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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Season 2 Episode Guide - Genesis of Evil
Patamon's World > D-Terminal > Episode Guide > Episode 23: Genesis of Evil

Genesis of Evil

Season 2, Episode 23

This one's a Ken episode...

Ken's still asleep and his parents are getting really worried, but he can't wake up because he hasn't yet found his heart. He remembers his older brother, Sam, who he really looked up to, and how everyone liked Sam best and Ken felt left out. Sometimes he wished Sam would just disappear, and he did when he died in an accident.

One day, a Digivice came out of Sam's computer and Sam put it away, telling Ken not to touch it. Ken just wanted to play with it, but it sucked him into the Digital World. He loved it there but Sam caught him when he came back and hit him. Ken got really sad, and he felt like it was his fault when Sam died because he wanted him to disappear.

Then, one day, Ken was playing on Sam's old computer and he found an email addressed to him. It told him he had to take on Sam's destiny as well as his own. (Inference: Sam was the Digimon Emperor?) Under instructions, he went to the Digital World and submerged his Digivice in the Dark Ocean, and it turned into the Dark D3. Then he started acting mean and jealous like his brother.

Ken's parents realise they pushed Ken too hard to be like Sam, and they want Ken to wake up and give them another chance since they weren't good parents the first time. Ken eventually wakes up but he doesn't know his parents, he only remembers Sam. Then he sees his D3 and Crest and remembers the Digital World. He knows he has to go back to the Digital World to find his heart.

He goes to Primary Village and a heap of baby Digimon berate him about his past actions. He looks for Wormmon's Digi-Egg but he doesn't know which one it is. He realises that he's blocked out all the good memories of Sam and Wormmon, and remembers the first time he ever went to the Digital World, where he made a promise to Wormmon to be kind and gentle. (Ryo was there in the Digital World with him!)

Ken starts feeling really sorry and he wants to be a better person. When he realises what he has done, his Crest starts to glow and an egg starts glowing. Leafmon, inside the egg, is "egging" Ken on to come and find him. (Yes, I know that's a terrible pun. I have a "pun"-chant for terrible puns. Are you going to pun-ish me?) Ken touches the egg and Leafmon hatches. Ken is really happy and Leafmon tells Ken that he finally kept his promise to be kind and gentle.

Ken's parents have found out that he's disappeared yet again and they're scared he'll never come back. Ken walks out of his room and recognises his mother, calling her "Mama". He asks for a second chance and she hugs him. Leafmon watches from behind Ken's bedroom door.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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