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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Season 2 Episode Guide - Crest of Kindness
Patamon's World > D-Terminal > Episode Guide > Episode 21: Crest of Kindness

Crest of Kindness

Season 2, Episode 21

Veemon has just Golden-Armour Digivolved to Magnamon with the newly discovered Digi-Egg of Miracles. There are rays of light coming off him and they touch Poromon and Upamon and let them digivolve to their Rookie forms. Kimeramon turns up and attacks Magnamon, while the Digidestined run away to find Ken.

Wormmon is worried about Ken and tries to stop him, but Ken (as usual) won't listen. Then the Digidestined turn up and confront him, and point out that Wormmon should be his partner, not someone to beat up. Ken says that there's only one Digimon that's suitable for him, and that's Kimeramon. He turns around and walks away, and Wormmon follows him.

The base crashes to the ground and Kimeramon and Magnamon battle outside. Ken and Wormmon are riding on Devidramon, and Wormmon tries to point out to Ken that Kimeramon's following no one's orders but his own. Ken hits Wormmon with his whip, and Wormmon asks where the sweet kid he was proud to call Master ("well, you made me call you Master") went. He starts to glow, and so does Magnamon. Wormmon knocks Ken off Devidramon, saying that only a true friend would do that. He flies Devidramon up to Kimeramon and tries to fight him, but of course he's easily defeated. He's knocked back into the desert, but calls out to Magnamon and gives him all the rest of his energy so that Magnamon can get the real Ken back. The re-energized Magnamon defeats and deletes Wormmon.

Davis picks up DemiVeemon and sees something in the sand. He picks it up. Ken falls on the sand and says it wasn't supposed to go this way and he'll just have to reset the Digital World. The Digidestined tell him that he can't do that, the Digimon are living creatures not just computer data. Ken remembers seeing DemiVeemon, Poromon and Upamon at the soccer game and realizes they're right. His Digimon Emperor costume is abandoned and vanishes, and he's back to the normal Ken. Kari and the Digidestined find Wormmon, who's still breathing. Ken scoops Wormmon up in his arms and apologises for all his actions. The thing that Davis found in the sand starts to glow and goes to Ken. It's the Crest of Kindness! Wormmon is content because Ken's back to the Ken clothes. Wormmon disappears in Ken's arms. Ken gets really depressed and walks off into the desert, even though Davis asks him to join the Digidestined.

At the campsite, June, who's been following Matt, finally turns up and Matt, Tai and Izzy are all "aarggh". She asks Matt where the others are and Matt sweat drops and asks Tai. Tai sweat drops and asks Izzy. Izzy sweat drops and says he'll go look for them. Taking his computer, he goes into the forest. Suddenly, a Digi-Port opens and the next moment Izzy is at the bottom of a pile of Digidestined and their Digimon. They walk out and Matt and Tai mega-sweat drop.

June asks for a lift back home from Mr. Ishida, but there's not enough room in the car. She says she doesn't want to take the bus alone, so Mr. Ishida makes Matt go with her. In the car, on the way home, they hear on the radio that Ken is back home. All the younger Digidestined fall asleep on the four-hour car trip.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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