincerity

Samurai of Sincerity

Season 2, Episode 14

Izzy is pacing up and down the room, pondering on how Kari managed to get to the Digital World without going through a gate, when an email comes from Yolei. It says they've picked up the signal from a new Digi-Egg and they're going to keep cooking. As Izzy types "Save some for me", another email comes in saying it was a typo and they meant "looking". Suddenly, a gate opens in America. Izzy emails Mimi to tell her.

In the Digital World, the kids are hungry. They are about to head back to the real world to get some food when T.K. spots a restaurant. He's sure he's seen the restaurant before, but he's not sure when.

They eat a good meal at Digitamamon's restaurant and Yolei says she's going to recommend the restaurant to her friends. They get up to pay the bill, which comes to 87 Digidollars. Yolei only has normal dollars, not Digidollars, and Digitamamon refuses to take them. He's about to make them start washing dishes to pay, when a voice is heard behind them saying that he'll pay. They turn around to see a boy behind them. Mimi pops out from behind him and introduces him as her friend Michael, from America. They're surprised to see another boy in the Digital World, until Michael shows them his (old-style) Digivice. Palmon introduces Betamon, Michael's partner.

The Digidestined sit down and Michael explains that he got his Digivice 4 years previously, when Gorillamon was climbing the Empire State Building. At first, they thought it was just another King Kong, but it was a Digimon. That was when Myotismon was taking over Tokyo. Cody was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing when they saw evil Digimon. Davis was being held prisoner by Bakemon, and Yolei sent lots of emails to Izzy, Tai, Matt and T.K. in the battle against Digimon (see DtM, part 2). Yolei develops a huge crush on Michael.

Michael offers to pay the bill and T.K. remembers about Digitamamon's restaurant and how he made Matt wash dishes. Digitamamon claims he's changed and the other kids convince Yolei to give him a second chance, after he was so mean about her money. Digitamamon explains that he's never had a friend and he really wants a friend. Mimi tells him that the Digidestined are his friends.

Gorillamon attacks the kids and Digitamamon jumps in front of the attack. He gets knocked out a long way away. The kids go to attack but Michael asks them to let him handle it. Betamon digivolves into Seadramon and knocks Gorillamon into the water, where Seadramon will have the upper hand. Palmon digivolves and finishes off the battle by destroying Gorillamon's Dark Spiral. Kari and T.K. go off to look for Digitamamon, but he returns while they're gone.

Digitamamon starts being mean again. Mimi tries to talk to him, but he attacks her. Yolei gets really mad and gives him a real talking-to, about how Mimi was just trying to be friendly and he shouldn't have attacked her. She starts spilling out all her feelings, for example about how she likes all the boys even when she hasn't got to know whether they're really cool, like T.K., or total jerks, like Davis. (Davis gets annoyed at this.) She decides she's going to be totally sincere about her feelings from now on and the Digi-Egg of Sincerity appears in front of her. She takes it and energizes it and Hawkmon armour-digivolves to Shurimon, the Samurai of Sincerity. He sees the Dark Spiral that was making Digitamamon act mean inside the eggshell and Pegasusmon and Nefertimon use Golden Noose to restrain Digitamamon. Shurimon uses his Twin Stars attack to destroy the spiral, and the pieces fly out of the eggshell. Digitamamon becomes un-brainwashed and thanks Yolei for helping him.

Michael and Mimi have to go home to America, and the Digidestined team have to return to Japan, but Michael has one last thing to say. Remember how Yolei has a total crush on him? Well, he asks Yolei out on a date. Now, isn't that nice?

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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