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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Enemies - D-Reaper Army

Patamon's World > Digivice > Enemies > D-Reaper Army

D-Reaper Army

Digimon Tamers

The D-Reaper has a whole lot of parts and appendages that make up its army. Each of these parts is an ADR (Agent D-Reaper). There are nine different parts, besides the Mother D-Reaper.

More information: D-Reaper enemy bio

ADR-01 - Jeri Clone

Level: Mega

Group: Espionage

Techniques: Alpha Destruction Bullet, Mind Scan

This part made itself look like Jeri and was generally really disturbing...

ADR-02 - Searcher

Level: Champion

Group: Information Gathering

Techniques: Buzz of the Prison Gate Butterfly, Jamming Hertz

These small bird-like parts are attached to the Mother D-Reaper by red wires. You'll usually find them in large flocks.

ADR-03 - Pendulum Feet

Level: Ultimate

Group: Aerial Assault

Techniques: Phoenix Hermit Flower, Shadow Sickle

Also connected to the Mother D-Reaper by a red wire, "Pendulum Feet" looks a bit like a parachute. It has a cloak thingy with pendulums for legs hanging out (hence the name). It can fire an electric shockwave attack.

ADR-04 - Bubbles

Level: Champion

Group: Ground Assault

Techniques: 35mm Alpha Rapid-Fire Decay Cannon, Energy Bomb

Its arms contain pulse cannons (lovely) and it looks kind of like a squid (except it doesn't live in water). It also connects to the Mother D-Reaper with a red wire...

ADR-05 - Creep Hands

Level: Ultimate

Group: Combat

Techniques: Spiral Whip Arms, Squeeze Vine

Creep Hands is purple and metal, and its specialty is hand-to-hand combat.

ADR-06 - Horn Striker

Level: Mega

Group: Commander

Techniques: Full Moon Kick, Baldy Blow

Ugly, isn't it? This is a fully trained combat warrior.

ADR-07 - Paratis Head

Level: Mega

Group: Power Reconnaissance

Techniques: Sudden Attack Bullets, Moebius Bite

You can't really know when this ADR is going to attack, it's quite unpredictable.

ADR-08 - OptiMother

Level: Mega

Group: Mother Ship

Techniques: 46cm Alpha Destruction Cannon, Mjornil Thunder

A giant ADR, this one is strong enough to be a mother ship.

ADR-09 - Gate Keeper

Level: Mega

Group: Base Defense

Techniques: Active Wing, 35mm Alpha Rapid-Fire Decay Cannon

This is a fortress that protects the kernel sphere (the "brain" of the D-Reaper).


Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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